Stanley Court Shopping Center

The Stanley Court's netspace looks about like its inside: the businesses are arranged in the same allocated areas, covered by the same sort of roof. The differences are twofold: 1) different people, different advertisements, and the like and 2) the roof and walking spaces are much larger, to account for navis who are frankly gigantic. Navis travel its corridors quickly despite the compact walk-room, giving it the same sort of feel as the mall itself.

A young girl with a dark tan, dressed in the same familiar blue and black suit that Leslie had seen earlier on the banner, sat fidgeting on a bench at the center area for kid navis. She carried with her an oversized data packet, crystallized in shimmering green. She looked this way and that, seeming like a child herself, as she waited for Martia do show up.
In a standard pink beam of light, Martia arrived in the mall's cyberworld, and looked around. Really, it was pretty similar to the real world version...that'd probably be handy to remember, since she was at least acquainted with the layout. Though, Leslie didn't visit malls often...she rarely had spending cash, and when she did, she tended to spend it on her mouth. It was kind of amazing how much sushi that girl could put down...

But anyway, she needed to find the-oh, that was probably her. She did look just like that superhero, after all. The martial artist Navi walked over, waving. "Hey! You must be Warp!"
"Red Nova! Martia, I mean," Warp responded, jumping up for a minute and then sitting back down slowly as she corrected herself. She really did look like a young child in person, even though Nova and Warp had looked about the same age on the banner. "It's good to meet you! Let's go get you into your costume and I'll explain what we're going to do!"

The little girl energetically led her partner towards the lady's restroom, where she secured Martia a stall and then took watch outside. She passed the data packet over the door, having to grunt and stand on her toes to reach the necessary height. "Your costume is in there. It's in separate articles rather than a GMO... we wanted a real, authentic Red Nova for the role, so we didn't want to just change someone into her. Oh, but let me explain where all we're headed!"

"Our first stop is at Holofolio, a hobby shop that sells trading cards and comics, a lot of stuff relevant to you... to Red Nova I mean! Next is Big Willie's Jumbo Dogs, they sell, um, hot dogs. The last stop will be Wyatt Ware... I think they produce... s-something to do with navis? Maybe technology? I don't know, I'm sorry!" she stammered. "But I'll go whatever I can to help you all the way! I don't think many people will care about me being there, so all I can probably do is support you while you grant all the staff wishes."

Inside the packet, Martia found all of the items needed to turn her into Red Nova,although apparently it was a "bring your own underwear" deal. The suit was really only tight at the bottom, where it was quite tight. "Are you done? The... pants aren't too tight, are they? I told Cornelia she always makes mine too tight..." she murdered from outside.
Wasting no time, Martia followed Warp into the...restroom? Why was there one of those in the cyberworld? As she found out, however, it wasn't exactly the same as the real world version. There were still sinks and such, but all the toilets were replaced with toilet-shaped chairs. They probably just added it to keep it as a near-exact replica of the actual mall. She headed in one of the stalls, closed the door, and accepted the data packet...which wasn't a conventional GMO. Instead, it had the outfit in individual pieces. Weird, but whatever. "All right, this'll take a couple minutes, just so you know. I just hope it fits..."

Setting the clothes data down, the Navi took a seat, and started the process of stripping down. The gloves, belt, and boots were off first, followed by her headgear. Before continuing, however, it occurred to her that she might be watched. "Hey, Leslie? Could you turn off visuals for a minute? ...Leslie?" ...That was odd. All audiovisual contact was disabled. But, that was fine this time, since she didn't want to put on a show for anyone.

Confident that no one could see her, Martia stood up, and removed her lower body Navi suit, revealing nothing but a pair of dark pink panties. Though somewhat tight, there wasn't anything else particularly noteworthy about them, though they'd probably be able to (barely) fit in under the costume. She then took off her pink torso 'armor', leaving nothing but skin tight black Navi suit over her upper body...and only slightly more to the imagination. And that was soon gone as well, leaving her wearing absolutely nothing but those panties, and a hairband that kept her hair in a very long ponytail. Which reminded her...yoink! Even the band wasn't safe, ending up on the floor with everything else. She took a deep breath, and started taking out the costume...though, she was glad that as she recalled, there was no way it had a bra. She always found them restricting.

