The Showbizz Star Ring

Showbizz' "Star Ring" is home to members of SSWA: the Superstar Wrestling Alliance. The SSWA hold professional wrestling matches here on caged rings, designed to orbit around something like a star. Beyond the ring of rings lies another ring: a number of open chambers from which the audience view matches in orbit while rotating at a slightly accelerated orbit. The whole thing is a little dizzying when the speed is turned up, but currently, no orbit is set on. Therefore, all items remain stationary.

The audience has only just begun to assemble and no wrestlers are present anywhere in the rings or otherwise visible. Somewhere in the outer ring sits Showbizz's office, a closed off area where Sylk and Lucia will find themselves after teleporting in using their key. From the outside, the office is barely recognizable as such; the whole thing is plastered with advertisements and no windows, save one door at the side entrance. On the inside, the room is very recognizable as the head honcho's office, decorated with stars and portraits of her best wrestlers. The carpet is blue and covered in stars, much like the recognizable bodysuit of Showbizz herself.

Sitting behind the desk is the manager herself: a short girl with bright, blond hair done into two giant star-shaped tails at the sides of her head. Her eyes are blue with big, white stars in the centers of her pupils. She's dressed in her usual blue and yellow, star spangled bodysuit. Escort and Arch stood on the other side of the desk, having nowhere to sit. Unopened data packets floated in the back of the room and the furniture seemed somewhat sparse, like someone had started unpacking and failed to finish.

"You girls are lucky we had plenty of time left before the show! You've both proven yourself in previous shows, so that's good too, but can't you understand simple instructions?" the little host raved, despite being much shorter and less powerful looking than the two people she was scolding. Her usual bodyguard was also nowhere in sight.

"Yes, ma'am, I apologize," Escort spoke, bowing deeply. "It seemed to us you'd asked for an accompaniment of two officers-"

"No, no, no! Two teams of two, that's what I said! Darn it all," she growled, tapping her hands up and down on the desk impatiently. "It's a good thing that the Neo-Shogun's got good networking going on, or we'd never get two more wrestlers to cover in time! Only one of them's a Neo-Shogun girl though, right? I was really hoping for the star power of four generals..."

"A-Actually, none of us are generals," Arch confessed, holding her hands at her lap and bowing (though not as deeply as Escort). "We're associate ranks. Sylk, who will be joining us, is also an associate. Lucia, who I've met before, is applying for membership-"

"Geez! You'd better hope they can bring it to the table or this could be a nightmare!" Showbizz moaned, flopping both arms and her head onto the desk, resting her cheek against the surface. "I've never heard of the two before. That's a bad sign!"
What started as a small shimmering near the only entrance of the room soon took the form of a line of light, spreading across the doorframe before it spread down, opening a solid glowing doorway that signaled the arrival of the first navi.

[Casual.GMO Activated]

Shadowy figure made her way through the light, setting deep purple boot lined with pink trim and zipper down, Lucia finally stepped through the portal before it winked from existence. Trailing above her mid-calf boots she wore tan stockings, coming up to just barely above a very obvious pink skirt which itself came to just above mid-thigh. Modest enough for simple walking and travel, though not much else.

Above she wore black tank top wrapped tightly in sleeveless vest held together by a single clasp, which naturally uplifted and made her hidden B cups pronounce themselves a little more. About navi's head was a pair of noise canceling stereo headphones, keeping her bubble gum pink-purple hair in line along with the short ponytail in back held by a pink small ribbon. Navi's symbol, crossed arrows set before a flame was pinned to her vest atop left breast. While wire to her headphones trailed down to a simple MP3 player.

At the moment navi's crimson eyes were closed while her head softly bobbed to the beat of whatever she'd been listening to. Though after a few moments of simply standing there, Lucia finally blinked her eyes open and tugged her headphones open, the obvious trance mix blaring from them as she lowers them about her neck and puts on a smile instead. "Oh, hi there! Didn't realize I was already here. I'm Lucia, nice to meet ya!"

Taking a moment to glance around curiously before letting her sights travel across her three companions in the room, they last feel upon Arch, who she quickly pointed at with a gasp. "You! I've been looking for you!! I want an archery match! You ran off before I could prove I'm better damnit!"
It was only moments later that one final flash illuminated the room, announcing the arrival of the next participant for this mission.

