A Space Reserved, and Forgotten.

After some time of relentlessly "assaulting" Lyntael, Aurora started to let up a little to catch her breath, and caught Lyntael's eye in the process. There was a brief moment where she noticed the odd lingering expression that Lyntael had, and she wondered what was exactly going on in her friend's mind. Eternalis's response caused her train of thought to be derailed, however, and she was pushed off of Lyntael while the latter sat back up properly, cleaning away some of the collapsed blocks.

"Hey, I was playing against a handicap, you know," laughed Eternalis, picking up one of the blocks that had fallen off the side of the table to examine it, though there wasn't much to examine beyond the acronym of the game being engraved into the side of the block. The mention of forfeits made him look up from his idle examination.

"Forfeits, huh," he mused, thinking about what they could possibly be forfeiting. For some reason, most of what he came up with had to do with continuing what Aurora had been doing earlier, which was both embarrassing and didn't sound like much of a punishment to begin with. Was it the atmosphere of the gathering? Shaking his head to clear it, he perked up at Lyntael's observation of the kettle boiling in the other room.

Aurora clearly took notice as well, as her hand shot up at Lyntael's offer. "I'll take all the hot chocolate you got!" she exclaimed, grinning all the while. To the side, Eternalis chuckled, enjoying the pure radiating enjoyment that Aurora seemed to be wrapping herself in. He realized, as he leaned against a nearby wall, that he probably didn't want to bother Lyntael with making one for him, but she had already disappeared into the kitchen.

Aurora had made herself familiar with the carpeting again, rolling around in absent-minded bliss. "Feels warm..." Her body felt like it was getting warmer than ever before. Was the temperature regulation malfunctioning? She couldn't exactly take it off, though. None of her graphical overrides were suited to cool off in casually. She could probably change into the swimsuit she had, but that didn't feel quite right either. Her mind drifted back further, wading through past memories.

Her fingers drew themselves across her body, as if trying to pull and scratch at the suit, as she briefly considered tearing parts of it off. Just as her fingers caught on something, however, Lyntael reentered the room, mentioning that there were plenty more games to choose from. "Oh, another game..." she murmured, rolling around to lay on her stomach as she lazily scanned across the colorful boxes that housed the rest of the games.

Eternalis, meanwhile, was amusedly watching Aurora's antics when he noticed Lyntael's reentry. The increased slack in her clothes didn't go unnoticed either, as his reply to her question briefly caught in his throat. "Er, uh, no, nothing for me, thanks," he stuttered out, while Lyntael cleared out the table, including the bottle that they had put out. While he wondered whether to notify Lyntael of her clothing's predicament, Aurora yanked out a rather colorful-looking box from the selection of games.

"Ultimate... Twister?" she murmured out.

While she was examining the curious descriptions on the box, Lyntael returned with the prized drinks that she had called for, and she cried out in glee, tossing off the box to the side. "Hot chocolaaaaate!" she said, clamoring for one of the mugs, before recoiling at the heat. "Ooh, ow, hot!" she said, before re-approaching slowly once more.

Taking in the scent of the cocoa slowly, Aurora's body tensed up as a pseudo-shock ran through her. Chocolate was definitely a weapon to be feared as a sweet, with how much it did to her mind already. "Smells goooood..." she said, before taking a small sip, causing the previous electric sensation to be amplified throughout her body once more. She nearly dropped the mug as well, fumbling for a moment; thankfully, Lyntael's mugs were large enough that none spilled out.

"Come on, now, that's hot," Eternalis chuckled, trying not to look in Lyntael's direction as his eyes met on the game box that Aurora had discarded. "Add a twist of fun into any party or family night with the game that ties you up in knots..." he read off the box, before showing it to Lyntael. "How about this one? Aurora picked it out."
As she sipped the hot drink in her hands and enjoyed the minty, chocolate flavour, Lyntael's eyes lingered lazily on the way Aurora was absently plucking at her suit. Heh. She didn't have buttons she could just undo. She'd just have to take the whole thing off, probably. The thought made her giggle into her mug quietly. She bet Eternalis would like that. He might get flustered again. That was cute. The playfully improper thread of her thoughts didn't really register too strongly to Lyntael as she let them meander. Parts of her in particular were still feeling over warm, and it was too much effort to suppress the feelings properly. Much easier just to relax and enjoy it, really. She sipped her drink again and sighed with a happy grin, looking at her friends.

