Incognito's Dreamscape

When Martia arrived in the dreamscape created by Fancy and inhabited by Incognito, she would find that it was as barren of others as she'd been led to believe it would be. The area was, unfortunately, completely unfamilair to her. It appeared to be some sort of classroom, with many desks, having short, plastic chairs pulled behind them. A large monitor occupied one wall, but it was currently completely blank. The navi-space above showed several Craft Comics logos, implying that they might be in an imitation of something owned by Cornelia Craft. Overall, however, there weren't a lot of props to work with. Behind her, floating in free space, was a red door... she'd probably do best to ignore it for now, though, because Incognito would be found right in front of her, not too far from where she'd jacked in.

The navi was clad in a brown overcoat that seemed a few sizes too large for him, hanging over the palms of his hands and down past his knees. Besides that, he wore gloves and boots, each designed with brown around the hands/feet with white on the cuffs leading up, making it look a bit like he was wearing high socks. Other than that, he wore a navisuit consisting of brown shorts that continued into a white top beneath the overcoat, with a brown ribbon tie at the neck that was ostensibly just an accessory. His hair was done into a cute, parted brown bob-cut and his face was more familiarly slightly freckled with big, child-like green eyes and lips pursed into a confused frown. His disguise was partially effective; Martia would definitely think that he was a girl, if she didn't already have past evidence to the contrary.

Right now, he seemed to be investigating each of the desks, slowly walking between each one and searching atop and underneath each, before checking inside the single compartment on each. She might be alarmed to realize that his investigation was probably based on the starkness and purposelessness of the room; with no other actors and nothing seemingly happening, he would probably have the strong sense of being distinctly alone, in a place where he was used to company. The gauge Leslie had been given would confirm that there was an issue...


Dream State: Negligibly Nightmarish [5%]
Possible failures:
- Looking for actors, finding none
- Overly investigative of environment
- Low number of other thought topics increases risk of thinking about strangeness of dreamscape
Failure potential: High
Martia entered the Net once again, and once more donning the outfit of Red Nova...though quite frankly, she preferred her usual get up. She took a quick look around. It looked like...a classroom? But, she recognized that logo. She was pretty sure Incognito and Heidi didn't work directly for Cornelia, so maybe this was a part of that event that didn't involve her? Or maybe it was another event entirely. Or maybe...well, it was too early to say for sure. Also, that door behind her didn't strike her as especially inviting. It was the kind of thing she wanted to ask about, but probably shouldn't, lest the other Navi hear her.

Speaking of which, there he was now. It was almost unnerving how well he could pass for a girl. Then again, she thought that as someone that most definitely would never be confused for her opposite gender. Also, that wasn't important at all. A quick check of the DreamScope revealed that his search was definitely a problem. She needed to get his mind off of that, and onto something else. She walked up to him, not entirely sure how to do so. "Hey there, Incognito! Forget something?" ...An ironic choice of words, but it was something innocuous enough.
"Wah! Red Nova!" Incognito called out, turning suddenly and pressing one hand down on the desk nearest him. Almost immediately, the environment began to shift; the desks started falling away, slowly replacing themselves with counter-tops, fading from brown to gray. Walls surrounded on each side and the monitor in the back changed from glass to metal, before being lined with an array of Big Willy's Jumbo Dogs papers. It was soon clear that the setting had transformed from whatever classroom he'd been in to the more familiar back area of the hot dog store where the two had first met... discounting the time that he'd met her in costume at the comic store before. Thankfully for Martia and the sanctity of her new costume, this scenario did not come equipped with a group of heelnavi employees armed with 'Great White' alfredo dogs. It also seemed that he'd settled on her fake name rather than her real one, but that was perhaps understandable; he had, after all, probably had more exposure to the comic character, and Martia was her spitting image.

Martia's sudden appearance, as well as her words, had startled him, but he did appear to be brightening up at having some company. For a little bit, at least... Incognito soon realized that he didn't know how to respond to Martia's question, although he did not realize that was due to his dream-addled stupor. "Erm... Forgetting something..." he murmured, tapping his chin thoughtfully. "Oh! My disguise!" he exclaimed, again uber-girlishly, pressing his hands to his face in shock. He disappeared into the stall for just a moment, before emerging again with supernatural quickness, now dressed in the heavy apron, paper hat, and striped dress that signified him as a worker at Big Willy's (but also made him look even more like a girl). "Sorry! I wouldn't want those navis to come back in here and think you were conversing with a detective... So..." he continued, tripping over his words again. "That's right, the mystery! Mindroot and Wilhelm Jacques, I'm on their trail," he proclaimed, waving his arms frantically and panicking, as if desperate in his need to reassure Martia he knew what he was doing. "M-Mindroot is Jacques' navi and is in charge of a subroutine that will start a-a giant, robot octopus! People will be brainwashed into obeying him!" he explained. "Now that... he's broken out of jail again?" he murmured, suddenly realizing a continuity error: on one hand, he had inserted himself into the memory of past events, but on the other hand, some part of him was aware that Wilhelm Jacques ought to already be in jail, from what he knew of the present. "Um... Er... What are you doing here? Are you chasing him too?" he asked, pressing his fingers together bashfully and seeming hopeful that she was going to give him some direction.