Now, let's see...what needed to go on first...probably that halter top, since it was getting a little cool inside the stall. Get her hair out of the way, and put it on...there. ...Considering that it was designed to fit Starborn's figure, it was almost creepy how well it fit her. Not too loose, not too tight. Next up, there was...oh, let's be generous and call them pants. She actually had to stop for a moment, to make sure that her panties wouldn't show underneath the outer briefs. Luckily, the outerwear was SLIGHTLY more covering, so she managed to get it on without incident. It was really tight, though...her butt probably looked like a red peach. Though, with her hair all the way down, it wasn't especially easy to see.

Now, let's see, what next...ah, the coat. Simple enough, though this was where having hair that long was a pain. Get it out of the way, and then she could put it so. It was a good thing she was supposed to leave it open...she wasn't sure if it was big enough to get all the way around her chest if she tried to close it up. Now, for the boots...gloves...and belt. And last, but not least, the mask, to conceal her identity...for some reason. She never got how a simple mask like that managed to completely hide who they were. But, it wasn't her job to question things like that. She just needed to go around granting wishes, whatever they might be...well, she never said her job didn't sound a little stupid.

"All set!" Martia looked down, to make sure that no feet were near the path of the stall door...and burst open, revealing herself in costume. If someone didn't know any better, they might actually mistake her for the real Starborn. "So, how do I look? Though, you're right, the, uh, pants, are kinda tight. But don't worry, I'm used to tight clothing!"
"You look great, Red Nova!" Warp answered, looking as though she was in awe. "But I guess the pants are too tight... they always look too tight for her in the comics, so I figured they would be... Well, if its uncomfortable, at least its authentic! And you look perfect!" she repeated, running around to look at the back and apparently seeing something perfect. "Now that we're both dressed, let's head straight to Holofolio. I think this one will be easy... they'll go head over heels when they see the real Red Nova walk in!"

Holofolio was a short distance away. The store was pretty easy to spot from a distance: the outside of the store was covered in gleaming, smooth silver foil, decorated with big posters of various superheroes. Advertisements for merchandise, comics, and etc. were displayed prevalently, a few showing Red Nova herself. Warp wasn't in a lot of them, probably because she was so new. Mindroot wasn't in any of them. As Warp had mentioned, Cornelia did always seem to draw the pants pretty tight...

Heads turned as the two came in; before they could decide how to introduce themselves, a bedlam of fansqueals erupted. Thankfully the bedlam couldn't be too large, seeing as not that many people were in the shop. The woman behind the counter, a cute, red-headed girl dressed in a crumply silver dress and hood, pointed one oversized sleeve at Martia and started talking to someone nearby. Another normal navi,presumably not affiliated with the store, spoke up. "That's some costume! You're the most authentic Red Nova I've seen all day!" he exclaimed while everyone nodded in approval. Warp was as bashful as advertised, so she hid behind Red Nova and waited for her to address everyone.

The place was pretty small, already packed despite the small number of customers. Part of it was that the store was so stuffed with racks and merchandise that it was a little difficult to maneuver towards the store manager...
"Well, tight stuff doesn't bother me, so it's all good!" Martia stretched for a moment, to get herself ready...and to make sure she could perform feats of athleticism without shredding her outfit. Fortunately, she could...which was a vast improvement over everything else she'd worn lately that wasn't her default clothes. "Good, it won't rip or anything. All right, let's not keep the fans waiting!"

And so they walked off to the Holofolio place. Looking at the pictures, it was kind of amazing that pants could be drawn that tightly. It almost looked like she got off easy just for having the really tight pair she was wearing. The pictures almost looked more like body paint than actual clothing...kinda made her wonder about some of the artist's preferences. It was entirely possible that Leslie had a nice surprise waiting for her in that robot...