As the bright luminescence faded, Sylk's form gradually came into view. The spider had taken a relaxed pose as her eyes surveyed her surroundings, before locking onto a familiar face. A toothy grin began to form as she sauntered towards escort, before completely breaking character and launching a full on hug while giddily smiling. "Escort!" She chimed, breaking character completely excited to see an old friend she had missed for so long. Suddenly remembering that there were other people in the room however, she quickly recomposed herself. Taking a more sultry, professional tone Sylk she eased away from the hug while still keeping one hand on Escorts shoulder.

"It's so good the see you again. I missed you, you know." She commented with a soft smile. "It's a shame you didn't come to visit me on my last job. It would have been a most enjoyable time~." She followed in a teasing manner, before pulling away completely and turning her attention to the rest of the room.

From the looks of things, Sylk assumed that the woman next to Escort was another member of the shogunate, which only left the final unknown face to be that of the employer. "I'm Sylk.exe, at your service." Following with a toothy grin and a slight bow.
The three looked to greet Lucia and Sylk, but things got unexpectedly awkward pretty quickly. Arch looked surprised, then amused. "Archery is my livelihood. Although that thief got me with dirty tactics, I'm quite an adept with the bow when I get my bearings," she replied proudly, although it had become increasingly obvious that Murphy's Law played against her ever having her bearings. "I don't like to be boastful, but perhaps we will have to have that match..."

Escort smiled ever-so-slightly; her natural disposition was body-guard, so warm reception didn't come naturally to her. When Sylk mentioned her last job, Escort gulped and looked at the floor. "When I heard you were practicing, I tried to rush back to take advantage... that is, to help you train... but I was too late," she sighed. She returned the hug regardless, which felt a little slack due to how much Escort had to hold back to avoid initiating a bone-crushing bearhug thanks to her muscle. "M-Maybe we can set up another time so I can see your skill... or-"

"EVERYONE SHUDDUP! GEEZ!" Showbizz shouted, jumping into her desk and raising her hands. "Enough reunions! We don't have forever!" Arch and Escort both bowed in apology. "Organize your archery contests and your... whatever you girls are talking about... later! Right now is wrestling time and I don't have long to explain things to you!"

"Again, I express concern over my physical strength," Escort interrupted quietly.

"And that brings me to lesson one: this us professional wrestling and that means it is 1/3 physical ability, 1/3 acting, and 1/3 setup! The setup is something we're going to handle right now. We've already planned out the night... I brought in two other teams: the Council of Concussions, Ruda and Dome, and the Flying Fantasticas, Tecnica and the Shooting Star. Dome is our only regular here... I had to bring all the others in. Anyways, you girls are going to form teams and eventually meet up in a final match, which means that you're winning your matches. We don't have time to rehearse, so everything's going to be play-by-ear."

"One team is going to need to be good guys, faces, and the other will be bad, heels... Heel Navis, if you will," she continued, pacing her desk. "We'll get you guys ring names and costumes, although out of the ring we're advertising you as NS. As good guys you just wrestle, yet to pin the others, get submissions and stuff. As bad guys, you play dirty: sit on the other girl's face, slap her ass, pull off her pants and gag her with them-"

"Wait, wait! What happened to the back rake and poison mist? That all sounds kind of sexual," Arch interjected disapprovingly.

Showbizz grinned and shrugged, as if it had nothing to do with her. "Ratings are better this way, trust me!" she defended. "Anyway that's the basic gist of it; once we get through these first two matches we'll plan out the finale based on what'll give us the best ratings. But for now, we've got to pair up and you've got to invent new characters! On the off chance that you're really bad at being creative, I've prepared these handy ad-lib sheets for you," she finished, handing over some papers.

Quote ()

THE _adjective_ _noun_

TRAINED AS A _profession_, SHE LOVES _concept_ AND HATES _concept_.

"And use these..."

*Lucia and Sylk each receive one blank .GMO*
Lucia seemed more irritated by Arch's response, huffing out lightly a few times, "Your damn right we wil-" Sadly whatever she'd planned to say was cut off by Showbizz's outburst, which did at least get her to shut up and blink at the flashily dressed navi.