Dream State: Negligibly Good [5%]
Possible failures:
- Unable to reconcile experiencing past events with knowing their outcome, recommend subject change
- Confused, needs purpose to focus on
Failure potential: Medium
It took most of Martia's willpower to not look around and gawk as the scenery changed. Even in the Net, an area changing based on what a Navi was thinking about wasn't very common. Though, once she got a glimpse of where they 'were', she kinda wanted the classroom back...but anyway, Incognito was in his disguise again, and now they were after Mindroot. Possibly. That was kinda up to her at this point, wasn't it? She just needed to check that DreamGauge...she needed to change the subject. So, hmm. What was it they did at the hot dog place? ...Right, THAT. She inwardly cringed, and sighed.

"Well, there is that. But, are you sure you got all that alfredo off of this outfit? I think I feel something squishy in this top, and it's not, not that I'm squishy! I'm actually pretty firm and...I'm just digging myself deeper, aren't I? But not the point! I just want to be completely sure you got everything off of it. Because I don't want any reminders of THAT..."
Incognito stared back at Martia (Red Nova) dumbly, as if not understanding what she'd said. "O-Oh, right! I was cleaning it off, I remember now," he laughed, looking strained as he tried to focus on the parts of Martia's dialogue that didn't involve the squishiness / firm factor of her breasts. "Erm, I'll check, to be sure," he reassured her, stepping just a little bit closer but not nearly enough to actually touch her. It was clear he was still a bit sheepish, remembering what ordinarily seemed to happen when he and Red Nova got close together. His face still became red in spite of its serious expression as he made it obvious he was inspecting each part of her outfit from all sides, dashing this way and that around her. Martia could feel the environment change again, in the form of alfredo sauce depositing itself on and inside several parts of her outfit: some atop her breasts and just inside the hem of her halter top, some coating the back of her briefs, a bit in the palm of each glove, some across the fronts of her thighs. Thankfully, none got in her hair, as that was a pretty bad place for alfredo sauce to be, and none in her mouth, perhaps because it wouldn't make sense that she hadn't cleaned it already if it was there. It was unclear whether this was because Incognito wanted it to be there, remembered it being there, or something else entirely.

"Gosh, sorry... I don't think I did a very good job," he finally remarked, wincing and wringing his hands together. "You've still got a lot on you." He closed his lips tightly, watching her from one side where he'd almost just tripped over a cardboard box while circling the room. He seemed very antsy about whatever was going to come next.

The environment seemed to be staying fairly stable, besides the alfredo. Heidi's earlier explanation likely meant they were currently in a "memory" state, whereby the dream was mostly building off of what Incognito already remembered, and was therefore more stable and unlikely to wake him up, but also slower to perform the drastic shifts that would be necessary to uncover the missing clues about Dora Quaid and Recall.


Dream State: Sort of Good [15%]
Possible failures:
- No noteworthy failure conditions at this time.
Failure potential: Low
Unfortunately for Martia, the one thing she didn't want to happen, did, as cheese sauce began to form in various spots. Ugh, she definitely remembered this wasn't a pleasant one. Still, she couldn't really blame Incognito. He was just remembering, that was all. She managed to squeeze in a small smile on her face, despite feeling icky in...places. "It's all right. Everyone makes mistakes."

As she did so, she took a mental peak at the DreamScope. Looked good...but according to Heidi, didn't stable memories like this slow the process of getting memories back? She might want to speed things up a bit. ......And there was one way she could think of. "D-Do you think you could grab a towel and wipe it off of me? If I do it right now, I'm afraid I'll just get it everywhere else..." She could feel her cheeks redden as she asked, knowing what was going to happen. It was a good thing he didn't realize this was actually happening, and not just a dream, or this might actually manage to get even more awkward...
Martia's reassurance that she wasn't angry seemed to strike a chord with Incognito, who nodded and returned an appreciative smile, while tracing a line across the floor absently using the smooth toe of one of his boots. It would be hard to seriously chastise him to begin with, looking like he did. The look of calm, however, was quickly replaced with a look of shocked disbelief, as he realized what Martia had asked him to do to follow up on the missed alfredo issue. "Oh, right! I should do it...?" he repeated, sounding half as though he was agreeing with her and half like he was questioning if she'd really just suggested that. "I guess there are some places you... can't look," he gulped.

The backdrop had begun to subtly shift again; the room was mostly the same, but seemed to be growing smaller. Several of the details making it a supply room were quickly vanishing, as well as some of the grime associated with the room. The walls subtly shifted from dusty gray to a shade closer to white. The concrete floor was replaced with tile. The small shower in the back shifted from a utilitarian, metallic, shoulders-wide box to a larger one with a glass door, the kind that still obscured what was behind it into a blurred silhouette. She didn't see a door anywhere, except for the red one she'd come through earlier, which seemed to strongly indicate that whatever this place was, he was remembering it slightly incorrectly. An inordinate number of rubber ducks lay about and around, despite the fact that no bath tub was in sight, just the shower.