But, anyway, into the shop they went. As expected, she turned heads, as her body in a skin tight outfit often did. Though, in a switch, it looked like she actually needed to say something on top of that. Time to play superhero. "Well, of course I do! You don't get much authentic than the one of a kind, genuine article, Red Nova!" Martia struck a pose extremely similar to one of the pictures she had saw just outside the shop. It'd look better than if she improvised and accidentally did something extremely out of character, at least.
Speculation ran rampant, with comments all over the spectrum: "that cosplayer really thinks she's Red Nova," to "that's the greatest Red Nova cosplayer" and even the occasional "OH MY GOD THE REAL RED NOVA!" Warp's eyes shines with delight, as though even she who gave Martia the costume was convinced the super hero was real. Finally, the tin-foil dressed woman approached and stopped nearby Martia.

"Thank you, Red Nova, for gracing my humble comic store! You're here to grant my wish, aren't you?" she asked, pressing both hands together excitedly.

"Why, yes!" Warp answered for Martia. "The Starborn is here to grant the wish decided upon by all of your store employees!"

"Uh, yes... I am my store's only employee... A-Anyways, I was hoping you would give me a signed piece of your costume! Something iconic that could only come from Red Nova herself!" the navicontinued excitedly. "Something I can keep in the glass case near the checkout desk for everyone to look at!"

"Oh! Well that's am easy request to grant... Er... isn't it?" Warp answered enthusiastically, but put on the brakes once she thought about it some more. "Um, what do you think, Red Nova? Can you sign some of your costume for them? O-of course, you understand it can't be the mask," she continued, trying to seem like she was talking to the audience. It was pretty obvious she was actually saying it to Martia so she knew to stay in character. "Red Nova's mask is far too important to give away."

"Of course..." the shopkeeper replied, although she looked sort of crestfallen.

Panicking, Warp pressed Ned fists to her chin and wiggled with anxiety. "What do we do, Red Nova? What can you give her?"
Though she showed absolutely no outward signs of it, Martia was a little saddened at the few Navis that were declaring her the actual Red Nova. Granted, she did bear a resemblance to her, but it was still only a comic. Still, at least she wasn't doing a bad job, if that was the case.

Hmm...a signed piece of her costume. If her panties were red and not pink, she'd be half-tempted to just give the shopkeeper her pants, since they weren't exactly covering much more of her than that, and only the most discerning eye would note the difference at the other shops. The top was right out, since she had nothing under it. The jacket...possible, but it seemed kind of important to the look. The boots, no, walking around in one or none would be really awkward...

And as Warp helpfully stated, the mask was just right out. Which Martia had already figured, what with the probable secret identity and what not. Which left one thing, really. "Of course, it's not a problem at all! It's not super flashy, about one of my gloves, worn by Red Nova herself?" And with that, everyone within visual range got an eyeful of the naked right hand of the Starborn herself. "...But I must've left my signing pen in my other costume, so if you can get me one, I'll be more than happy to autograph it!"
"That's fine!" the shopkeeper announced. Some of the crowd sighed wistfully, apparently hoping that something grander was going to come of the already dream-like scenario that was meeting a comic superhero in a comic shop. "Warp, would you sign us one of your gloves as well? We would love to have a pair! That would likely be a great centerpiece after your supposed increased role in the latest series with Red Nova... who was the villain in that again?" the shopkeeper asked, offering each of them a marker. From this distance, Martia had the noteworthy revelation that the shopkeeper was a young boy in clothes like a long shirt rather than a cute girl in a skirt. Whoopsie.

Warp looked utterly thrilled to be asked for her own autograph, so much so that she couldn't think to answer the question. "M-m-mindwarp? No! Mindroot! Yes, the monster and I will definitely do battle!" she responded, handing over her glove. The boy took both gloves and smiled happily.

Just then, another person pushed past the crowd and raised his hand. "Red Nova! I want something too! I'm your #1 fan, I have the very first Starborn and own one of the first ten molds of the limited release action figure! It's still mint!" the normal navi cried out, using his free arm to hold apart the crowd as he tried to move closer.

That invasion, of course, led to others clamoring forward. "My operator is a huge fan, he loves your comics!" "Do you think you could give me your mask and just cover your face with your hands?" "Would you sign my forehead?" "Can I have your pants or.. or just touch them!" Those kinds of things.

