SuccessMan Manor

The SuccessMan family homepage has existed for generations of SuccessMen, but, despite their adherance to traditions and lineage, has changed much over that time. Namely, it has grown. The mansion sits among a hill, surrounded by rolling mountains and forest that looks picturesque during the daytime and spooky during nights or rain. The mansion is upkept by a dedicated team of navis and thereby remains clean and attractive, worthy of those descriptors even in a world where most things are programmed to stay clean and attractive.

The mansion itself is gated. After following the stone path through the iron-barred gate doors, one will find the two-story SuccessMan manor on the left with the smallerservant's house on the right. The mansion is a classy brick and wood oldie, likely remarkable only to historians, architects, or other aristocrats, despite its prettiness.

The mansion could belong to anyone as far as most observers were concerned, were it not for a few adornments here and there: $ shaped door handles and the same shape fashioned onto the front gate meant that first the world's richest cartoon boy lived here or a very wealthy man's navi did. And SuccessMan's operator was a very rich man.

Today, as the manor awaited Nakkna's arrival, the gate was open with a maid positioned at the front. The servant was dressed as a French maid, but thankfully without the fetishistic touches one might associate with the wardrobe; her skirt was ankle length and her blouse fastened at the neck with an $-shaped clasp. She had black hair in a bob cut and relatively unremarkable features besides: dark eyes, long lashes, etc. Her posture was stiff but her face was smiling. She didn't seem terribly worried about current events.
Following the coordinates soon brought Nakkna to a large mansion on a hill, old-fashioned in style but very clearly owned by an incredibly wealthy navi. Nakkna could tell this by the landscape surrounding the mansion, the sheer size, and...well, the $ symbols that stood out to her even as she saw the front gate, still quite a ways away from the mansion itself. It was like something she might see in a cartoon, perhaps one featuring an anthropomorphic duck swimming in a pool full of money. "Subtle," she commented. "It's almost like you'd never know who lived here. So remind me, what do you have lined up for me this time?"

A window opened next to Nakkna, showing her operator from the neck up, as she tried to keep to the lower part of the frame to hide the fact from any other navis around that she was currently not wearing anything. Nakkna caught onto it immediately -- her behavior was a dead giveaway -- but simply shrugged it off. "Got a pretty simple mission. You're supposed to prepare the staff here in case some guy breaks in, was the rest? Hold on."

Nakkna gave a soft sigh. "Just show me the post," she said. A second window popped up over Siri's, showing the mission topic. Nakkna scanned over it, then dismissed it. "Easy enough," she said, starting her walk toward the front gate. "Oh, while I'm thinking about it, we should probably keep things voice only from here on. That or you need to at least put on a shirt."

"Fiiine," Siri whined. The window vanished, leaving Nakkna alone in front of a mansion that she was nowhere near dressed for. She looked down at her outfit, very plainly designed to be torn off at a moment's notice, then back up at the gaudy symbol on the gate up ahead. The maid navi stationed at front, too, caught her attention. She was also dressed rather plainly, but then, she was a servant. Nakkna was a guest, of sorts, even if she too would be hired help. Was this really okay?

"Oh well," Nakkna sighed. "I'd rather be armed than impressive. What's the worst that could happen?" With that thought out of the way, she made her way up to the front gate, studying the maid as she got close enough to do so. Despite the apparent issues the manor had been dealing with, she seemed unconcerned. Nakkna had to wonder if the maid was putting on a front, or really wasn't bothered by any of it. She also noted, with some relief, that the maid uniform she wore was one of the more normal variety, rather than a fetishized one. That was one thing he had over Siri already.

Siri, at least, she was used to.

"Good day," Nakkna said, nodding to the maid navi. "My name is Nakkna. I was called here on a job request from a navi named Twin."
The maid gave a polite bow, keeping her same face. "Yes ma'am, Miss Twin told us you'd be along. I apologize on behalf of the head maid and also for the senior SuccessMan; the two left on business some time ago. Inside the mansion you will find the maidservants, along with SuccessMan junior. I will be the acting head maid until Twin's return, so please, ask me it you need anything during your stay, or if I can answer any questions you may have."