A standing closet with several white and red towels popped up next; he moved to retrieve one. She noticed that none of them were body towels and all were instead hand-towels. If she'd begun to turn red, he would always be redder, his eyes swirling as he approached with the towelette held delicately in one hand. "J-Just stand still," he encouraged her... then reached up, awkwardly, to begin wiping at the goop he'd spotted on and beneath the breasts of her halter top, thankfully unable to see the bit that had slipped inside the upper hem of the shirt. The scrubbing appeared to be ineffective, as all he could do given his polite mannerisms was make soft, gentle dabs with the cloth. "It's not working," he murmured, although it might occur to Martia that it was his dream; it'd work if he'd wanted it to. Still, having noted that, he slowly brought up one hand to hold the cleaning area more in place, cupping his glove below one breast while scrubbing with the cloth using the other. It didn't last long before he moved on to the next area, the back of her shorts. This one was a lot easier for him to reach, but just as awkward for him to wipe up; Martia could feel one hand steadying Incognito by clasping onto her waist while the other ran the cloth across her wedgie, running between her cheeks as he cleaned the spots affected by the alfredo. After that was done, he had the even more awkward task of cleaning between her thighs. "S-S-Spread your l-l-l... your legs, please!" he piped quietly, before applying the cloth in between them to the flesh of Martia's plump thighs, doing his best to clean them without touching the sensitive area of Martia's front.

With that done, he wiped his forehead; when he circled back around to the front, Martia could see that at some point, he'd lost his waiter uniform and was now back into the brown shorts and jacket again, only sans jacket, so she could see the sleeveless white skinsuit he wore. Even then, he looked a lot like a girl... the flat-chestedness just looked like an under-developed girl, rather than a guy. "There you go," he squeaked again, handing her the towel. "You can use that for your hands," he finished, noting she still had some on her gloves. At some point, however, the towel had gotten a bit filthy, being only a small towel and cleaning alfredo rather than soap and water; she'd probably need to grab something else, such as another towel.

Dream State: Pretty Good [30%]
Possible failures:
- Awaiting new direction, recommend speed to avoid allowing errant thoughts.
Failure potential: Low
"Y-Yeah..." At the moment, it was hard to tell who was feeling more awkward about doing it, Incognito or Martia. The scenery changed, and while she noticed, she didn't really stop to check it out, as she could feel her breasts being dabbed at. The complete lack of anything happening could only be attributed to the fact this was supposed to be his dream. She could feel herself getting a bit red in the cheeks...though he was definitely redder. That said, she was starting to give him a bit of a run for his money as she was cupped and cleaned, and once again she was liking the male contact with her breasts a little more than she probably should given the situation...

But this time, it didn't stop there. "Meep!" Even though she was expecting it, the martial artist Navi had to stifle a small scream as she found her butt cleavage being run through by the towel. She clenched a bit, out of purely instinct...which probably made it look like she was enjoying it, even though she didn't want to look like she was...even though deep down she sorta was...ugh, her cheeks were getting even warmer now. ...The ones on her face, not lower...

Without a word, once he was done behind, she spread her legs and let him handle her thighs. It took every bit of her considerable will to not show any possible signs that she might, in fact, be liking it. Even though, again, she secretly kinda was...probably becaused while she was getting used to being in situations in which people saw her scantily clad (or worse), actually making contact with her during that? Still new. Oddly, thinking about why she was feeling that way helped a bit in distracting her from actually feeling that way, and before she knew it, no more contact. "Th-thanks..." While she accepted the towel, the first thing she did was go over and grab another one. After wiping her hands, she checked for any spots Incognito missed...oh, there was some in her cleavage. Thank goodness he hadn't done that...who knew what would've happened. She reached in and started to clean a bit, oddly absentminded that there was a male Navi right in front of her. Hmm, it really got down there. She managed to get it, though. "Well, I still kinda smell like alfredo, but at least I don't actually have any on me anymore. Thank you. Now, what next...oh!" The other Navi had a little bit of sauce on his, she reached down and dabbed, removing it. "There we go!" She gave him a small smile...unfortunately, she'd missed something a bit bigger; namely, that due to her efforts to rid herself of visible alfredo, she'd accidentally pulled down her halter top until it was down to the bottom of, ironically, her breastbone, giving her mission companion full view of what he'd been cleaning...
Each of Martia's squeaks was accompanied by another nervous gasp from Incognito, as he was revised by the specter of doubt over whether he was really allowed to do what he was doing with Martia. A less focused man would not notice her reactions, but the flush of Martia's face, the movement of her muscles, the erotic clenching of her buttocks, all stood out strongly to Incognito, who was both used to looking for such details during investigations and also, in this case, overtly interested in them. "No problem," he managed to rasp out, standing wooden like a statue as he watched Martia attend to her cleavage. Her smile made him smile in turn, albeit a trembling one that looked very uncertain of whether it was allowed to grace his face, but it soon collapsed into a look of awe and terror as his eyes drifted from hers to her boobs, as they were wont to do. His jaw continued to hang open, but no words escaped his throat, as he was paralyzed with a mixture of erotic stimulation and situational awkwardness. Finally, he managed to eek something out: "Thank you," he responded weakly, fixing his eyes back onto her face with a look of great concentration.

