"The Voice" Talkshow Set

The setup for the popular television talk show program, "The Voice," was bustling with activity as set workers moved around anxiously, getting cameras ready and talking to others over less than discreet communication lines. In the center of the dark stage, under a single spotlight, stood a man in a red suit. The navi, a blond, pretty guy with shoulder length hair, leaned against his desk, adjusting his black, silk tie. In reality, he was the most nervous one there, but it was hard to tell with his practiced demeanor.

Gold engraving ran across his desk, reading, in fancy cursive: "VOICE." It seemed likely that he was SharpMan's employer.
While not too overly away, SharpMan entered the set some distance from his apparent employer. "The Voice...never heard of it. How 'bout you, Hector?"

"Nope. You know I'm not a big TV watcher. If I want to waste time, there are better things I can do."

"Very true...but maybe I'd watch more if the host was in peril like this one!"

"You realize that as far as we know, the saboteur's only trying to wreck this show, and not the host himself, right?"

"And to him, those are probably one and the same! Otherwise he wouldn't be offering rare chips to those that help him out!" He didn't overly care why he was offering rare chips, of course...only that one of them was CustomSword, and that was something he really wanted. He quickly walked over to the host, knowing there wasn't much time to waste in a scenario like this. "I'm guessing you must be VoiceMan. I'm SharpMan, the Navi sent by the GNA to assist. Now, fill me in on exactly what's going on!"
"Oh, thank God they sent someone so quickly. My name's VoiceMan, it's good to meet you, SharpMan,"[font=Bodoni MT][/font] he started, shoving his hands into his pockets. It seemed to be a cursory reaction as he realized that he didn't want to shake SharpMan's hands, even if the palms were blade-free. "I'll tell you everything you ought to know, then we gotta get straight to business..."[font=Bodoni MT][/font]

Pointing to a monitor behind him, the navi summoned up a show schedule. "I've been on the radio for a couple of years now, but this is a new opportunity that's been presented me: my very own talk show. This is a dream come true, seriously... I can't express how much it means to me,"[font=Bodoni MT][/font] he murmured earnestly, resting one hand on his desk as he spoke. "My show consists of three segments: Social Science, the Live Feed, and a musical outro. I do a lot of speaking too, of course, but these segments rely on other guest navis. Therein lies my problem: someone is targeting my guest speakers."[font=Bodoni MT][/font]

He next brought up an image of a vividly familiar navi, dressed in a blue rainslicker. Her image was set next to another man, a kind of short guy with pasty skin and matted black hair. "This guy's name is Dr. Rainwater. He and his navi, Parka, were supposed to show up on the program today to talk about using navis to educate children on real world issues, but he called me and cancelled just moments ago. It sounds like his navi was attacked by some unknown assailant."[font=Bodoni MT][/font]

He next brought up another set of side-by-side images, showing a beach, an airport, and his own set. "A catastrophe is already taking place at the beach. I don't know what's going on, but the reporter I sent down there called recently, saying she saw people running. There's definitely trouble, and if we don't fix it, the Live Feed footage isn't going to happen. What's worse, I've got a girl group known as Lit Fusion headed here by airport... yeah, they insist on traveling that way... Anyways, I suspect someone's going to attack them. Worse yet, there could potentially even be an attack in my own studio! I need help everywhere,"[font=Bodoni MT][/font] he groaned, placing both hands upon his head in dismay.

"The missions, therefore, are threefold: I need somebody to help airport security, another person to help get the situation at the beach under control, and yet another person to watch out here. I need you to decide whether you'd like to help at the beach or the airport; I'll send somebody else to help the other area. Once you're done, come back and guard the set. In the mean time, I'll be trying to find out who's doing all of this; if I can find him or her, I may require your assistance further in interrogating them,"[font=Bodoni MT][/font] he finished, barely taking a breath as he spoke. "Is that okay? Again, I'll pay you for helping, and if the show goes right, you'll even get the chip you wanted."[font=Bodoni MT][/font]
Yet again, SharpMan found himself quietly listening to the situation, mentally cringing at the fact he basically shog himself in the foot on this mission for his previous PanelGrab fueled tasks. He wasn't a big fan of things that ended up hurting his cause, even when he had no idea of the fact. Ah well, a nice CustomSword would a great way to get over it.