"Before we enter, I should explain your tasks. First off, for age duration of your stay and the elder's departure, we are expecting possible intrusion by an unwanted guest. For that reason, I ask you you arm each of us maids with one weapon; just something to use as a warning if we encounter the intruder. It's as simple as slotting in a chip and then transferring some data! I don't anticipate any particular problems... so yes, please give each of us maids a weapon as we progress through the mansion. You can give me mine once we are inside."

"Secondly, our master has become something of a deviant during his time under the former tutor. He has learned a number of awful habits... expectations that he levels against us servants and strangers alike. He is, however, a good young man... studious, pure-hearted, and caring. That said, we literally cannot speak against him face to face due to our programming. That is why you must be the one to instruct him where he does wrong. He should he receptive and easily correct his behavior. That said, his behavior may be initially alarming... so please, be prepared."

"Well, if you have questions, please ask them on the way. Now, if you will-" she continued, opening the door and holding it politely while standing to one side. Before she or Nakkna could get any further, however,they met the man of the house.

A fairly handsome young man, as described, stepped outside, smiling broadly. His hair was blonde and combed over, in a style typical of those capable of affording and willing to frequently use hair gel. His eyes were large, blue, and pretty, and his grin was naive and innocent enough that it seemed too young for him, although he looked only about seventeen himself. Atop his head, a crown was suspended, floating and spinning in place... the crown actually looked too big for him, making it look even sillier than it ordinarily would. At first he looked to be wearing the robes of a king... until Nakkna realized he was actually wearing bathrobes, purple with fur lining (something white with black spots, almost like a dalmation). "Ello! Very good to meet you, Nakkna! I am SuccessMan the Third, heir apparent to the SuccessMan name. I welcome you to my manor," he beamed. Next, he stuck out his hand, as though going for a handshake...

... then kept going, reaching casually around behind Nakkna as though there was nothing odd about it. She had plenty of time to realize he was going for a firm grab of her equally firm ass, should she wish to stop and reprimand him. "What a fantastic bum you have! I must admit, all day, surrounded by skirts, I yearn to see a pair of tight slacks. And how wonderfully you fill them!" he praised her, seeming genuine in his compliments and pleasure, regardless of how unnatural and creepy they were.

The maid looked the other way, now obviously embarrassed. As previously stated, however, the thought of stopping him didn't seem to occur to her. "His greeting upon meeting others was at the top of the checklist that I was about to present," she apologized.
Of course. Of course it would be something like this. Siri had, naturally, mentioned when writing the job request that Nakkna carried a number of weapons on her, but not the fact that she literally wore them. And now she was going to have to loan them out to multiple maids. Nakkna sighed internally as the maid explained the job. It was just like Siri to put her in that kind of situation. On the other hand, she wasn't particularly well-dressed in the first place. For all she knew taking off what she was wearing may be seen as an improvement. So, just so long as she got all of her weapons back when all was said and done, everything would be fine. She had to wonder just what sort of former tutor the SuccessMan heir had, to be expected to stage an attack on the manor. But, that would be a question for after she was fully briefed.

The other objective of her mission was a little more troublesome. Talking to people in more than a casual manner, especially when it involved taking initiative on correcting something, was something she usually tried to leave to someone else. Preferably Siri, because at least when something inevitably went wrong because of Siri's quirks then it wouldn't be her fault, but her operator's. Asking Siri's advice wasn't out of the question, but when it came to dealing with the behavior of someone who had apparently become a deviant, Siri wasn't Nakkna's first choice. After all, the girl was quite a pervert in her own right.

Nakkna wasn't given any opportunity to think through how she would approach the matter, though. The man in question stepped out of the house as soon as the door was opened. He was handsome enough, but unbelievably overdressed (especially for someone wearing a bathrobe), with a comically large crown floating over his head. She gave him a smile and a nod as he introduced himself, then extended her hand to accept what was certainly a handshake...