“Oh! I've not tried that one yet! I always thought it would be really fun. And I'm really flexible so I'd be good at it and win, hehe...” She didn't mention that she hadn't tried any of the games at all before, of course. Was that sneaky? Probably not. She smirked into her drink. The minty flavour made the chocolate feel richer in her mouth, and the sharper spike taste of the other drink she'd added made her appreciate the creamy, thick flavour all the more. She sighed again then set the mug down and clapped her hands.

“Open it, open it! I read the back before and it's really simple. You just do what it says and if you fall down you lose the round! I think it has an auto-thingie too, so we can all play together, hehe!” She bobbed in place, eager, while she ushered Aurora to open the box up. The excited motion was making her all the more aware of warmth in her lower regions, and the urge of some muscles to quiver and tighten in response to her enthusiastic jigging, but Lyntael let it be for now. It wasn't bad, and no-one had to know anyway. She fanned her top again, enjoying the cool sensation of air moving across her chest and face.

Upon opening the box, Aurora would find a neatly folded floor mat, made of a soft fabric material, and a smaller square frame that lit up with a flat holographic display inside if she touched it. The display was of a five-coloured circle, as well as a smaller secondary circle divided into four, marked with hand and foot icons. A button icon in one corner was marked with an icon for spinning while one in the other corner was marked with an icon for speech and a language selector.

Lyntael stood again and looked about the floor space to make sure there was enough room to set the mat out, still bouncing eagerly on her toes.

“So, so, so... are we all playing? I think I read you can make it do the turns just by speaking, so no-one has to sit out. It's really clever, hehe. I don' think the ones you can buy in human stores do that!” If Aurora was already laying things out, Lyntael swiftly bent to help, otherwise she dived into doing so herself, smoothing edges and tugging corners to get it all straight on the carpet.

“Hey... this one is always a party game... we need to do prizes and things! Like... every story I've read about playing this game, it talks about prizes for winners and penalties for losing. I don't think the rules say anything like that, but it's always a thing, isn't it? I think...?” She tilted her head for a moment, looking back and forth between Aurora and Eternalis, then reclaimed her mug and took another sip, washing the chocolatey taste around her mouth and letting herself sway happily for an extra moment.
Being the only sober person in the room—or at least not in any way tipsy—Eternalis wasn't quite sure of whether he wanted to play the game with the girls or not. He had been planning on simply letting them to their own devices, and perhaps steal away to the kitchen for another round of those chips he had taken away from the other two. Aurora was busy squirming about with her hot chocolate, lost in her own world of sweet drinks, and though her bouts of shivering made him a little concerned, she seemed to be perfectly fine for the most part.

Her trance was broken by Lyntael excitedly getting up in her face with the box in her hands. "W-Waaaah! Okay! Okay!" The onrush almost caused her to spill her drink again, but at this point she had already downed half of the mug. It hastily ended up on the coffee table, while she fumbled the box open. With her state of mind being more than a little fuzzy at the moment, the contents made her a little confused with what to do with them—Lyntael's explanation of how the game worked was simply "do what it says". A staggeringly non-descriptive explanation, but nonetheless, their host was happy to lay out the game implements out proper for them.

While she was content to watch intently from the side, the hot chocolate seemed to have exacerbated the warmth suffusing throughout her body. It wasn't unpleasant, however, and she stole away to grab the mug that she had set down just a little earlier for another sip. Oddly enough, however, her drink seemed to have changed slightly. The familiar feeling of rapidly spreading warmth, mixed in with the minty flavor of the chocolate, notified her of exactly what had changed. While she didn't exactly dislike it, she was being overwhelmed enough for the moment, and put the mug back down.

As Lyntael invited all of them to play, Eternalis reconsidered how to turn down the invitation appropriately, as it didn't quite feel right to bring down the mood of the evening, especially when it had just lightened up quite considerably from what it was just a few minutes ago. "Yeah! C'mon, hic, play with us!" persuaded Aurora, though her swaying body and mid-sentence hiccup seemed to lessen her charisma just a little. It was getting a lot more stuffy in her suit, and there was a lingering need to do something about it. When Lyntael mentioned rewards and penalties for the game, a switch flipped in her mind, and her hand shot up. "Oh! I's getting super hot, so whoever wins gets to strip off!" she yelled out.

The other half of the two guests went blank-faced in shock at the sudden suggestion. Aurora didn't seem to catch it, however, even as she turned to Eternalis. "Wait, hic, heh, you're already naked. No fair," she said.

Eternalis shook his head to clear out his startled reaction, before raising his hands, trying to reason with the clearly now very drunk Aurora. "R-Right, so, let's pick something else? Okay? I'll play with you guys just for fun," he said, stealing a look at Lyntael to try and enlist her help as well.