...Still, an ex-radio host, and at least two of his guests were on a list to be forcefully stripped...yeah, that Radio chick from before and her screen of whatever were probably the ones behind it. Luckily for them, he had the professional courtesy to not blab the whole thing. Unluckily for them, however, he was fine with using what he knew to stop them.

"Quite a situation you've got! All right, time's of the essence, so I'll handle the beach...looks more fun!" A sudden panic, and in a rare moment, he was charged with stopping it instead of starting it. Oh, the irony. "Just tell me where in Beach Area to head, and I'm off!...Oh, hate to get into the other guy's business, but tell whoever it is you're sending to the airport to be extremely wary of airport personnel...if anything seems even a little off with one of them, take action! If you're wondering why I'm saying that, I guess you could say I have a little experience in this kind of thing!" Well, at least he wasn't lying...
"Thanks, that's not a bad idea. I'll tell my assistant to watch them,"[font=Bodoni MT][/font] VoiceMan replied with a smile. "Resolve the problem and I'll transfer a premium right to you. Fail, and we've got nothing. I apologize for putting you in that gamble, but my hands are tied,"[font=Bodoni MT][/font] he sighed, resting one hand on his forehead as he further bemoaned his situation.

"Here are the coordinates where the incident is taking place. It seems to be localized right where we were reporting, which only increases my fear that the show's being sabotaged specifically. Use this communicator if you discover any information you think I'll want to know or you need to report back your success. It's nothing I can use to spy on you, purely audible,"[font=Bodoni MT][/font] he finished, handing over a data packet containing the items.

*SharpMan got Coordinates.DAT*
*SharpMan got Communicator.DAT*

"Oh, and if all of this goes over properly, I'll give you a spot on the show too if you want it,"[font=Bodoni MT][/font] he chuckled. "A shout out to the ones that made this show possible."[font=Bodoni MT][/font]

((Topic in BeachNet opened soon))
"We'll see!" With nothing but that to say about the proposal, SharpMan exited in a silver beam of light, en route to Beach Area. He was never one for idle chitchat when he had a paying job to do.
Once back on the set, SharpMan immediately sought out his employer. Communicator or not, he figured a mission status report couldn't hurt. Restating info was better than not providing any at all, after all. "I'm back! Your reporter is safe, and the one - or ones - responsible for messing things up have been dealt with! That part of the beach should return to normal as soon as the rest of the brush is cleared...just take some brooms and it'll be good as new!"
SharpMan was surprised to find that the set was much quieter than when he'd left it; no camera crews running around, set directors trying to get things ready at the last moment, or investors standing around rubbing their hands nervously. Even Kindle was nowhere to be seen. The only figure SharpMan could see was VoiceMan, sitting at his desk and looking calm, controlled, and pleased. The host sat with one leg crossed over the other in a way that seemed eccentrically effeminate; perhaps it was some personality aspect coming out that he hadn't been able to show when he was rushed and frightened.

"Kindle told me about the beach! You performed excellently, SharpMan; above and beyond. I never imagined you'd be up against such fierce opposition, but you made everything turn out alright,"[font=Bodoni MT][/font] he applauded, glowing with praise. "You'll be pleased to know that Capo fulfilled her obligations at the airport and Kindle made it back safely as well. Everything's set! The show will be on in just a little while,"[font=Bodoni MT][/font] he continued, pointing up to a big clock, which read:


"With this as it is, I see no reason not to go ahead and give you what you asked for! It'll be waiting for you at the kiosk. Thanks again, I really couldn't have done this without you,"[font=Bodoni MT][/font] he finished, smiling with both arms crossed at his chest.
...Hmm. Something didn't seem right. He'd never been to a TV recording, but the lack of Navis was a bit eerie...and highly suspicious. Then again, he was no expert on the matter. But something just wasn't adding up, and not just because he hated doing math. Still, if he did his job, he could just get paid and scram, right? "Thanks, I'll go grab it in a moment. ...By the way, where'd everyone go? Surely you can't run an entire TV show yourself, amigo!" ...Ah, he just couldn't help himself this time.
"Aaah, they're just off celebrating. They'll be here just in the nick of time. We've got the situation so well in hand now, really,"[font=Bodoni MT][/font] the red-suited navi sighed, looking very at peace. "Why don't you go ahead and collect your reward?"[font=Bodoni MT][/font]
...Celebrating. Riiiiiiiiight. And VoiceMan sure was suddenly bent on him getting that reward and leaving. SharpMan smelled a certain recent ex-client. Maybe some baiting was in order? "Actually, I changed my mind. I think I'll hang around and make my television debut! I mean, I could be famous in 15 seconds if I played my cards right! Not at all like radio, where I could read things off for hours, and people would barely know my voice, much less my face! And it's not even good for music anymore! With CDs you get all of it, only without any of the annoying minute long commercials and station plugs! Yep, it's completely obsolete, and we should probably do the world a favor and tear down all the stations so those poor deluded fools working for them can get jobs that actually matter! Wouldn't you agree?"
One of VoiceMan's eyebrows arched curiously and his mouth pursed in thought, making him look even more uncharacteristically feminine that the legs were. "I'm gonna be honest, we don't really have the ability to write you in to the show just like that. You see, although there's a common conception that these shows are done mostly on the fly-"[font=Bodoni MT][/font] the host began, then stopped as another voice overpowered his own.

"Bravo! You're really not quite as dumb as I took you for, Mr. SharpMan. I suppose I should at least honor you with an appearance," a familiar female voice shot out of the darkness of the set.

"If that is what you desire, then so shall it be!"[color=purple][/color] VoiceMan called out in a decidedly womanly voice, then arced his head backwards and raised his hands like a ballerina, which was momentarily a hilarious image. His blond hair spread out behind him, slowly fading from yellow to an unnaturally shining, almost metallic purple. Perhaps more importantly for SharpMan, the front of the suit grew, then burst open, as Voice....Man's, tremendous breasts came out, clad in some sort of metallic silver bodysuit.

It soon became apparent that the navi wasn't VoiceMan at all (which he'd likely already suspected), but an imposter. The VoiceMan suit fell to the ground and disappeared into bits of data. In the host's place stood an extraordinarily tall and well endowed woman, clad from head to toe (literally) in metallic silver. Her white, pupilless eyes stared towards SharpMan; they were intelligently shaped but almost monster-like in their perfect whiteness. Her lips were painted the same purple as her hair, further contributing to her bizarre appearance. "Greetings, navi of the modern! You gaze upon Utopia, granter of dreams and sculptor of futures."[color=purple][/color] she continued in her strange voice, which was at once both song-like and robotic.

"She's the perfect agent for my purposes, SharpMan; not like you. She understands the voices of the people and helps to make their dreams a reality; more importantly, she has the strength to do so," Radio chuckled, appearing from the nearby nothingness in her full radio-themed armor.

"My limitless strength is everyone's to share. Simply speak your whim and I shall craft your future!"[color=purple][/color] she spoke again, shifting her hips to one side and again posing with both hands crossed behind her head.

"... A bit of a ham, though," the radio-clad woman sighed, leaning against a piece of set design. "Oh, and by the way," she trailed off, snapping her fingers together and producing a sound that reverberated across the set...

VoiceMan, Kindle, and an unfamiliar female navi with short black hair appeared behind VoiceMan's desk, bundled together with rope. Each was dressed in their own custom-tailored suit for the show, but they'd clearly been ambushed before they'd gotten to put it on. Interestingly, it looked like all but the new girl were unconscious; the new girl was kicking violently and furiously, but she was gagged like the others and thus couldn't speak.

"Now SharpMan, I know this looks a little criminal, but you have to see the bigger picture. VoiceMan doesn't serve the net's populus the same way I do. He doesn't really deserve a shot at prime time!" Radio explained, crossing her arms across her chest. "You're alone this time; your broadcast is over. SharpMan, out!" she laughed again, clearly enjoying this more than her supposedly humanitarian nature should allow her to. "How about this: you can go back to the kiosk right now and get a little gift I left you, thinking you'd go straight there. It's a panelgrab! I know how you love those..."