...then instinctively brushed it away and stepped back as he tried to reach behind and grope her. Which was odd, since that hadn't actually happened enough for there to be any instinct in the action. But Nakkna let that notion slide, deciding for the moment that it was only natural. "The first part was fine by itself, thank you," she said, maintaining her earlier smile. "Along with a handshake, preferably."
Thankfully, SuccessMan reacted gracefully to having his initial greeting modified; he met Nakna's confident smile with one of his own and continued in a handshake. When they were finished,he disengaged, crossing his arms across his chest with a puzzled look. He gave another carefree laugh, then dropped his arms again. "It's been a while since I greeted a woman like that! My tutor had explained to me that most women appreciated a compliment and firm physical contact upon first meetings. Although, I suppose that's what we accomplished. You have surprisingly strong hands," he chuckled, although a lot of women wouldn't take that as a compliment. Whether she did or not, chances were high that he hadn't interacted with many women besides maids and his tutor, if he thought that was an appropriate way to act.

"Master, this is Nakkna. She is here help us... watch the manor... while your elder is out. She's also going to accompany us today, to edify you with culture and behavior practiced by women across the net, including good etiquette for interacting with them," the maid explained.

"Etiquette? My former tutor already gave me quite the number of lessons on that subject... Although I recall Ms. Twin said that those lessons were flawed and... partially associated with my tutor's terminated. Oh dear... I hope she's getting by alright without this employment," he sighed, looking genuinely concerned. It really did seem like he was the naive type. He also didn't seem to be well briefed on the mission at hand... although that may have been on purpose.

"Please try to keep your mind open for these new lessons, Master," the maid continued.

"Yes, of course. So you're my new tutor then?" he asked Nakkna, but the maid quickly shook her head. "No? Well, even if we only spend a short time together, I will be sure to learn all that I can!" the young successor encouraged her, looking fired up.


Nakkna and the others entered into the greeting hall; four doors surrounded the room in even intervals, circling a spiral staircase starting in the center of the room. It seemed to lead up one floor... the mansion had looked larger, so the remainder must simply be attic. "Don't worry. There isn't a maid for every room or anything. We'll keep our route strictly to those zones of the house where a maid is waiting to be arm- er, prepared," the maid explained, still trying to skirt the issue of readying the maids for armed resistance against the master's former tutor. "Let us start in the kitchen-"

"Good idea! Anticipating the arrival of my guest, I took the liberty of requesting that the cook prepare us a light meal," SuccessMan Jr. pitched in, causing the maid to adopt a worried expression.

"I see... Very well," she agreed, although she looked like she was preparing for the worst.


Inside the kitchen, Nakkna saw no maid at first... just an elegant breakfast room with a kitchen seperated by a bar, such that a large window provided a view into the chef's space. It looked like it would easily hold four or five busy chefs, but currently, it was empty. "Good, she's already finished!" SuccessMan cheered, running for the breakfast table with much pep in his step, such that his robe flopped around him. The food and decorations were all covered with a white table cloth, like sacrament before communion.

"Now, I have heard it from the chef that his expectations towards how he receives his meals have become absurd... this could mean anything, so please, be prepared," the maid warned.

If Nakkna was going to be prepared for what lay beneath the tablecloth, which SuccessMan had just thrown aside, she would have to have a vivid imagination. A woman was lying down on the table, wearing nothing but a cooking apron... thankfully, lying on her back. Her legs were spread with her knees bent so her shins and feet dangled, while her hands clutched the sides of the table. Her face held a serene smile, although it was red all the way across. As expected of a standard navi, she looked just like the maid travelling with Nakkna.

Thankfully, the young master had not become a cannibal as well as a deviant:the reason for her practiced pose and stillness was found in the lightly clattering silver dishes sitting upon her body, mostly upon her stomach, which slowly rose and fell with her breathing. The dishes held a variety of tarts, glazed and dry. Placed dangerously between her legs and held there without much support was a cup of cream sauce to dip them in.

The young master turned his head to Nakkna with an eager expression, as if waiting to be praised. "My former tutor instructed me that women enjoy having a sense of trust like this placed in them: the trust that they're clean and composed enough to use as a serving dish. We haven't known each other long, Nakkna, but I would like to think that you and I can share this same level of trust!" he explained, placing one hand over his breast in a cheesy, Victorian romantic pose.