Aurora wasn't quite as receptive, though. "Eeeeeh, but it's a good idea..." Her eyes lingered around, before she saw the doorway to Lyntael's bedroom, and shot up standing. "Oh!" she exclaimed. "We can borrow some'a Lyntael's stuff!"

"Wait, what? —Hey, wait!" Before Eternalis could stop her, she was already making a beeline for their host's room, causing him to scramble after her while she went through the door, and threw open Lyntael's wardrobe. "Oooooh, there's so much pretty stuff in here!" she marveled.
Lyntael stifled another giggle at aurora's indelicate slurring, and turned to glance at the other woman poking her tongue out at her while they tried to cajole Eternalis into playing the game.
“Hey...” She covered her mouth as she giggled again, rocking forward and back as she steadied herself on her knees. “I think you're drunk, Aurora, hehe...” Some of the words took longer to say, and came out with more teasing emphasis than she might normally have given them, but Aurora was being silly, after all. Lyntael herself barely seemed aware that her swaying to the background music contained a great deal more sway than she realised, nor just how wide she'd actually spread her knees on the carpet to feel steady. “I think...” she raised one hand and waved a finger at her, still smirking. “No more, or you're just going to lose all the rounds, hehe...”

She glanced back towards Eternalis to make sure that he would agree with her obviously sensible suggestion for Aurora. she was fine, of course; it hadn't ended up affecting her after all, she didn't think, so it was okay that there was an extra splash of it in her drink. It was mostly Aurora. Before she could actually ask him to agree, though, Aurora's own excitement for the game distracted her and she looked back, grinning broadly again and nodding along while her friend suggested some prizes. Her eyebrows drew in for a moment, briefly confused. Was that right? She wasn't quite sure that what Aurora was saying was the right way.

“Heey... I don't think that's how it normally works... is it...?” The bigger problem ,obviously, cut her short as aurora stumbled on it. at her blunt exclamation of the other navi's pre-existing nudity, Lyntael couldn't help herself suddenly bursting into full laughter. She put a hand to her mouth but it wasn't any use and instead she ended up curling up briefly then rolling over to wriggle on the carpet a little as she laughed.

“Yeah... haa... Eternalis is... hehe...” She gasped between breaths and the mirth shook her. She wasn't sure why it was so funny, but somehow the way Aurora just blurted it out like that struck her as particularly hilarious. “He's already naked, hehe... so rude! Haa!!” She subsided into giggles, panting on her back for a few extra moments. The remaining button on her top held together valiantly, but the upper part was well askew already, and her panting only drew the eye to where the slightly darker circle of one nipple was easily exposed; lying on her back as she was, it was only really the visibility of that point itself that showed how much of her was showing, but the pink flush of her skin drew the eye to the area all the same.

After a few longer seconds of getting her breath back, Lyntael pushed herself up again; natural gravity made the pyjama top fall more or less closed again, without the younger girl noticing it. As she sat up, she caught Eternalis looking to her for assistance, but didn't quite understand the expression her was now wearing. Maybe they had been a little mean. It wasn't nice to laugh at people. she frowned,and opened her mouth to apologise, but before she could settle on something to say, Aurora spoke up again with another burst of inspiration. In a moment the other woman was getting to her feet.

“Hm..? Oh!” Quickly, Lyntael clambered to her feet as well, giving chase across the living area as a smirk spread back across her features once more. She caught up to Aurora just inside the door and clapped her hands before looking back to Eternalis, her eyes dancing with fresh glee.

“Yesss, hehe... We can dress you up! come on, we'll find something here!” She waved for him to come over and stood beside Aurora as they inspected her wardrobe contents. Most of the garments inside were hung as full outfits, on multi-layered hangers, but quite a few other pieces seemed to stand alone as well. The warmer, bulkier pieces of her winter outfit was hung up at the end, followed by a couple of sets of her usual vest and skirt, hung together. After that, a series of dresses, starting with the summery one they'd already seen, and followed by two of increasingly gauzy, sheer fabric, which they had not seen her wearing, perhaps to Eternalis' relief.