Utopia: ??? HP (in front of desk)
Radio: 160 HP (towest of SharpMan)

Desk: 80 HP (1 movement away)
East Set Wall: 50 HP (2 movements away)
North Set Wall: 50 HP (2 movements away)
West Set Wall: 50 HP (2 movements away)
Delicate Equipment A: 60 HP (near East Set Wall)
Delicate Equipment B: 60 HP (near West Set Wall

SharpMan: 150 HP
VoiceMan: 160 HP (bound) (2 movements away)
Kindle: 150 HP (bound) (2 movements away)
Unknown Navi: 200 HP (bound) (2 movements away)

Terrain: 100% normal
Didn't have the ability. Bingo. SharpMan's eyes narrowed, as he awaited the moment where he could let loose and let it known to all that the VoiceMan before him was but a fake...

...At least, until an all too familiar voice interrupted.

"You know, for someone in the entertainment business, you really know how to ruin a dramatic scene!" However, he kept his eyes on 'VoiceMan', as the faker reverted to her original shape. Not a bad shape, but ironically, he wasn't big on metal. "And by the way, that was a terrible VoiceMan! Took me all of two seconds to realize you weren't the real thing!"

He listened a bit as each Navi spoke a bit, rolling his eyes at how ridiculous they sounded. Still, what metallic chick said...oh, he just couldn't help himself. "My whim? Fine. Let this show go on as scheduled, without a hitch. THEN you can do whatever. I'll be off the clock and paid then, and I won't care about this whole thing anymore!" Hey, at least he was being honest.

...Hmm? ...Hmm. Apparently 'whatever' equaled 'gagged and bound'. Radio went on some more about her mission, and his apparent end...which simply served to tickle his funny bone. "Bwahahahahaha!!! That's rich! Me, caring about something looking criminal! Though, for someone claiming to give the people what they want, you're not very keen on letting them decide, are you? I mean, there's this, the little stripping incident before...I've seen this story from both sides. And I gotta say...how would the populace you claim to work for react if they saw all of this? Do you really think they would rally behind you if they knew about your endeavors in assault and illegal detainment? I think not. Imagine if other media somehow got ahold of that? I'm sure my access logs from today would raise a few eyebrows, wouldn't you say? There's still time, of course. Allow this show to air. Bother someone else, if you must, but allow the people themselves to decide if this is worth their time. That IS what you're working for, isn't it?" ...Phew, that was quite a speech. Of course, he wasn't entirely stupid; as he spoke, his arms crossed, and his left blades slightly extended, just in case he needed to parry an attack...

[Order of Turn:
1-Razor Shield sig on SharpMan (1-hit shield; 20 damage and Slashing upon shield being hit)
"NEW DIRECTIVE: let this show go on as scheduled. FOLLOW-UP DIRECTIVE: then do whatever. Your wishes will be granted, moderner!"[color=purple][/color] Utopia cried, resting one hand on her hip and the other at the side of her head in an open palm, leaning one leg out for no reason that SharpMan could tell. She just couldn't seem to stop making bizarre poses for no reason. "Neither objective requires additional input. Fulfilling former directive: destroy SharpMan!"[color=purple][/color]

"Very good; please do, Utopia. As for you, SharpMan, I must admit that I prefer the physical distance of the radio when I get unruly guests on my show," Radio sighed. "Do you think I care if people see ME as a criminal, SharpMan? The public sector I serve is the common man, whose ordinarily hidden dreams so often go unfulfilled. I serve a silent majority, and for that, sometimes a few people must suffer. If you honestly think you have anything on me that would stick, you're really as much of a fool as I originally took you for!"

"Initiating prime directive... Bootup started... Utopian Security Fields active... Setting safeguards."[color=purple][/color]

A grid of red beams emitted from the serrations in Utopia's metallic flesh (suit?), scattering across SharpMan's body as he raised his shield. He found his shield unbroken, but a series of beams shot out as he was detected, sending paralyzing shocks through his body. Her eyes flashed yellow as a low, mechanical whir sounded from somewhere inside of her body. "Safeguard number one set. Preparing safeguard number two."[color=purple][/color]

"I think I'll just leave this to her, if that's alright with you," SharpMan's former employer chuckled, picking up VoiceMan's plate from the desk. She turned it over in her hand, staring disinterestedly, and then dropped it onto the floor.