The maid coughed,subtly indicating that this would be a good time for Nakkna to begin her mission.
She? She?! His former tutor had been a woman? What kind of woman taught a guy to make ass grabs? wallpaper above, he seriously thought women liked that? Between the former tutor and the maids, just what kind of crazy people had he been interacting it. A nagging thought set in that this kind of behavior was not altogether unfamiliar to Nakkna, but she didn't want to give it much weight. She didn't know all that many people after all, so there had to be plenty more who might do that who she wouldn't know. He seemed to take reasonably well to her correction at least, so perhaps this mission wouldn't be so bad. Just so long as her sanity remained intact, everything would be fine. It usually did. She had Siri to deal with all the time, after all.

It hadn't escaped her notice that she would eventually be stripping in front of this guy, little by little, but she was trying not to pay much attention to that.

As she stepped inside after the scion of the household and the maid, Nakkna mentally took stock of her weapons, trying to decide what she was and wasn't willing to part with over the course of the mission. Obviously she wanted to avoid being overt about just how her weapons were hidden for as long as possible. If nothing else, she wanted to avoid exposing herself in front of SuccessMan III until she had managed to talk him down from some of his wilder fancies. Other than that, she wasn't leaving her coat with just anyone, she'd need her boots in case she needed to make a daring escape at some point, and unless these maids turned out to be well-trained she wasn't trusting any of them with the chest area of her shirt. Otherwise, unless they somehow didn't know how to use battlechips everything would be fine.

Just one look from the maid accompanying them was enough to make Nakkna wary of what would be in the kitchen. What she actually saw when she got there though...just what was this? One of the maids was laid out on her back clad in only an apron, with the "light meal" mentioned by SuccessMan III set on top of her. For a couple of seconds, Nakkna could only stare dumbfounded at the scene. Even when she recovered remarkably fast for what she was looking at, she still found herself at a loss for words. Just what did she say to this?!

"Well, I'd appreciate that meal," Siri's voice came in Nakkna's head. A private line. Good. Letting Siri get in on this was the last thing Nakkna needed.

Actually, no. She couldn't keep her worries from earlier to herself anymore. Now she had to say something. "Did you do this?" Nakkna responded over the same line. "Was this your idea? Were you his former tutor?"

"Eww, no. Why would I teach that to a guy? Besides, you're my only connection into the net world. If I was going to do something like that, it would be through you."

"That sounds rather creepy when you say it." Nonetheless, Nakkna couldn't argue with what Siri was saying. While she still couldn't deny something like this being very Siri-like, it would have been much more reasonable if it were a SuccessWoman rather than a SuccessMan.

Shutting down the line and turning back toward SuccessMan III as she heard his explanation, she spoke normally. "Well...I suppose that's not entirely wrong, in theory. But no woman actually wants to be used as a serving dish. Or to be seen with so little clothing, for that matter." The irony was thick enough that Nakkna had to close her eyes to avoid rolling them at her soon-to-be situation. Maybe she could start from the back at least?

"Just what kind of person was this tutor, anyway?" she added, directed at anyone present who could give an unbiased answer.
"Really? That runs counter to what my former tutor had explained to me... but you're a woman, just as she was, and I've no less value for your opinion. If you're quite certain that women don't appreciate being treated that way, I can tell my staff they no longer need to devote themselves to the practice. That would likely be welcome relief for them... The amount of training needed to hold a decanter so still upon naught but one's flesh and a light garment is nothing to scoff at," the master of the house admitted, watching the lightly wobbling saucepans with a mixture of regret and sympathy. "Although, I have to say, my former tutor and I used to do this thing sort of often. We became fond of eating our luncheons off of one another's bodies, alternating turns. And she was quite fond of wearing such outfits..."

"Th-There are all sorts of women, my master. I assure you, we maids are not entirely equivilant to your former tutor, in terms of preferences," the acting head maid pitched in. Seeing that she'd almost contradicted him, she shook her head and clarified her statement. "However, we, even more so than she, are willing to adhere strictly to your commands and preferences! All that we do is for you."