Listening in quietly as her new manager explained how things would go, Lucia couldn't help but giggle and raise her hand. "Oh, I totally gotta be one of the heels! Being bad sounds awesome!!" Nodding matter-of-factly, Lucia quickly steps over and grabs one of the papers, looking it over before hmming softly to herself, then quickly started to fill it out.

Quote ()

THE Furious Fabulous Fantastic Fanatical Freaky Fiery Fem-Fetal Flame Feonix!

TRAINED AS A Fighting Champion. SHE LOVES Punching People AND HATES Not Punching People.

Quickly she tried to offer it back to Showbizz, but before the paper could reach, Lucia let out a squeak as it phased slightly, making her hiss up at the ceiling. "Master! No fair! What's wrong with it?!"

"I'm not letting you do anything under such a name. So we'll use this one instead."

Once the paper stopped shimmering, Lucia glanced back down at it.

Quote ()

THE Lillian Shade

TRAINED AS AN Escape Artist. SHE LOVES Showing Off AND HATES Quiet People.

Again Lucia let out a hiss and tried to hold onto the paper. "No way! I don't want to use her name! That's stupid!"

"It's fine, just turn it in so we can work on your outfit."

Grumbling and scowling to herself, she slapped the paperwork onto the desk before crossing her arms with a huff. "Well, I'm still going to be a bad guy!"
"I'm sure we can work something out, dear~" Sylk uttered to escort with a wink, before turning her attention to showbizz, clearly ready to get a move on.

As the introduction to the business and explanations ended, Sylk already had a wonderful idea of what she wanted. "Oh of course, I don't think the role of a good guy would suit one such as myself in this sort of venue. I'm much too... mischievous for that sort of thing, hmmhmmhmm." It probably meant she would be paired up with Lucia, which wasn't a bad thing. While part of her wanted to team up with Escort, getting to step in the ring against her could have its own advantages. The spider grinned as she began to imagine various things that could happen during a match, as she took the sheet Showbizz handed out before filling in the blanks.

Quote ()


TRAINED AS A Grappler, SHE LOVES physical contact AND HATES restrictive clothing.

She chuckled to herself, getting a general image of this "character".

"Somehow i think i know what your planning, and it's definitely expected from someone like you." Adrian chimed in, rolling her eyes a bit as she viewed the choices her navi made.

"What? it'll be fun, don't you agree? I'm sure this will be more than adequate." Running a hand through her hair, proud of her idea. She extended an arm with her finished product handing it towards Showbizz. "Even if I'm not all that great with names."
"... Lucia's naming sense could give Yasu a run for her money..." Arch muttered quietly.

"Lilian Shade and Mysteria? It sounds good, cohesive! Edgy! Discreetly sexual! Let's go with it. Now, if they're the heels, that makes you two the faces. So what do you two want to be called?" the hostess inquired, changing her focus over to the NS officers.

Escort watched the floor silently while Arch knit her brow, thinking hard. "Dee is better at this sort of nonsense... I never thought I would say this, but I wish she was here to help me with her usual patent foolishness," Arch sighed. Escort nodded in agreement. "The two of us were never the creative ones-"

"Enough excuses! You two had better come up with something fast!" Showbizz interjected, having little patience for waffling.

"Something fast?" Arch babbled, looking shocked at being ordered around. "Uh, er... Cheetah!"

"Panther," Escort added, with better composure.

"There you go! Now was that so hard?" Showbizz laughed, clasping her fists into a greedy hand-rubbing motion. "You ought to look good in a cheetah print leotard, Blondie! Almost like softcore," she chortled evilly. Before Arch could protest, she brought up a hologram minimap. She pointed to a small, similar looking box 1/6 of the way down the ring to the left. "The changing rooms and waiting rooms are in there! I want you girls to head there straight away and get in your GMOs! We don't have too much time. Once you're ready, wait till you hear your name called, then stand on the teleporter into your own ring."
Lucia gave a soft cheer, despite note getting the name she actually wanted. Still it was pretty easy to say she was excited. "Oh, Cheetah and Panther, man I wish I'd thought of that. Leopard print sounds fun!"