The little navi was at a loss for words, but also for thought. "S-So... Now that all of the alfredo is off of us... We should go after... um... Wh-Who were we going after together?" he asked, attempting to subtly back away from Martia and nearly tripping over a rubber duck as he did. The number of ducks appeared to be increasing, but also, a long hallway out of the room had appeared to one side of it. The shower seemed to have been replaced by a tub with a partially transparent, cream-colored curtain at at some point. A mirror and sink now sat occupied a distance a short way away from Incognito. "Oh, um... your top! It m-must have just slipped out of place a bit!" he added very hastily, suddenly looking very interested in the rubber ducks at his feet while he averted his eyes, pretending he hadn't been staring at her exposed breasts for the last few moments. The floor of the room had become wet and a bit slippery as he stared down towards his feet.

For an extra layer of complications, Martia suddenly became aware of a sound coming from somewhere nearby... one that Incognito ostensibly was failing to acknowledge entirely. It sounded a bit like muffled speech and was coming from behind the red door that now floated in free space several steps behind Martia.

Dream State: Pretty Good [40%]
Possible failures:
- Possible inconsistency detected when evaluating the existence of a mirror and past events. Recommend avoiding addressing the mirror until it vanishes.
Failure potential: Low
Well that was odd. It was awkward, sure, but she thought he'd at least return her expression...Martia placed her left hand on her hip, and boosted the power of her smile. "What? I know I still smell a little bit like alfredo, but I'm pretty sure we got it all off!" Eventually, Incognito did manage to get coherent thoughts out, which made her stop and think for a moment. "Yeah, we should get back on that now. Don't worry, we'll stop 'em! ...Is it just me, or has it gotten draftier the last couple of minutes?" Hmm? Her top? "Sigh, I'm not surprised. Honestly, I'm surprised it doesn't just come down on iiii-eeeeeeek!!!!" She instinctively covered her chest with her arms, and tried to adjust her top with her hands in that position. When it didn't work, she turned around and did it where he couldn't see her latest wardrobe malfunction. "How did that even happen...? I swear sometimes it's like they're TRYING to get out!"

Upon successfully getting what was probably considered by some to be her greatest non-martial arts related 'talents' back inside, she faced Incognito once more, a bit flushed once again. "Sorry about's just, this sort of thing always seems to happen to me. It gets frustrating after a while...oof!" As if on cue, the martial artist managed to slip on the floor, and tumbled down on the floor...or so would be what would have happened to most Navis. Martia, however, was not most Navis, and somehow managed to turn it into a surprisingly graceful backflip that let her land on her feet, somehow not pulling off a second slip that might've resulted in an endless loop. "That was close! If I'd fallen, I probably would've ended up getting my halter top drenched to where I might as well not even be wearing it...ugh..." She suddenly made a sour face, as she began to notice a familiar cold sensation. "...I don't even have to look. I'm on full display again, aren't I?" The short answer would be 'yes'. The long answer would be 'the force of her heaving breasts as she performed her maneuver caused them to slip out again'. "...You know what? Screw it!" She reached down and grabbed the top, instinctively knowing exactly how far it'd fallen down her. "I don't wanna deal with this stupid thing! I'm pretty sure lots of people want to see them again, so here world, have some Red Nova with realistic tit action!" Mid-shout, she ripped it right off of her body, leaving the jacket as the only thing covering her torso, which in turn did a non-existant job of covering the front half. Frustrated, indeed.

"...You know, I kinda feel better after that! No wonder Leslie does that sort of thing!" She folded her arms across her chest, ironically depriving anyone looking at her of 'the view'. "So, are you all ready to go?" She could hear something from the door...but wasn't that an exit? Hmm, maybe it was actually the memory she was trying to unlock, if there was something beyond it. She showed no sign of acknowledging its existence, though.
Incognito nodded and finally managed to fix a smile onto his face, but whatever he was murmuring was so quiet that there was no making it out, as Martia turned to fix her top again. There was nothing Incognito could say that would assail the obvious accuracy of Martia's claim that her breasts acted as though they had a mind of their own. Shortly after, Martia executed an amazing backflip. The sometimes-detective's face lit up as she somehow managed to avoid either injuring herself or falling onto him during the maneuver, but promptly returned to its usual state of fright when he realized her top was down again. Pulling it off of her boobs entirely did nothing to help that situation, causing him to press his hands up to his eyes sheepishly, watching her through the splits in his fingers, as he was clearly in mental anguish over whether it was okay to watch or not.