Beyond that, a dress was hung that looked more at home as formal evening wear, with a halter neck design and an open back, and a skirt that would reach almost to the ground if Lyntael were to wear it, split to the knee. After that, the contents were more individual pieces; a selection of different skirts of a few different designs and length. Mostly Lyntael's design choices favoured yellow, but several of the outfits and individual pieces were in other light pastels as well, or in a few special cases, a richer red. As well as her usual vest design, the hangers also contained a small variety of other tops; there were two formal-looking blouses, one with a high neck, and one with a much lower cut, as well as a handful of fitted t-shits, some with patterns or symbols, some with small frills at the ends of the short sleeves. Only a few of them were not midriff tops, and Lyntael's predilection for outfits that left her middle bare, at least for casual clothing, was borne through a a further long-sleeve shirt, designed to be worn with the sleeve rolled up and the lower half tied high – it was like that on the hanger.

Further down, a single pair of denim jeans was hung beside a garment that started as a denim skirt that appeared too short, but bore ragged cut-off shorts that would reach to the knees loosely, underneath. The next few hangers after that held simpler wraps and sarongs, of different patterns and degrees of transparency. For a young lady who didn't manage to get out or relax very often, Lyntael appeared to have a fairly broad selection of leisure wear all ready to go, just in case.

At the bottom of the wardrobe, a few different hats were lined up neatly, taking up space that might normally be reserved for footwear, and spiting the single pair of white sneakers tucked away in the back corner. There was a broad sun hat, a neatly folded head scarf, in pastel yellow, and a more securely fitting visor cap, in white, with an elastic band, such as one might wear for sports. Also laid neatly with the hat wear, Aurora might also see a soft pink face mask, in masquerade style, made to cover the eyes and partially disguise the wearer's identity.

Fortunately for Lyntael's own sense of decency, or what remained of it, the lower drawers, which likely held her undergarments and other small articles, remained closed for the time being. The girl herself put on a thoughtful, contemplative expression, though her giddiness to play dress-ups with Eternalis still shone through underneath.

“Hmm... Only some of this will fit... where should we start?” She glanced across to Aurora with a grin.
Fortunately for Lyntael, in Eternalis's rush to take control of the situation, he hadn't quite noticed neither her state of undress, nor her perceived slight of his own state of undress. Aurora was in full swing, rummaging through the various dresses, skirts and tops. With how she had basically barged into their host's private wardrobe, he had expected Lyntael to protest somewhat, but was greeted with an equally enthusiastic response from her. Seems like he couldn't count on her to stop Aurora for the moment.

In the midst of Aurora's excitement, Eternalis watched, unsure as to how to deal with the situation, as various clothes were pulled out of the wardrobe at a rapid pace, with most of them ending up in a pile of discarded assets to the side. Some unfortunate articles of clothing ended up on him in the process, however, as Aurora seemed to take a liking to them in her drunken frenzy.


A large halter-neck dress was shoved over his head, though with it only loosely draped over his front. Over that, a large sun hat found its way atop his head at a lopsided angle, partially obscuring his sight before a large woollen plaid scarf was wound loosely around his neck, and draped across his shoulders.

"Heh heh heh, that, hic, and—that, and this! Hahahaha!"
"Hold on—Aurora?!"

When he tried to move the hat out of his face for a moment, Aurora took advantage of his arms being held up, and a pair of denim jeans was suddenly fit snugly over them, somewhat restricting his movement with how small their intended wearer was compared to him. At the very end, his hands were topped off with a pair of white sneakers that Aurora had dug out from a corner of the wardrobe.

With her topsy-turvy makeover finished, she stepped back with a slight drunken sway, snorts of laughter already escaping her. She looked like she was about to say something, but the words escaped her as the laughter took over instead. Aurora clutched at her sides with tears running down her cheeks in uncontrollable mirth.

Buried within the pile of Lyntael's clothing, Eternalis sighed to himself, with his face somewhat obscured by the scarf and hat. With how much fun he saw they were having, it didn't exactly feel right to interrupt the merriment. Aurora's laughter was getting a little contagious as well, as he turned to look at the full-length mirror next to the wardrobe, getting a good look at how silly the ensemble looked. He couldn't help but smile a little.

There wasn't much harm in this for now, he thought, and Aurora's strange idea of the main prize being able to strip the clothes off oddly helped him. All he had to do was win the game, and he could take off the hodgepodge of fashion. The girls could have their fun falling over each other, and keep some form of dignity as he would be the only person to lose their clothing. The little blurb on the game box he had read earlier showed it to be a game depending on flexibility, and he definitely had the edge on that.