"Yes, and I thank you; but it goes against my wishes for you all to do anything that makes you uncomfortable. If only I'd realized this was bothering you, I wouldn't have demanded that my meals be served this way at all hours of the day!" SuccessMan exclaimed, pressing one hand passionately to the breast of his bathrobe. That last part of his promise painted a pretty bleak picture of the sort of life the maids had been enduring recently. "I'm glad we cleared up this misunderstanding. That said, I suppose we can still enjoy the meal without that sort of trust exercise."

The head maid went to help the chef out, moving the dinnerware off of her slowly to keep things as modest as possible. The maid clutched the apron to her body, gave a short bow, then began to shuffle towards the door with her back against the wall. "Hold on. I've still got an interest in today's security," the head maid stopped her, trying to keep her voice low so as not to alarm SuccessMan. She motioned Nakkna over. "Nakkna, please arm her."

"Oh, I apologize for failing to answer your question fully a moment ago," SuccessMan spoke up, eating alone at the table now. His manners were rather impeccable; he only spoke after chewing his food over and seemed to be purposely avoiding eavesdropping on his maids. "My former tutor was a woman named Study... She comes from a wealthy family of intellectuals with several sisters, I understand, and many of those sisters are famous in various ways. She lives a more domestic lifestyle than the others and was brought in to educate me on matters of the world... Part of the SuccessMan way, you understand, is to start nearly at zero and work our way up, in terms of knowledge and power. In the rigors of such a life, we gain the hardiness and experience we need to be great leaders. But back to the point: I needed education in all matters of the world and she was to teach me. As for her traits... she was, foremost, very professional. During even our early lessons, she insisted on privacy and a focused environment. She was very serious about her lessons, but also very kind... I would call her a 'warm' person. She wanted us to treat each other with sincerity, so I always spoke earnestly to her," he reflected, although it was hard to imagine him lying about anything to anyone, given his inherent naivety. "We were very close, closer than I've been to anyone in my life, to be honest. I never saw her become angry or raise her voice... for that matter, I've never seen her say an insensitive thing to anyone. You understand why I have such difficulty understanding her dismissal... Although, given how many of her teachings appear to have been incorrect, perhaps she was simply a poor educator? That would easily explain why she was let go."

"Master, if I may: Nakkna may wish to know her physical features, foremost," the head maid interrupted.

"Oh, of course. Her hair is a deep blue color. She usually wore it in a bun, although I've seen her with it down frequently; it reaches to about her collarbone. Her eyes are gold-brown and her shape is... Hm, she has a soft texture to her body that I haven't felt on many of the maids... And a sort of responsiveness to the touch! Sensual reactions, as if she instinctively wishes to cradle every part of your body into her-"

"P-Please, basic appearance! Please just stick to that," the head maid urged him with a desperate quiver in her voice.

"Certainly. She's rather tall, a good bit more so than I, and tends to dress mostly in red. I've seen her in many outfits before, but she usually enters the mansion wearing a red skirt and jacket, with a white scarf and white nylons. Beneath all of this, she wears red-"

"That should be sufficient a description, thank you," the head maid cut him off again. "Please, address the security issue, Miss Nakkna, and we will move on."
All of a sudden, Nakkna dreaded to know what daily life was like for the maids here. SuccessMan III seemed to live the kind of life that Siri would aim for if she had the money and connections to pull it off. Right down to apparently being very intimate with his former tutor. Was she even actually properly teaching him anything? Or just trying to make him into her perfect little pet. Although her maid escort suggested that Nakkna had wanted a physical description, the one that SuccessMan gave first was more in line with what she actually wanted to know. Of course, both gave a lot more information than she actually needed or wanted to know, but there was only so much she could do about that. She certainly wasn't going to try to redirect the man's speech mid-swing. That would take a lot of effort to potentially veer into an even worse subject matter.

Well, maybe not. SuccessMan seemed to have a little bit more tact and courtesy than that. It was just all completely misaimed. Perhaps Nakkna was already way too used to Siri's oddities to make judgments about anyone else.