Revealing that she had no intention of covering back up caused Incognito to go into another stammering fit. "W-Wait! We can't go outside with you like that!" he argued; he'd begun unconsciously crossing his legs a bit, indicating that he was probably suffering from bodily reactions beyond his control, although different ones than Martia was. "Wait... I think I get it! Recall! I was after her and... I get it! She must have taken your memories from you and replaced them with new ones! That's why you're acting... er... strange!" he posited, waving his arms excitedly. As he spoke, the bathroom around them began to change wildly; it still resembled a shower, but several monitors suspended by jointed, metal necks began to sprout from the walls, each displaying something like a wireframe shape of a navi's head. Several gurneys had popped up circling the room, each with different, unintelligible technology mounted all around them, some which, upon closer inspection, would make no sense at all, implying Incognito really couldn't remember them well enough to recreate them. Various neon-green readouts of scientific terms had begun to flash distractingly through the air. Ludicrously, the ducks, the shower, and the moisture in the air and on the floor remained throughout all of this.

Adding yet another element to this, someone had begun knocking on the door that only Martia could see. A voice came from the other room: "Is somebody in there?" It sounded like a woman's voice, although it also sounded a bit like the person was speaking through a paper towel roll.

"Aaah, oh no!" Incognito gasped, looking around nervously. "I'm not sure where that's coming from, but I think someone's coming! Quick, hide!" he shouted, grabbing hold of Martia's hands and trying to lead her over to the shower. That probably wouldn't actually be a great hiding spot, seeing as the silhouette would show through, and also, the fact that Incognito was suggesting that he and Martia hid in a single bathtub together while Martia was wearing no top. Additionally, he had tried yanking her by her hands, which, if he managed to do, would rob her of a way to cover her chest. Even beyond that, it would probably be more logical to try to get through the hallway and find another room (if such a thing existed). Then again, dream logic was, after all, different than real logic.

Dream State: Pretty Good [45%]
Possible failures:
- Unrealistic environment, recommend spurring further changes before oddities are noticed.
- Outside interference detected. Recommend addressing immediately.
Failure potential: High
Martia looked over at Incognito, and his 'should I look or not' dilemma was painfully obvious. Might as well settle that right now. "You can look if you want. I have a feeling you've already seen them by now, anyway." His argument for leaving them uncovered, on the other hand, made her flinch a bit. She knew he was right...she just hated to put her dignity in the grease covered hands of fate again. "Sigh...I's just so frustrating, you know?" She took a moment to refresh the top back onto her, depriving dozens, maybe hundreds, of their one true wish.

Her own wish, however, would have to wait, as someone was at the door. ...Wait, what? Based on Incognito's response, that was a bad thing, so they should probably hide. Or perhaps, better, it might not be a good time to risk it, if she didn't know who that was. "C'mon, let's hurry!" Soon, she was the one yanking him, as they both hopped in the tub. It was pretty cramped, though, since she, at least, was trying to avoid making any kind of silhouette. She tried to ignore any awkwardness and see if whoever else might be there had anything to say, but considering how much of her body was touching her mission partner, that was probably unlikely...

...She could at least check the DreamScope, though. Nothing that came up struck her as good, though. Now she wished it really was all a dream...
"I-I do see how they could be cumbersome... h-how it could be... how it could be bothersome, I mean," Incognito stammered, still in a nervous stupor thanks to their close proximity, even now that Martia was covered again. The two would have to hug together to avoid casting two shadows, which made the smaller navi's elevated heart rate painfully obvious. Due to his size, his head ended up resting closer to her breasts than her face. There was a good chance he'd have passed out then and there if she hadn't covered back up first. He clasped his lips shut tight, possibly to avoid crying out, but also likely to avoid revealing their identity as two navis to the stranger.

The wait finally ended, as a navi came through the red door, swinging it open with a lack of ceremony. Martia couldn't make out the details, but the intruder seemed to be a fairly tall woman, judging by the silhouette. "Is anyone here?" she asked loudly, speaking with a slight accent that sounded a bit reminiscent of an outdated Electopian dialect. Martia would notice that the curtain hiding the two of them had just become significantly less transparent, to the point where their shapes shouldn't show at all any more. That was one advantage of the dreamscape, it seemed: Incognito could remove some "game-over" conditions without thinking about it. The navi wouldn't wait long before continuing her speech. This next line was significantly more distressing: "I want a refund! The therapy isn't working at all!" the stranger cried in outrage, crossing her arms defiantly. Martia would have to interpret what those words meant, but her DreamScope didn't appear to like them at all.

That wasn't the end of upsetting matters, however. The possibility of being discovered seemed to be making Incognito even more jittery, but worse, somewhere during their huddle, Incognito had translated that further to having most of his clothes disappear. The navi was clad now only in a white towel over his lower body, tied at the hip so that it hid the portion from his lower belly to his thighs. Now it really would look pretty indecent if the two were spotted together. At least with his body mostly revealed, it was slightly harder to mistake him for a girl... but only slightly.