Her rambles aside, when Showbizz brought up the small holographic map, she was quick to lean up and get a good look at it, even giving a somewhat girlish "Ooooo." before darting for the doorway. "Well what are you waiting for Sylky! Come on lets go change!" Giggling, Lucia pulled open the office doorway, and started to dart down the area towards the changing rooms.

"Shouldn't you wait for Sylk before deciding what sort of outfit to wear?"

It took her hardly any time at all to reach the locker room area, though she did come to a stop and blink in thought for a moment. "Huh, good point. If we're a team we should match right? Guess I have to wait and ask her how she wants to dress up. Though I could always pick the look myself too right?"

"Considering how you wanted to name yourself, no. Wait for Sylk and ask her opinion."

Huffing out, Lucia leaned against the wall beside the changing room door and crossed her arms to pout while she waited. "[color=oranage]You're no fun at all Master."
"Guess i'll catch you later, escort! I'm sure it will be quite enjoyable hmmhmmhmm." The spider teased with a smirk. The ideas flowing through her mind of what could happen in the ring only further excited her, imagining various scenarios of "fun". The notion gave her a bit of speed in her step, as she moved towards the door and headed for the changeroom.

The change of location was long enough however for the spider top upload a general idea of what Sylk wanted as her signature outfit for the fights ahead. Adrian just sighed. "Didn't i tell you? It's absolutely stunning, perfect for someone like me, isn't that right my dear Adrian?"

"Well... lets just say i would expect nothing less for you, my mischievous little arachnid. I should have it finished in just a moment." Adrian began working on the design quickly, hoping to finish in time before Sylk was called to fight.

As Sylk arrived at the change room, her eyes were drawn to Lucia who, seemed to be waiting for her to some degree. "Hmm? not changed yet? Well I suppose its for the best. It would probably suit us better if you followed my lead and had a similar style hmmhmmhmm." She chimed with a hint of superiority in her words, as she was confident in her design.

"I'll be going on ahead then~" Disappearing into the change room as her words faded.

Not long after, a new form emerged. While her physique was ultimately the same as sylks, almost everything else had changed. The navi's tanned brown flesh was showcased in a most revealing outfit akin to a dancer from a foreign land, her upper half only clothed by a purple silken wrap around her chest, with a golden border around the edges. Her lower half sported a set of baggy silken pants, also purple in style and semi-transparent from the thighs and down. Around her waist are two white fabric belts, decorated with round golden scales that shimmer and shake with her movements hanging from the bottom of each. on each arm and legs is a golden bracer/anklet with an amethyst embedded in the center, as well as a few small bracelets of gold; The pants tucked in behind the anklets, and barefooted.

Below her deep blue eyes lays purple a veil also lined with a golden trim that covered her lower face entirely, hiding the fanged grin which had been kept from sylks original design. Her hair extended down just barely her shoulders, now completely black in color and kept in black by a single gold band wrapping around her forehead with a small circular amethyst showcased in the center.. Around her neck rested a purple fabric collar, connected at the center by an upside-down golden spider decoration, its backend represented by more amethyst.

Lastly were sylk's signature six arms, however now instead of spanning the length of her body were all collected at the shoulders.

"Perfect for showcasing myself for such an attention grabbing sport, dont you think? hmmhmmhmm." She chimed in confidence, and grin of satisfaction hidden by her veil.
Lucia waited outside the changing rooms patiently for her partner, who went in ahead to claim what theme and style they would be wearing, even taking to humming softly while balancing upon her toes. "I hope she picks something cool."

"I'd be more happy to find she comes out wearing anything at all.."

Lucia couldn't help but giggle out, about to speak before the door opened and Sylk emerged from within, wearing her new attire. Taking a moment to look her up and down, Lucia then walked about her twice before giving a girlish clap and grin. "Oh I love it! I've always wanted to dress up like that, it looks so pretty! My turn my turn!"

Without another word, Lucia ducked into the room and closed the door soundly, disappearing for several long minutes while cutting the private connections to her Operator. Leaving him to scowl at his PET while he waited for the energetic navi to return. When the door finally opened again, what returned could vaguely be called the same theme.