"Yes, that's...more than enough," Nakkna said, agreeing with the acting head made and making a mental note to be very careful about what she asked for the rest of the mission. She turned and approached the maid who was still standing with her back to the wall. She tried not to let her own eyes wander too much, although she got the feeling that somewhere outside of the net world, Siri was watching the scene very...closely. Even if she could have done something about that, though, she wouldn't have. Far too much trouble for something that would only work for a short time, if at all. In that regard, even the utterly bizarre habits of SuccessMan III were seeming easier to work with.

"Here," Nakkna said in a hushed tone, positioning herself so that SuccessMan hopefully couldn't see what she was doing, then making a show (for the maid navi) of reaching into her coat. In truth, she reached for the left sleeve of her own shirt and pulled on it until it 'tore' off. By the time it had left her arm, however, it was no longer a shirt sleeve but a small bomb. As she procured it, Siri slotted in a LilBomb chip, effectively arming the weapon. Nakkna handed off the weapon, then turned around, waiting to move until the maid had had a chance to conceal it. Even if 'conceal' in this case would probably amount to hiding it behind her back until the three of them had left. "I'm ready. Let's keep moving."
This was a case where the maid in question would probably have preferred to receive clothes that were just clothes. Unfortunately, this situation called for clothes that were bombs, so that's what Nakkna gave to the maid instead. She accepted it and nodded, apparently having been informed about the plan to arm all of the staff. SuccessMan Jr. appeared to be the only one that wasn't aware of that aspect.

Once that was finished, the head maid and SuccessMan bid adieu to the mostly naked kitchen worker and proceeded back out to the hall. Three other doors remained on the first floor. "This door simply leads into the kitchen area. The maid who is attending the kitchen is the same one tending to the dining room, so we've no cause to enter at present," the head maid explained, continuing to the next door. "Next is the servant's quarters. I believe we'll find at least one maid here, I'm certain, since the ordinary rotation has one on 'off-period' at all times and there are few other places we choose to spend that time. All the same, we needn't worry about waking them. We maids are programmed to make ourselves available at all times. We don't need sleep so much as we enjoy the luxury as a benefit of our employment."

"I do appreciate that availability that you all offer me," SuccessMan pitched in.

"I'm honored, Master," the maid responded, although she'd probably rather say that SuccessMan was treating them as more available than anyone had ever intended. She opened the door to the servants' quarters and then stood aside, allowing Nakkna and SuccessMan to enter first. The inside was surprisingly large, with single-occupant beds, covered in crisp white sheets. No maid would ever be caught with their bedsheets in unkempt condition, of course. There were ten beds total, implying that the service staff was not especially large. A window at the side of the room, curtained, would offer a nice view out over the cloudy side of the hill, if the drapes were pulled aside. Ordinarily, they were likely left closed, since this would act as both a dressing and sleeping area for the staff. In the back, another door opened into a bathroom, which held two sinks, two showers, and two toilet stalls.

One maid occupied the room, dressed in only in her white under-gown, which was thankfully not particularly revealing; the last thing this mission needed was added sexual stimulation in the form of glimpsed lingerie. The frilly white garment reached down to just below her knees. She was sitting at the edge of the bed and reading a book, which had no markings on its outside. Like the maid before her, she shared a physical appearance shared entirely with the head maid: same hair, same face, same body. She closed her book abruptly and looked embarrassed as SuccessMan entered the room; the head maid looked equally embarrassed, making them look even more eerily identical. "I apologize, I thought the three of you would be in the kitchen right now..."

"Just when were you planning on dressing, precisely? Follow proper etiquette or you will be disciplined," the head maid scolded, crossing her arms sternly.

The other maid started, as if remembering something. "I apologize! You're right. Ahem, Master, I see you have a guest. Would the two of you like to join me in bed, so that we can share the warmth of our bodies?" the maid offered, now lying across her bed and raising the top sheet as if inviting them both in. That was going to be one crowded bed, if all three of them got in.