The number of rubber ducks appeared to be growing rapidly, now starting to litter the floor of the tub and making it even harder to find a spot to stand that was not awkward. The ducks were starting to transform themselves, their necks elongating slightly so that they began to look more like rubber geese. If there were other changes to the room, Martia couldn't see them from her current position. She did notice, however, that no new traction was being gained with the case of Recall and the memory replacement, so she might have to somehow steer events back in that direction. There was at least one development, which was apparent as Incognito submerged his red face slightly further into Red Nova's bosom to hide his expression and bent out his lower body a bit, now obviously trying to keep it from touching to Martia's thighs.

Dream State: Pretty Good [45%]
Possible failures:
- One or more actors are calling attention to the status of the net area as a dreamscape. Address immediately.
Failure potential: Very High
While the two hid, another Navi did indeed show up, instantly making Martia internally flinch. The DreamScope did nothing to help her mood, showing that the other Navi needed to be dealt with, and dealt fast. She was hoping no one else would have to see her like this, but, well, one more wouldn't be the end of the world...hmm? Was something on her inner thigh? ...Nope, must've been her imagination. She took a moment to prepare herself, then leaned in even closer to Incognito's ear to whisper. "I'm gonna have a word with her. You stay here, and don't move, no matter what, okay?"

With that, she quickly yet quietly stood up, taking a moment to note the other Navi's state of dress...and, less intentionally, certain other states. She did her best to completely ignore that, and hopped out of the shower. Now she was really glad she'd put her top back on...she put on a smile, tried to think cool thoughts so her face wouldn't be so red, and approached the outsider Navi. "Hello! I'm sorry, the shop's closed right now during the event. I'm afraid you'll need to come back another time...but other parts of the mall are still open, so you should check those out!" She wasn't quite sure what it would accomplish by staying in-character even now, but above all else, she couldn't allow things to fall apart now, and not doing that would probably tip off Incognito even more.
For a moment, it looked like Incognito was going to cry out again, just from Martia getting close and whispering into his ear; fortunately, he managed to stay quiet, although shivering from the combination of both nakedness and situation. He nodded slowly, while his knees knocked beneath the short towel covering his lower body. Martia left him there, in order to go outside and investigate the stranger who was intruding inside the dream... one whose presence could not have been expected, based on the idea of 'actors' inside of this dreamscape.

The woman who'd entered was a tan-skinned lady with a decent figure, although more... classical... than Martia's, not quite so spectacularly filled out. Her hair was black and done into a single, long, thin braid, reaching down to her hips. Her outfit consisted of white, silk top and long pants, fairly plain looking, but with gold-colored drawstrings on the lower portion, tied below the naval. Given that she was also wearing a sword, the scabbard held on by a gold sash, and granted the threatening look in her narrow, brown eyes, one might think for a moment that she was wearing a traditional Electopian martial artist's outfit... a closer look, however, would reveal that her outfit was pajamas, just with the addition of a sword. Her hands and feet were bare, which was causing her to react unfavorably to walking across the wet floor. "What shop?!" she inquired in a quick snap, grimacing in an unflattering way that narrowed her eyes even further, her pencil-thin eyebrows arching into 45 degree angles.

That might be a pretty good sign that it was going to be hard to continue role-playing convincingly with the new girl hanging around. "I am not here to shop! I am here to complain that your therapy is not working!" she complained, thrusting one finger accusingly out towards Martia. "My name is Jian! I came here so that I could get help with my... inferiority complex," she murmured, perhaps not wanting to admit that part, as her brown face was taking on a shade of red in a mixture of embarrassment and frustration. "When is the therapy supposed to start?! I've been waiting in my room for an hour now!" Martia might be able to put the pieces together as to how that happened, but the much more pressing issue at the moment was the possibility that Jian was going to spill the beans on what this whole dream world was, which would in turn cause Incognito to wake back up.

Clearly, Incognito could not help but overhear some of the conversation, as the room had begun to transform again. The strange gurneys around the room had begun to transport into hospital sick beds, and the rest of the room was gradually taking on that look again, with sterile white colors. The curtain, thankfully, remained the same, still concealing Incognito. The floor was still a little damp and the rubber duckies, annoyingly, hadn't disappeared, but they weren't multiplying how they had been either. Overall, the environment didn't look very detailed... it was possibly he was just slowly bringing to mind the first idea he could that would be a fitting setting for therapy.

Jian had also left the red door she'd entered through open behind her; a bright light was shining from the next room over, but the room looked quite boring, consisting of only a single, white-sheeted bed in the middle of an empty, white room. If there was some kind of warping dreamscape in there, Jian was either extremely uncreative, or otherwise, it wasn't operational. If Jian was, in fact, a patient of Fancy, who'd fled the scene, she had not been 'put under' in the same way that Incognito had been. She seemed keenly aware that she was supposed to be undergoing some kind of dream therapy. At this point, the easiest option might be for Martia to shove her back inside the door and see if she could lock or barricade it... Growing increasingly frustrated, Jian placed her hand on the hilt of her curved blade, although perhaps out of habit more than intent to use it. "Are you related to the doctors? What am I supposed to be doing to make this work?!" she inquired again. Martia was going to have to come up with a way to get Jian to either stay quiet or play along... Or, perhaps, convince Incognito that her words were natural and not indicative of his own status as a "dream therapy patient."