Warp backed up for the door. She looked like the type who was going to have a hard time refusing anything. "Well, um... Red Nova has a lot of ground to cover today so... so she and I had both better get going," she suggested, tugging at the corner of the hero's coat.
As she accepted the marker, Martia came to the sudden revelation that the woman in charge was, in fact, not a woman. It didn't really matter to her, but it was a little surprising. Good thing she never referred to him by gender before now. Let's see, how would Red Nova sign this...probably somewhat fancy, but not so much that it would make it too hard to read. Or so she thought. And...there. At no point did she do anything stupid, like write out her own name. 'Red Nova' would be much more desirable than 'Redtia'. "There you are! An authentic signed glove from the authentic Red Nova!" ...Hmm, maybe she was laying it on a bit thick that she was acting as the genuine article? Meh, a little late now.

Especially since now the crowd was getting a little out of hand. She drew the line at people wanting her pants. As little as they helped, they were still an important part of the costume. "...Anyway, Warp and I need to be leaving. Lots of other wishes to be granted, you know! Thank you all for coming, and for all your support!" Though, they could dial back the support just a little bit right now. "Off to our next stop!" Unfortunately, she was probably going to have to answer the question of 'where'd your glove go?' at the other areas, but at least it wasn't an embarrassing reason. Compared to her previous missions, that was a refreshing change of pace.

The next stop was...Big Willie's Jumbo Dogs, as she recalled. Martia rolled her eyes at the ridiculous name. It sounded like the exact sort of place that Leslie wouldn't go within 100 feet of. Though, to be fair, she hated hot dogs for the taste, instead of their resemblance to a certain part of male-exclusive anatomy.
Warp and Red Nova managed to escape the crowd, who begged and pleaded for them not to leave quite yet. Luckily, Martia's athleticism made it easy to get through without tripping over the cape or robe of various other costumed navis. Still,even if they were pretty creepy occasionally, they were still fans, and it would be unlikely for Martia to not feel just a little bit idolized and loved.

On the other hand, it would soon become clear that certain parties were just as unfamiliar with Red Nova and yet familiar with her assets as Martia herself had been.

Big Willie's Jumbo Dogs, home of such zingers as the Big Willie Bulldog and the Great White, was known as a tasty (if price-gouging) stop by many, not their bag by others, and an inordinate, unabashed contributor to obesity and bad taste by others. Martia would need to at least pretend to be in the former camp as she met with the store proprietor, a big guy with a bloody (not really, but darn if those chili stains didn't look like blood) apron and a thick black moustache. In reality, every Big Willie's had one such Willie and they were all equally big! This store's Big Willie was a bit of a stoic...

"I don't have time to talk," he told her straight up, focusing on his customers. Warp had only just gotten the first word out of her mouth, "greetings," before he revealed his lack of enthusiasm. "Go check my slackoff employees, maybe they want to talk."

Although Warp left looking heartbreakingly discouraged, her mood picked back up as the navis who served as Willy's employees greeted the two of them enthusiastically. The attitude turned from happiness to confusion, however, as she noted their vacant expressions in response to any of her announcements or Martia's acting. They'd gone behind the shop to meet all of the employees, who were heelnavis dressed in amusing red and yellow striped work aprons, and the momentary awkward silence felt even more awkward with them being in the kitchen.

"So uh... we get a wish, right?" one it them asked, missing the fact that Warp had clearly stated that they did. It was probably because she surrounded it with so much comic talk.

"Yep! What is it?" Warp asked again, unpreturbed.

"I want-!" one blurted out before the others promptly elbowed him in the gut.

"Quiet! We only get one and we all agreed!" the de facto leader of the heelnavis (recognizable as such only because he stood in the center) reminded him. "Red Nova, we wish to know how many of our Great White dogs you can hold onto at once! Using your whole body!" he announced, spreading his arms above his head as if that would make his desire seem more authentic. The other two nodded.

"Uh... I don't get it... Does that sound okay though, Red Nova?" Warp asked. She was probably too naive to understand it, but as the guys readied a big warming plate full of hotdogs covered in hot, drippy, white alfredo sauce, it became apparent that they may have some motivation besides curiosity.

"You uh... how about you just lie down over there on the table and we'll give em to you? And we'll uh... see how many you can hold before you drop one! Okay?" the heelnavi asked, then all three of them held their breath and waited for a response.