Lucia stepped barefoot before Sylk, wrapping about her ankles were golden anklets, several small golden tips dangled from the base of such, while the top seemed to join with veils that wrapped about her shines and calves. This wrap, which was a light transparent purple, rose up to just above the navi's knees. Where it then split about behind and rose up to a single tie at the small of her back. Tied loosely to the very to skimpy royal navy thong, which seemed little more than a strip of fabric to keep her modest, held there by slender golden chains that went over her hips, lining such chains were more of those small dangles.

Above was left bare, until reaching her bust, which was a matching blue wrap, though it wasn't nearly as tight as her former wear, letting the true size of her B cups be shown. Beyond this was a golden collar about her neck, with her navi symbol imbued upon the front. Each forearm also seemed to have matching gold bangle, edged with flames circling about. Finishing the look completely were two fingerless gloves that at least looked proper on a young warrior about to step into the ring, though that was probably the only part of her attire that was.

Her skin had taken a much fuller tan, without a trace of tan lines to be seen. Her once fiery locks seemed to lose their lift, instead she had a simple crimson head of hair that was kept just above her shoulders. Lastly her once pink eyes took a darker tone, showing of light crimson instead.

Doing a quick few turns upon her toes, letting the loose fitting veil sway and spin about her, Lucia gave a faint bow before grinning up at Sylk. "So, like it! I made it myself!"
Before Sylk could give her input, the voice of Showbizz hailed them from a nearby speaker, as though she had been watching, waiting for them to get dressed. "Good, you both look like a sexy party rendition of Aladdin! That ought to work. Now go back inside, head past hrs curtains, and find your teleporter rings. You'll go straight into your match after that. Remember, fight dirty; it doesn't even matter if it's wrestling at all. I want flash and pinache, people, flash and pinache! Class won't get you cash! Flash and pinache, hold the class, possibly bare some ass if you want that cash! Although uh... I have to pay for censorship fees, so you guys know the rule: if you show the tits then Showbizz has a fit!"

It seemed like Showbizz's job was full of unforeseen difficulties and created a need to temper all frustrations with gratuitous rhyming. Once the two were free of Showbizz's instructions and found the teleporter pads, they had a small period of time to stand and talk before her voice boomed out again, this time louder than before. "Ladies and gentlemen! In the quandrant two ring I direct your attention to our femme fatales for the night! You know her, you hate her, you might die after a headbutt from her: it's Dome! What you may not know is she has a partner: a criminal known in six parts of YumlandNet for chopping the heads of religious icons, it's Ruda!" Boos sounded out as the two presumably showboated... there was no way to tell until they were out of the dressing room.

"Their opponents tonight are from the Neo-Toucan Jungle! Cheetah is here to please with her limber body and sexy fur ensemble. Panther is here for those of you who want two times the boob mass and don't mind a set of abs like a rock wall to to with it! Together, they're the wild cats of the Neo-Jungle!" she announced; Sylk and Lucia heard cheers.

"Now, divert your attention to quandrant number four! With her shocking white hair and her dreamy blue eyes, Technica will trap you in a figure four heart-lock! Bringing up the rear is Shooting Star, who I must say is undoubtedly the best dressed tonight. Next, lets meet their opponents, hailing from the uncharted deserts of the Neo-Sultan Slampire! They're two girls who aren't afraid to fight dirty! First, we have a woman who loves wrestling other women and has several arms more than the average to do it with! Give it up for Mysteria !"

Sylk found herself teleported out and into the arena. Whereas Ruda and Dome were booed properly as heels, everyone seemed ready to cheer Sylk on and whistle besides. "Don't forget her partner: the Lillian Shade, who's fighting tends to be a shade too graphic for daytime television!" Showbizz finished, amazingly having yet to run out of breath.

Sylk and Lucia got a look around at last; they were now on a ring floating upon a star-shaped platform, which was hopefully secure, seeing as beneath that stretched endless quantities of space. The seating looked a little fuller than it had when they checked earlier, but still with a lot of room for people to pour in. The two noticed that the audience was at least 25% men dressed in the distinctive yellow tunics of Neo-Shogun soldiers. Despite Showbizz's voice ringing out and her having a big monitor, her face was nowhere to be seen...