Dream State: Pretty Good [40%]
Possible failures:
- One or more actors are calling attention to the status of the net area as a dreamscape. Address immediately.
Failure potential: Very High
It was a little hard to tell with her mask on, but with every word the woman was saying, Martia was clearly flinching. The longer this Jian stayed here, the more she was jeopardizing the whole mission. She needed to get out, and fast...but how? She could always just give her the boot, literally, but there was nothing stopping her from just getting back in...she was going to have to talk to her. Just, softly enough that Incognito couldn't hear a word of it.

"Hey, listen." The Red Nova lookalike drew closer, and started to whisper. "The Navi running this whole thing is gone. And me, I'm just here to help a friend try to remember something. I'm really sorry, but you really need to leave. Jack out if you want, head back to where you were if you want...actually, what I'm helping him remember involves finding that Navi. If we can't get it out of him, we may never be able to find her. So if you don't get out, you'll never get your session!"

Now to make sure said friend didn't get suspicious of all the whispering. "Oh, I'm so sorry, but the therapy clinic is clear over in the other wing! Here, lemme give you a map of the mall, so that you can get to where you need to go!" Oh, please please please let this somehow work...
To her credit, the other navi was willing to lean in and listen to Red Nova give her reason for being there. Jian's narrow became narrower in suspicion as Martia explained. A smirk appeared onto her face, although it was accompanied by a bead of sweat; it seemed like the navi was thinking hard, despite her smug expression. "I think I get it..." she responded, her unpainted lips curling into a wider smile and showing the whites of her upper row of teeth. That couldn't be the reaction Martia was hoping for, but at least the other navi hadn't started yelling about anything or reacted with anger... or, well, no more anger than usual. Even with the grin, her eyebrows kept their fierce furrow.

Although Incognito was staying entirely silent and still behind the shower curtain, Martia still knew that he must be getting a bit restless... she might understand that through intuition, but if she didn't the Dream State monitor would make it clear, reporting a dip in his "good dream" percentage. Jian extended her hand to take the 'map' from Martia's hand, seeming as though she was going to keep up the act that Martia had asked of her. Instead, she gripped the other girl's hand strongly, which might come as more of a painful surprise if Martia wasn't used to grappling combat. "I see how it is," the tan, pajama-clad woman continued, her eyebrow twitching in agitation as she held her smile. "I misunderstood how this dream works! That's why I was left alone in my room... And why, once I found you, you insisted that this was about you and your friend, when this is supposed to be my dream! You're trying to make me feel belittled, like I'm not important here! That's 'tough love,' right? And my challenge is to overcome it and retake my own dream!" she announced confidently, her voice rising higher as a laugh crept into it. "Ha ha ha ha! You're bold, to challenge the martial arts master Jian like that!"

With that, she suddenly brought her other hand to Martia's forearm, then attempted to wrench the pretend super-hero into a hip toss, which would send her head over heels and onto the wet, shower-room floor, which curiously appeared to be growing wetter and slicker as time progressed. Other than that, the room had remained mostly the same, with the only notable addition being that a door to the 'therapy clinic' that Martia had mentioned had appeared on one wall. The navi was clearly skilled, but the sword on her hip told the story: she was a sword-fighter before she was a hand to hand expert. She was well disciplined and athletically built, but she didn't have the strength or technique of Martia; it seemed likely that Martia could take her in a fight if need be, but if she was going to, she'd need to take care of the sword that hung from Jian's golden sash first. "We'll see who is the dreamer and who is the dream!" Jian shouted, entering a ready stance with one palm outward and the other fist held under-handed at her side, bracing her legs. Somewhere in the background, the curtain shifted a bit, allowing Incognito a gap to watch the unfolding action through.

Dream State: Pretty Good [35%]
Possible failures:
- One actor is referring to the dreamscape as a dream... but in a way that makes it sound like she's in a dream rather than the client... so maybe it's okay? Evaluating...
- One actor is being physically threatened. Check conditions set by client's operator for permission to harm the client and evaluate. FANCY'S NOTE TO SELF: injuries = unhappy customers = lost money / reputation / lawsuit.
Failure potential: High
Ugh...whoever this woman was, she was ruining everything with all the dream talk, and at this point basically by existing. But why did she grab her hand like that? Were they going to arm wrestle or someth-

"Ack!" And just like that, she was on the floor. Ow. Without really stopping to think of the consequences, Martia rolled over onto her stomach before pushing herself up, resulting being extremely obvious she was wearing nothing under that top. She nervously looked at Jian, who wanted a fight. Right here, right now. Uggggh. She was starting to wonder if it was even possible at this point for this to end well. She took a few steps back, noting that she was now between the other Navi and the portal out. She COULD turn around, escape, and not worry about it anymore...but that would be the wuss's way out. After all, when she'd been here for real, Leslie was out risking life and limb to stop a nutcase. She'd be ashamed to show her face to her if she chickened out now. Besides, she noticed a big difference between the two of that gave her an idea. She gave a 'come here' motion with her hand, with a (admittedly not genuine) cocky grin. "All right, criminal, bring it!"