Martia also noticed one other worker who wasn't participating: a little girl with black hair in a bobcut style and a uniform matching theirs, but also including a white shirt and slacks. She seemed to be busy cooking more dogs but also was watching Martia with clear and somewhat awkward lustiness.
And, that was a wrap for the first of three. Martia triumphantly followed Warp, as they headed for the next stop. Before heading into the hit dog restaurant, however, she stopped and adjusted her top, so that there was zero danger of it falling off or anything. After all, she'd exposed her bare chest to a crowd before, and it wasn't something she really wanted to do again.

Inside, the titular cook had absolutely no interest in a busty young woman wearing a revealing outfit, and so she had to head to the back room for someone to listen to them. "Greetings, Navis! I, Red...Nova...?" She trailed off, as everyone was looking at the superheroes funny. She looked over her costume, making sure that nothing was off aside from the missing glove. Then again, it probably wasn't every day that a busty young woman wearing a revealing outfit just burst into their workplace like this.

The HeelNavis proceeded to make an odd request, though Martia got the picture a bit more clearly. "Um, I suppose so, but-" She cringed, however, as apparently the Great White hot dogs were made so by alfredo sauce, as opposed to being white colored. "...That's not going to stain the costume, is it, Warp?" Truth be told, that wasn't her only misgiving right now...thank goodness she was wearing a mask. Somewhat reluctantly, she got up on the table, noticing another Navi in the process. It looked like a girl, but considering what happened the last time she made that assumption, who really knew?

"I'll do it, but two things. First off, no touching the mask." This time, that was as much Martia speaking as Red Nova. "And second, no touching the overly personal areas!"
"Really? Awesome! Yeah, sure, we'll keep our hands to ourselves," the center heelnavi cheered, giving a meaningful nod to his companions. The nod likely communicated "Let's not push our luck in a good situation." The other two nodded in response.

Warp seemed to catch on to where the scenario was going once Martia was lying down and heelnavis began surrounding her with drippy, unfortunately phallic foodstuffs. "R-Remember, don't take advantage of Red Nova's kindness! Just because she's bound by her loyalty to her oath- to grant the wishes of all mankind-doesn't mean she's obligated to bend over backwards for you!" Red Nova's sidekick reminded the three. It almost seemed like filling them in on Red Nova's motivations was going to make it worse, though.

"Don't worry! She's superhero, ain't she? She's gonna be fine," the one on the left, who had earlier seemed to have his own ideas, chortled. It sounded like he was still having some of those ideas. Martia could see him and the other quiet one clearly enough, staring down on her with creepy, inset eyes, but the leader was now at her feet and thereby out of view. The long, grounded table was well suited for holding her whole body and a little warm, as was the whole kitchen, but there was no getting around the general awkwardness.

"Alright, guys! Great Whites ready? Then charge!" the leader demanded, having a flare for the dramatic that perhaps he'd been unaware of himself. The guys on the sides each started with the fairly obvious step of putting a dog in each of her hands. White goop immediately spilled out and squirted from both ends as they clamped her hands down on the Alfredo dogs, dripping more onto the table and floor than anywhere else. One of her hands was gloved; for that she could be thankful,because holding slippery meat drenched in thick sauce with the full circumference of one's grip easily explained why people don't normally exercise such a grip when eating a hot dog.

"I'm gonna take off your boots, by the way... it's for your advantage, you know? Can't hold a hot dog in your feet if you're wearing boots like that with no flex in the toes," the one at her feet explained; the logic of the statement was instantly offset by the fact that he was expecting her to hold a hotdog with her feet. Quickly, perhaps worrying she'd object, the two navis on the sides left their posts to hold her shins steady while the leader yanked her boots off, exposing her bare feet. "There we go," he sighed approvingly. He then placed another drippy weiner up against one of her feet, then quickly closed the other on top of it, creating a hold that would be secure as long as she kept her feet together and remained relatively still. The squishing sensation between her feet was coupled with sauce dripping between her bare toes.

"Alright, we are at three! Men, ready dogs!" he announced, helping Martia keep her feet together so she could get a sense for the fact that moving her feet too much was going to make it drop.