... Except it was. As the two got a good look at "the Shooting Star," they recognized her as the host with her hair let down, wearing a light blue unitard with a silly looking superhero mask in the shape of a yellow star. A sash belt in a darker blue color ringed her waist with tiny, jingling star ornaments attached. Her figure was not terrible for this, but she looked misplaced amongst athletes, since she was short and showing the tiniest semblance of lovehandles.

Her partner, on the other hand, looked right at home. Technica was a tall woman with streaming silver hair and a blue mask to match Shooting Star's yellow one. She wore a sleeveless blue shirt, cut low enough to show her collar bone, and blue cargo jeans, spangled with yellow stars. Her arms, well muscled but not Escort's by any means, were crossed over her expansive chest in a no-nonsense way. "You may have outdone yourself... this may be the most terrible, degrading nonsense I've ever done on one of your shows," she addressed her comrade.

"Shhh! The speakers in here will be on soon!" the Shooting Star hissed. "And at least we're together!"

"... That just makes it worse," the other girl groaned.

"Wrestlers, on your marks! Get set! Cat fight!" Showbizz called out over the speakers, despite ostensibly being right in front of them with her hair down in a stupid wrestler get-up. Technica stepped over the ropes,allowing Shooting Star to lead. The pair would have to device how they wanted to begin as well... although, with dirty wrestling, a partner was often seen sharing the ring. On the other side of the ring, Showbizz paced the circumference of the area, acting like Bruce Lee in a martial arts movie despite having none of the rest of the look.

The two couldn't see Escort and Arch from their position, but they'd probably get a glimpse in a moment. This was because, alarming at least Technica, the rings were starting to orbit around a central point, also alternating height slightly above and below each other at short intervals. Looking out into the stars for too long would definitely be sickening...

Lucia was going to wait for her partner's response, but when their little show and tell was cut off, she only shrugged and went back inside to find the teleport pads. "Well, should be fun!"

When she arrived inside the ring, she couldn't help but look around in awe for a few seconds at just where they'd ended up, not to mention the flashy uniforms of their competitors. Still, as her name got announced, she couldn't help it. She jumped up onto the corner post, balancing on a few toes as she gave a small twirl to really show off for the audience. Quickly lowering down to squat on just the foot with her other leg crossed atop it as if sitting there, looking across to their competitors.

"Hey Sylky, I want the big girl kay? So you go first." She'd give a wink before slipping off to the side just out of the ring, taking her place as the start of the match was announced. "Good luck!"
Before Sylk could get in to begin her own match, the Shooting Star made a distracted,dumb expression and stopped pacing, as if she was listening to someone else. "What? The other brand? What are you... Oh, hell... You mean you didn't book ANYONE for ShowDown?! What, you did? But them I turned SSR into a tag match night and stole the budget for four wrestlers? Well what are you shooting now, then? Filler, what filler? Uh, ahem," she stopped, finally realizing she was ruining her own show, "time out!" She crossed her hands into a T; once the bigscreen monitors turned off, her voice started calling out again.

"We're going to keep things exciting with a change in tonight's plans! Here in orbital Showbizz Star Ring, we are splitting up the tag teams! Pulling each half away from its cohesive whole! That's right, each partner is on her own, in a new fight where no one knows WHAT to predict! So for tonight, our matches will be Mysteria versus the Shooting Star and Panther vs. Dome! In the mean time, our sister series, Showdown, will be treated to the exciting matchups of Lilian Shade vs. Technica and Cheetah vs. Ruda!" the voice announced.

With no chance to protest, Lucia (and several other competitors, including the strong-looking girl opposite Sylk and Lucia) were whisked away from the ring in another teleport beam... this one, however, would take them to another ring of competition entirely.

"Now, let the fighting commence!" the booming voice cheered.

Now sweating, probably due to nervousness over whether the crowd was going to accept her half-assed changes to the night's schedule, the Shooting Star returned to pacing the ring and awaiting the attack of Mysteria. "I believe the lady said 'commence!'" she taunted, probably just as much to stress the importance of Sylk quickly regaining the show's momentum as anything.

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