SuccessMan smiled genuinely to show that none of this offended him, then turned to Nakkna, looking proud and puffing out his chest. "The maids are impeccably trained, you see, and very generous. My tutor instructed me that it was common for most servants to share beds with their masters, but I must admit, that seemed a little cold to me. After all, the guest of the house should have all of the amenities that the master enjoys. Therefore, I have instructed each of my maids to additionally offer any guests in the house the opportunity to share a bed, so that no one is left wanting," he explained, crossing both hands behind his back. "It's quite cozy, I assure you. I've just showered as you see, so I'll decline for now, but if you feel like taking a quick nap with my servant here, the offer is open," SuccessMan finished. That would be a pretty interesting way to add a few hours to the mission time.
Things only got a little better as the tour continued. The next maid they encountered was...well, better dressed, although still a far cry from fully dressed. And she just seemed to be doing her own thing, rather than waiting in some embarrassing pose for the three of them to happen upon the place. And while that, at least, could be owed to being unprepared to receive company, what followed next was right back to the crazy demands of a naive and miseducated nobleman.

"Ahh, I wish I had maids that would do that for me. Of course, that would require me to have maids in the first place, and-"

Nakkna cut Siri off right there. "Okay, first off, still not the time. I'm trying to discourage stuff like this at the moment. Second," she said privately, before switching to a public channel. "Be honest here rather than your usual wishful thinking, because I genuinely don't know. Is this kind of thing normal?"

A window popped up, showing Siri from the neck up only. Nakkna sighed. The girl probably still hadn't put on a shirt, then. That was impossible to tell on sight alone, but Siri usually showed more of herself when she was properly dressed. "What, sleeping with your servants?" she asked.

"Close enough to that, yes," Nakkna said.

"Um...not really. I'm pretty sure servants almost always have their own quarters. Their master could force one to sleep with him or her, but that's not really the same thing. It's more like taking advantage of them because there's nothing they can do about it."

That...may have been a bit more detail than necessary, but it hit the nail on the head. Cutting Siri off and closing the line before she could go back to her usual commentary, Nakkna turned back to SuccessMan. "Well, she can be a bit blunt, and I don't always trust her judgment, but my Operator is much more knowledgeable about this sort of thing than I am."
"Really? I never meant to take advantage of anyone, though. We share the mutual warmth and comfort of our bodies, so I always saw it as an equivalent exchange," the young inheritor murmured, genuinely not seeming to understand what could be wrong with crawling into bed with one's servant(s) on a regular basis. "I suppose in a way, I was taking advantage."

"There's also the matter of personal privacy, my Master," the head maid offered.

SuccessMan Jr. knit his brow like he was thinking on that one. It didn't ring any bells for him, so he ignored it and smiled. "Well, if you say no, then I will agree. I won't force you maids to do it and I won't expect you to extend the offer. But I hope you won't mind if I invite you into my bed from time to time! It's not the same relationship, servant to master, so that should work, right?"

"... That would probably put even greater expectation on the maid in question to accept the offer," the head maid laughed, still unable to actually say "no" to him.

"I see, you may be right... Well then, I will keep quiet about it as well. Henceforth, we shall neither party offer to share beds with one another," he agreed, seeing no other course of action. "A shame, because my bed is really quite large. It's easily fit four besides myself-"

"A shame indeed," the head maid agreed, not wanting any further details on the subject to be shared. "Well, Miss Nakkna, if you would just... Finish up in here, I will take our master to the stairs. We'll scale the stairs and head upstairs, where there are two more rooms to take care of... then to the attic. Then we'll be finished!"

"Those are awfully specific rooms to introduce our guest to. There's so much she might like to see!" the master protested. "Milady, know that you are free to explore the mansion as you choose. If you want to see every room, simply say the word and I will escort you personally. I've quite some knowledge myself, besides the maid, having lived here my whole life. I can give it to you: a room-by-room tour! I'll give it to you in the hallway, then we'll do it in every bedroom, one-by-one, and I'll even give it to you in the master bathroom, if you like!"

"... F-For now, please focus on 'finishing up,'" the maid stated again, urging her master out of the room before Nakkna had a chance to respond to the generous offer. The other, partially dressed maid watched Nakkna curiously, still smiling with a sleepy, peaceful expression.
Wait, he really didn't realize what he was...



Nakkna sighed. It was already plainly obvious that SuccessMan III was very naive, but she couldn't hide behind knowing Siri all her life when seeing the worst of this one. It was, as the head maid added, also a huge violation of privacy, but without some nudging, he didn't seem to recognize that either. Sheesh. It was things like this that made Nakkna almost appreciate being operated by the dirtiest minded girl in Sharo. ...Which, actually, was probably an exaggeration.

