Well, Junior now has his costume, though I know a lot of you don't. In other words, we're probably not ready to do exams just yet. However, for those like us who have their suit can still do something a while. We can explore the net and assist as many navis in battle as possible. This will help us build up some hype for when the exams actually do open. So if you have nothing to do and you're bored, please help me out on this. Thanks to all who participate.


Also, don't forget to play up all your moves to look all the cooler. Let's face it, at current, we have Super Hero appeal so abusing junk like stupid poses and cheesey lines is something that we can use to add to this. Good luck.

Roger that. Oh, and see you at the Collosseum.

<RRH.exe is currently in battle>
I'm currently participating in an event at the Colosseum as well, but I'll make it my goal to virus bust with as many navis as possible as soon as possible.

I am also busy with colosseum stuff. However, once I'm done, I'll do what I can.
~Duke Rigel