Utopia: ??? HP (in front of desk) (NC Guard Set)
Radio: 160 HP (to west of SharpMan)

Desk: 80 HP (1 movement away)
East Set Wall: 50 HP (2 movements away)
North Set Wall: 50 HP (2 movements away)
West Set Wall: 50 HP (2 movements away)
Delicate Equipment A: 60 HP (near East Set Wall)
Delicate Equipment B: 60 HP (near West Set Wall

SharpMan: 150 HP (1 hit shield) (trap set) (stun x1) (hold x1)
VoiceMan: 160 HP (bound) (2 movements away)
Kindle: 150 HP (bound) (2 movements away)
Unknown Navi: 200 HP (bound) (2 movements away)

Terrain: 100% normal
...Sigh. Why'd he even try that? He knew she'd pull something like that. That was it; unless it was mission important, he wasn't even going to try and reason with her. Besides, of further interest was the fact that the metal chick actually DID seem to listen to him. That was...unexpected. Maybe she'd do something else if she asked?

"Well, isn't that decent of you? Hey, while you're at it, how about NOT destroying me? That'd be swell!" ...Ugh, that beam. SharpMan could feel his body starting to slow down, though he could fight it for a little longer. Hmm...as it were, it was basically 2 on 1. Freeing the others, however, would make it 2 on 2, pending the others coming to. Worth a shot, at least. Keeping his arm between him and the opposition, the bladed Navi began to head for the area behind the desk, electing to keep quiet for the time being. After all, this was when he he earned his pay. No point in toying with them now.

2-Head for VoiceMan/Kindle/??? (movement)
3-Head for VoiceMan/Kindle/??? (movement)
"Safeguards temporarily suspended. Processing new initiative... COMPOSITE DIRECTIVE: Do not destroy SharpMan while simultaneously attempting to destroy SharpMan. A confusing task, but not beyond my ability!"[color=purple][/color] Utopia affirmed. "I will finish my safeguard setup then immediately commence!"[color=purple][/color]

"Wait, what? Do you remember what I'm paying you, exactly? Think about that for a moment," Radio asked, looking incredulous.

"NEW DIRECTIVE: Remember how much Radio is paying me. Objective complete. Continuing former directive!"[color=purple][/color]

Radio clutched her head irritably, then summoned an appendage onto her arm like a long, wickedly jutting radio antennae. "It seems it falls upon me to take care of you myself, SharpMan," she sighed, tilting her head to one side as she approached behind him. She kept up pace alongside him, following until she stood on the other side of the hostages from him. Utopia maintained her place in front of the desk.

For a moment, it seemed as though the metallic navi had forgotten her promise; when SharpMan looked back, he found her aiming a large, square-barreled rifle at him menacingly. She charged the attack briefly and then, at the last moment, just before she fired, moved her cannon in order to deliberately miss. The north set wall looked as though it might fall over on him for a moment, but actually rather than toppling forward, instead toppled back, nearly collapsing in on itself thanks to the new gaping hole in its center.

"Warning! Sustainability of current directive is questionable. Directive shall not terminate until replaced. Continuing with current directive. Requesting new directive!"[color=purple][/color] the silver woman droned/sang on, seeming confused about how to finish her current mission.


Utopia: ??? HP (in front of desk) (NC Guard Set) (Folder Guard Set) (2 movements away)
Radio: 160 HP (to west of SharpMan) (Sword: 6 uses)

Desk: 80 HP (1 movement away)
East Set Wall: 50 HP (2 movements away)
North Set Wall: DESTROYED
West Set Wall: 50 HP (2 movements away)
Delicate Equipment A: 60 HP (near East Set Wall)
Delicate Equipment B: 60 HP (near West Set Wall

SharpMan: 150 HP (1 hit shield) (trap set) (stun x1) (hold x1)
VoiceMan: 160 HP (bound)
Kindle: 150 HP (bound)
Unknown Navi: 200 HP (bound)

Terrain: 100% normal
...Uh-oh. Fire on the set. Well, less fire and more fired. Good thing he wasn't a wall. "Hey! No damaging the set! We can't have those props getting destroyed! They're probably expensive!" Okay, he was having WAY too fun talking to the metal chick. Especially as he now had the problem of a mass media geared Navi between him and allies. That wasn't good. But first, he oughta get rid of the other for a good long while. "All right, er, Utopia. Here's your directive. Leave this set, and don't ever return!"