The head maid's words, at least, seemed to take care of that as much as it was likely to get taken care of. Once SuccessMan was urged out of the room, Nakkna nodded and approached the maid on the bed. Again positioning herself so that SuccessMan III couldn't see what she was up to without coming back in and actively butting his nose in, she reached into her coat with one hand. When she pulled it back out, she held a glove with retractable claws, loaded with a RageClaw1 chip, and handed it over to the maid. If one were particularly observant, they might notice that her normal glove on that hand was now gone. But, with her fingers curled up so that she could easily conceal her hand in her sleeve, it wasn't plainly obvious.

"Perhaps once we're done with what your head maid has planned," Nakkna said, making her own way back out into the hall. Of course, she had no intention to, especially not with the extremely suggestive way the inheritor had worded it, but she wasn't going to say that straight out. Yet. "At any rate, I'm ready to move on."
The maid graciously accepted the chip giving a short bow and a curtsey with her thin under-dress. Nakkna then headed back out the door to meet up with the others. The head maid and the young master were waiting at the staircase for her.

"Nakkna, I appreciate you taking the time to meet with all of my maids individually like that. It just shows the sort of magnanimous, classy person you are, if you don't mind my saying so," SuccessMan complimented his acquaintance, apparently having caught on to the fact that she was spending time alone with each of the maids but not knowing why.

The maid nodded, agreeing with him. "At the top of this staircase, we'll reach several bedrooms. We'll be checking into Master SuccessMan's, where one maid is stationed. We will visit the master bathroom next, where another is stationed. Finally, we'll end our tour in the study," the head maid explained as the three ascended the staircase slowly, one after another. Interestingly, SuccessMan wasn't watching the maid's bottom despite following closely behind her. Perhaps it just wasn't something he'd ever been taught. It was strange to see it missing from his repertoire of woefully perverted habits. "I suggest we start with the bedroom. This center one, behind the double doors, is SuccessMan Senior's; the one next on the left belongs to SuccessMan Junior. We should start there. The bathroom will be between this room and the study."

"Excellent. I do so hate to leave the two of you alone while I venture off, but I believe I left something in the study earlier and, suffice to say, it wouldn't be at all proper for a visiting lady to stumble upon it. If you don't mind, I'll excuse myself momentarily to go get it," he suggested, bowing, then heading off in that direction.

The head maid watched him, as it was odd for him to be aware that something would be offensive and equally odd for him to leave ladies unescorted, but she agreed all the same. "Here is the young master's bedroom. Please keep his privacy in mind... well, if he were here, he'd offer it all to you, I'm sure. That said, I think the elder SuccessMan would be somewhat upset if I didn't deliver that instruction," she introduced the room to Nakkna. It was much nicer than the maid's quarters, which had been nice enough itself. The sun came in beautifully from the back window, where the curtains were opened up, showing a balcony beyond. One door at the back of the room lead out to the balcony. Several drawers lined the room, all neatly arranged and shut. The bed, covered in a luxurious array of cream and silver colored blankets, occupied the back center of the room with its backboard set just apart from the wall, covering the window only ever so slightly. The bed was, indeed, large enough to fit maybe four grown adults. If he'd had himself and four others in there, as he'd implied, it would be a pretty tight fit.

A maid was standing outside on the balcony, dressed in the typical garb. "Hm. Since the master is not here presently, I'll simply explain some of his bedroom habits that need reviewing. He regularly invites the maids in to sleep with him, and of course, we cannot refuse that request. That may already be fixed. He frequently undresses and redresses in front of us and with the window open. We help him undress, as we should... in a professional capacity. Problem being, he also sometimes offers to help us undress and... we can't refuse him, so... you see how that situation ends out," she sighed. "He sometimes..."

It seemed she'd have quite a list to go through. In the mean time, Nakkna might be more concerned about why the maid who was supposed to be watching the room was standing at the balcony, staring into the sunset, or why SuccessMan had left them for the study.