"Hang in there, Red Nova!" Warp cheered, as if Martia was already doing something particularly taxing of her endurance.
Martia laid down on the table...not really feeling any sort of emotion at the moment, like she was at a dentist's appointment or something. Except instead of having her teeth cleaned, she was forced to grip meat. She wasn't really looking, but she could feel the alfredo sauce oozing out from the end, onto the floor, table, and a little bit on her hand. It felt...a little gross, to be frank. ...Ow, the pun. It HURT. It took everything she had to not cringe at the awful, awful pun her brain had created. Even then, she didn't completely succeed, and her grip on the dogs tightened just ever so slightly.

And then she got a hot dog to her bare, unprotected feet. Eww. The 'superhero' Navi just laid there, though, wondering why she even agreed to this to begin with. But, at this point, she might as well just ride it out. "I'm all set, so keep it coming." Yeah, she was definitely going to need to take a bath after all this was over...
"That a girl!" the one at her feet chuckled, feeling more confident with himself now and sounding sort of shady (or maybe that was just the curse of being born a heelnavi). "Now we have to be a little more creative... well, not entirely. You got one for her?" he called out to the man on the right.

"Yep! Open wide!" the third navi sniggered, having the courtesy to wipe most of the alfredo off of his next dog before putting it into Martia's mouth, perhaps stopping once he'd submerged a bite's length in. The remaining alfredo splashed across her upper face, including the bridge of her nose and her mask. "Don't bite it!" he warned her, sounding surprisingly serious.

The other two came around the side, bringing the leader back into view. The leader explained to the other privately what he needed to do, then each of the two grabbed one of her arms. They brought the arms inward so that her bosom was cradled on each side by her own arms, squishing her breasts together in a way that made all of the heelnavis nod at each other as if approving. Annoyingly, sauce was now dripping from the dogs in her hands onto the waist of her outfit. More annoyingly, the leader and his number two each took the opportunity to sandwich a hot dog under her armpits, causing the alfredo to squeeze out onto her jacket and puddle beneath her.

"Oh, wow! That looks.. super gross..." Warp shuddered, looking like she was beginning to feel ill.

"You're doing great, Red Nova! Tell us if you're ready to give up!" the leader cheered Martia on, already having his guy grab new weiners. Of course, she would have to spit out a hotdog to do so, since it would otherwise be difficult or impossible to communicate.

...Creative? Martia didn't really like the sound of that... "H-Hang o-mmph!" Before she could inquire/object, however, she lost her ability to speak, as a hot dog was thrust into her mouth. The HeelNavi was nice enough to take most of the sauce out of it beforehand, but she still ended up with some on her face. At least it didn't get in her eyes.

Also, she ended up with more Great Whites under her armpits. And now she was getting even more alfredo on her. Their next stop was going to need to be a dry cleaner, at this rate. She was given an opportunity to stop, but she just sighed and awaited the next hot dog. If she jumped ship now, it'd be like just jumping in the middle of the ocean. A white, creamy ocean.
"You're one tough cookie, Red Nova! But lets see if you can make it to nine hot dogs! Everyone got theirs ready?" the leader simultaneously praised and threatened Martia. Alarmingly, he placed both hands between her shins and eased them apart, so that holding the hot dog with her feat required using the pads of her feet and toes. He then quickly slipped his weiner between her thighs so that it lay across her lap, then placed his hands on her outer thighs and wedged her legs back together to keep it stable.

"Nice! But what about ours?" heelnavi number three spoke up.

"I guess you'll just have to be creative. But remember, no touching the no-no parts," he reminded them.

The two remaining heelnavis nodded, then went around to opposite sides of Martia with ominously shining eyes. Simultaneously, one grabbed hold of her right shoulder while the other grabbed hold of both of her legs by the outer thighs. One hastily rammed his hotdog in between her breasts and down her halter-top, creating a messy pile-up of bread and alfredo at the bustline of her shirt. The other yanked her briefs ever so slightly back from her buttocks, then pushed in his own dog along the line of her panties, snapping her bottom back into place once he finished so that the meat held in place. He then gently let her legs back down while Alfredo oozed lewdly out from her pants.