Assuming that she did 'bring it', not-Red Nova had a clear strategy. As the swordswoman (who may or may not actually be brandishing a sword at this point) drew near, she'd grab her by the arm, do a 360 (as would the grabee by proxy), and whip her forward into the portal. She'd then close it before the other woman could properly respond (assuming it was possible she could), and say something along the lines of 'I hope this door has a lock' loud enough for Incognito to hear...and, hopefully, that would somehow produce a lock that'd keep Jian out. It was a fairly desperate plan, but she didn't have any better ideas...

Though, now that she thought about it, the DreamScope seemed a bit less...professional, almost as though someone was actually saying things. But she could think about that after getting rid of the dream ruining woman standing before her.
Jian's eyebrows raised for a moment as she got a look down Martia's shirt, then promptly settled back into angry, quivering arches. "THIS IS NOT HELPING ME WITH MY INFERIORITY COMPLEX!" the swordlady bellowed, looking back and forth to see if anyone was listening. Martia's taunt proved quite effective in addition. "RRRRGH! Quit acting like a protagonist luring me into a finishing attack! I'm not a throwaway villain!" Jian complained, rushing head-long at Martia with her hand on her sword's hilt.

Enraged as the fighter was, it was easier for Red Nova to capture the arm; Martia used the momentum to dump Jian unceremoniously back through the door she'd entered from. "No, no nononono-!" Jian swore loudly, then swore some far less kosher swears as the door slammed in her face. By her command, Martia found a cartoony, oversized lock that locked simply by turning a key, handily provided and already in the keyhole. The sound of Jian wasn't going away, but at least the threat was. It didn't take but a second for her to start striking the door from the other side, but it didn't seem like it was going to have any effect.

"Phew... good job, Red Nova," Incognito congratulated his bath-mate. Somewhere during the altercation, he'd gotten his clothes back, and the environment was very rapidly switching from a bathroom to, interestingly, a darkened back alley. The door now faded naturally into the side of a building, rather than looking so out of place, perhaps because he'd been forced to acknowledge its existence just now. Ridiculously, the pavement of the hard-boiled noir setting was still wet and covered in rubber ducks. Their smiling, squeaky faces still peeked out from here and there: broken beer bottles, alley trash cans, and smoking sewer grates all held their share of ducks. "With the henchmen out of the way-"

The door seemed to pound more loudly.

"- We should be a stone's throw away from Recall's true hideout!" he announced, pointing down the darkness of the alleyway. "That's right, it's here, in NetVegas! But it won't be easy... There's something we have to do to get inside... Gosh, what was it...?" he asked himself. "I remember it was something embarrassing," he pondered, pressing his fist to his chin and tilting his head up. "It's on the tip of my tongue...!"

With nothing but darkness and shadiness to guide her, Martia would likely have no idea of what Incognito was talking about and would instead be forced to improvise. She might also have to draw out some more commentary on Dora Quaid and Recall before continuing, but then again, Incognito's dream seemed loopy enough that she might be able to get away with making it whatever she liked. "Red Nova, I hate to rely on you for this part, since I'm the detective here, but maybe as a superhero, you can think of something that might reveal the villain's lair? It must be something that would be done pretty seldom here..."

Dream State: Pretty Good [40%]
Possible failures:
- Awaiting new direction, recommend speed to avoid allowing errant thoughts.
Failure potential: Low worked. Without a hitch. Martia actually needed a moment to process it after locking the door, simply because she was expecting SOME kind of problem to pop up. But nope. Other woman, out. Doorway, locked. Costume, wet but still fully covering. Three for three.

And suddenly, everything changed, and they went over to...some sort of dark alley. She half expected a gang to show up, only for some sort of dark superhero to pop out of the shadows and smack them around. ...And despite how she was dressed, she wasn't either of those things. She was, however, still surrounded by rubber ducks, for reasons unknown to her. But, that didn't matter much now...they were actually starting to get close to why they were in this set-up to begin with.

...Which brought them to the next obstacle: accessing the hideout. Something embarrassing? Something seldom done here? The latter felt odd, since NetVegas was kinda known for being a place where anything went...she'd have to figure out how to narrow it down a bit. And that required knowing things she didn't know. She'd have to coax it out of Incognito. "...Hmm. Well, I would think it'd be a thing somehow related to Recall or her operator, because then it's just some dumb arbitrary nonsense. Let's go over what we know about those two, it might give us some insight. ...Um, but that's more your wheelhouse...I'm more of a doer than a thinker. Overview away!" ...It almost seemed like a miracle, but she'd gone a couple of minutes with none of her clothing or integrity being compromised.

...So basically, it was a high point when 'sopping wet breasts with her nipples clearly visible through the top' was the worst thing going on with her. What did she do to deserve that, exactly...?