Okay, if he was lucky, that would be it. Now he just needed to free the others, and Radio would be outnumbered. He just needed to get past her, preferably before he was temporarily immobilized. But, could he do that? Even he was having trouble staving it off now. ...But of course, there were literally ways around that. All right, he just needed to figure out how far they were, then extend his right side blade...after extending his right arm, he snapped it back across his chest, detaching the edge, and causing it to spin around. If he had everything calculated correctly, it would go around his foe and the desk, hit whatever was tying up the captured Navis, and spin back around to him, and fit neatly in its spot on his arm. A regular Navi trying this wouldn't have a prayer at it. But despite being rusty, he WAS SharpMan. He was designed to be, quite literally, deadly accurate with his blade attacks. There were some circles where his very name would bring a frightened hush to all. Other circles would do so as well, but could not...for he had compromised their very existence.

Then again, he was still a little rusty, so it wasn't a 100% sure bet it worked. But he'd know soon enough...

4-Tornado Blade sig attack on VoiceMan's/Kindle's/???'s bindings (20, Slashing, hits 3 times)]
"NEW DIRECTIVE: Leave the set and don't ever return! Know that this wish eliminates certain future options. Recalibrating..."[color=purple][/color]

"Don't lose him!"

"COMPOSITE DIRECTIVE: Leave the set and don't ever return, but do not lose SharpMan! This dream can and shall be realized."[color=purple][/color] SharpMan cut VoiceMan and the others loose just as Utopia sprang forth and grabbed him in both arms, hooking her forearms beneath his armpits and pressing her tremendous, surprisingly soft, chrome-looking breasts against his back.

"You really ought to come with an instruction manual! Don't-!"

But before Radio could comment any further, SharpMan was taken away. Utopia and her captive disappeared into an unknown portion of the net...


((Moving to another location in Sharo Net...))
Once again, in a beam of silver light, SharpMan found himself on the set. That...was surprisingly easy. Plus, it wasn't freezing, which was always a nice bonus. Of course, a lot could happen in a short time...time to see how things were going.
SharpMan re-arrived to the set, finding it in a state of disarray similar to how he'd seen it earlier, only worse. All three of the walls had been ruined in some fashion: one had a giant, smoking hole in it, another was on fire (probably courtesy Kindle), and another was riddled with bullet holes from some type of automatic weapon. VoiceMan was nowhere to be seen, nor was Radio. Kindle and the navi with the pinstripe suit, however, were still busily occupied fighting off a new threat.

The new threat was composed of two navis (although it looked like quite a mob): the haiku-speaking plant navi from the beach, as well as a new blond girl who was, for whatever reason, dressed as a flight attendant. Annoyingly, Kindle had engaged the flight attendant rather than Bonsai, who could probably easily be quelled by a liberal application of flames. Bonsai menaced the unknown girl whom SharpMan assumed to be one of VoiceMan's employees from all sides; although she was firing back with an old fashioned tommy gun, the thin navi's limber body was ideal for dodging the shots.

While it might even be fun to stick around and watch, it was clear that SharpMan needed to quickly figure out where Radio had gone. On the other hand, he could probably really speed up the process by providing some form of aid to either of VoiceMan's employees.

Complicating the process, Utopia arrived back at the set in a futuristic flash of silver, accompanied by her once haunting voice, which had now overstayed its welcome. "Utopia returns! Seeking host... Radio is located below. Heading to meet-up!"[color=purple][/color] she sang out, slowly opening a hole beneath her. SharpMan could see her begin to drift downwards in a slow hover; annoyingly, it seemed like there was no staircase of elevator leading down to where she was going. He'd have to get her to carry him down with her somehow or otherwise find another way to wherever VoiceMan and Radio had gone. Of course, Radio and VoiceMan had not gone through that hole; there must be some device that would allow him to proceed downward.

The set was such a mess now, however, that SharpMan would be hard-pressed to figure out where such a device was...


Utopia: 540 HP (floating above broken)
Bonsai A: 200 HP
Bonsai B: 200 HP
Bonsai C: 200 HP
Bonsai D: 200 HP
Bonsai E: 200 HP
Flight Attendant Navi: 180 HP

SharpMan: 150 HP
Kindle: 150 HP
Tommy Gun Navi: 200 HP

Terrain: 95% normal, 5% broken