"Wait, one more wish! I'm going to take a picture!" the third laughed, clasping his hands together in a rectangle shape.

Warp stepped in front of him, crossing her arms. "N-no! That's bad PR!" she complained. The heelnavi screwed up his eyes and demanded she get out of the way.

"Red Nova ain't saying no, is she?!" he argued.

Somewhere in the background, the store's previously silent fourth employee spoke up. "I have a wish too, actually..."

"No more wishes!' Warp shouted in a voice so childish and lacking of authority that it was sort of pitiable.
Too. Many. Hot dogs. Now they were really starting to test her patience, as they started to put them in more sketchy places. Wait...a picture? Seriously? They expected her to actually let them take a picture of her like this? Not a chance. Warp stepped in on her behalf, but that wasn't stopping them. And then they had the gall to say she's not saying no? She had a hot dog in her mouth, for crying out loud. Well, did, as Martia spat it out, and started removing Great Whites from her person. "Well, I am now! No pictures! None! Nada! Zilch!...Got any paper towels so I can wipe this sauce off me?"

As she waited for her request to be granted, she realized that the non-HeelNavi of the employees had actually spoken. She looked over at her...that was a her, right? Well, it might be something that backfired on her spectacularly, but..."If it's not a picture, I'll hear your wish out, at least. It doesn't look like you were in on that last wish, anyway, so..." ...She couldn't really think of a good way to finish that, so the 'superhero' let herself trail off and listen.
"Aw," the third navi sighed, dropping his hands to his side and looking depressed. He had surrendered a lot easier than one would imagine. HeelNavis were known to attack people for a lot less than being denied kinky photos.

Warp looked surprised that Martia would agree to another wish, but hesitantly stepped out of the way to let Red Nova speak to the shop's last employee. "Thank you, Red Nova! Do you want to take a shower while we talk?" the little girl asked. The heads of the HeelNavis all seemed to stand up from their slouching shoulders. "We'll make sure those ones don't intrude on you!" They went back to slouching.

"I think it's a good idea!" Warp agreed. "I would rather not Red Nova have to do her next appearance covered in creamy alfredo." With that, she pushed Martia towards the showers. "I'll get your clothes clean while you're in there!"

As it turned out, the showers were less "showers" and more one very narrow stall at the back of the rec room. A white towel was draped over the stall door. Probably only her feet and the top of her head would be visible once she was inside. It looked like a squeeze bottle of soap was also inside. "They... er, we don't use it too often since we usually just refresh our appearances, but since you're in costume today, I thought it might be appropriate," the little navi explained.

"Of course! Red Nova wouldn't be caught out of costume!" Warp replied; somebody somewhere knocked on wood.

"Of course!" the navi giggled along. From this distance, Martia made another mildly interesting discovery: this navi was also a young boy with features soft enough to make him look like a girl. Again, he wore a costume that didn't fit to the form, obscuring his gender. "Warp, could you go watch for the HeelNavis out there? I'm going to make sure nobody comes in here. I can handle washing the clothes."

The blue-clad navi agreed and stepped back into the small kitchen. The other navi turned to face some uninteresting wall, hiding his face as though he thought that Martia would start taking off her clothes in front of him. "Tell me when you're ready for that wish. I think it's something you'll really want to do..." the girly young boy murmured cryptically.

"Oh, do I..." Well, regardless of what happened afterward, the girl had certainly granted HER wish. She followed her over to the shower...only to discover that 'she' was actually another boy. Maybe he was related to the one at the comic book shop? But right now, she was more interested in rinsing off than relations. "Man, this is a sight for sore eyes!" Without waiting, Martia hopped in and closed the door, followed by a steady tossing out of everything she was wearing...except the mask. Secret identities were always of the utmost importance, after all. Besides, it didn't have to be flat out washed like clothes; it just needed a rinse like she did. Eventually, even her panties were outside, followed by the sounds of the shower in use. The water was only lukewarm, but even that felt heavenly after what she'd just been through.

"So, what's that wish? To be frank, it can't be any worse than what just happened..." The sounds of soap being dispensed from the bottle could be could only imagine her lathering her body up...