"So, how do I look?" he asked Lyntael. "I bet I could walk down a runway right now."
While Lyntael hesitated on where to start exactly, warring between her glee at dressing Eternalis up in a silly manner, and a slightly more conscious concern about fitting her own clothing over him, Aurora had no such reservations and got right to work. Lyntael stood with her, flicking through the different garments on hangers, though unlike her friend she wasn't throwing them madly out of the wardrobe. Aurora's fervour drew an infection continuation of giggling from her as they worked all the same. By the time the masterpiece was finished, Lyntael couldn't contain her gales of breathless laughter and she paused to sit on the bed as it bent her double with mirth. The arm-jeans and shoes, in particular, were just too much to keep a straight face over.

“Hey, Hey... hehe... Hey... It's perfect, but... he still doesn't have any undies on!” She struggled for another breath as the ridiculous situation continued to amuse her, arms wrapped about her middle as she laughed. A further thought occurred to her as she managed to reduce her laughter to more contained giggles..

“I guess, hehe... I guess that's okay. I'm the same anyway!” For some reason the admission felt even more hilarious than the image of Eternalis in his 'outfit', and she burst out laughing again, half rolling over onto her side on the bed as she gasped for air. After a little bit of recovery time, Lyntael rolled off the bed and onto her feet, then scooped up all the discarded clothes and dumped them back onto the bed behind her to rehang later.

“Hehe... you look perfect, come on, let's play, let's play!!” She bustled back out of the room, trying to pull her friends with her, then darted to the far side of the mat, springing over it and turning to face them both with only a small wobble.

“So, so, come on... so... we start...” She paused, then stopped talking altogether to retrieve her mug from the coffee table and take a drink, mostly finishing off the minty-chocolate beverage. The heat flush in her skin was making her feel like she was going to start sweating. Maybe Aurora was right about taking off the warm flannel she was wearing.

“Hahh... we start...” she bounced back to the mat and planted her feet on the nearest blue and yellow circle at her end. “Like this!” After a moment of grinning at her companions, she realised the problem. “Oh, wait, wait... hang on! Referee! Three players!” The girl raised her hands in the air, as though she was making a big point, and looked at the small colourful spinner to the side. It lit up with a soft ping and a blue light, then the mat shimmered as well. A brief shifting of shapes and colours, and the mat reformed itself into a hexagon instead, each side bearing four colour points with a pattern that worked inward. Lyntael clapped her hands at the array of multi-coloured spots, then resettled herself to stand with the balls of her feet on one set of outer-edge yellow and blues again.

“Right! Stand on the spots, like this! But, those ones! Then when it says, we all go at the same time!” She bounced on her toes more, faint excited cracks of energy making occasional tiny snaps in her hair. “You can't touch the mat with anything but hands and feet, and only on the right circles when ti says! Otherwise you're out!” Somewhere in the enthusiastic motions, the last button on her pyjama top had slipped open; they were only loose buttons anyway, not designed for physical activity. The top stayed closed on its own as she stood straight, but about a centimetre of pale skin was still visible all the way down the centre where the two sides didn't quite meet. After a moment or two she noticed and frowned before absently pushing the middle button back closed again. She didn't really pay too much attention to the action though; it was too warm anyway. Once everyone had squared up on the opposite spots, Lyntael cheered and clapped her hands again.

“Referee, start game!” She called, and the spinner lit up blue again, then chimed and made a spinning noise. Lyntael bounced, rocking back and forth with anticipation and generally jigging with an inability to stand completely still. Lights flashed on the dial before it settled, calling out in a playful feminine voice for left hand, and blue. Lyntael bend low quickly, stretching the required hand across her body to the nearest blue dot from her start position, then lifted her head to see what the others were doing. She wondered how Eternalis was going to handle his jeans-hands and the slightly reduced mobility they gave, but the thought wasn't articulated quite as clearly in her own mind – mostly she was amused by how silly it looked. As each hand went down, the mat spots lit up, but nothing showed when Eternalis put down a sneakered left hand. Lyntael frowned from her bending position, the loose sides of her top dangling op.

“Aww... rules say to take socks and gloves off before you start. You've gotta take 'em off. Shoes are silly anyway. They're dumb. I never liked them." She giggled, then looked down at where the loose openings of her top dangled down free, then wiggled the rest of her body in a playful, predatory motion as she waited for Eternlis to fix his hands and move onto the next round.
Lyntael's observation only served to make Aurora's laughter continue on. "W-Wait, you're right! Ha, hahahaha! No pants! Oh no, hahahaha!" she laughed, while Eternalis made a few flamboyant poses, albeit restricted somewhat with the denim jeans on his arms. It had been a little difficult, but he was actually having a bit of fun now, instead of feeling like a chaperone for two very drunk girls. Laughing along with them made his heart feel a little lighter. His flaunting about halted briefly when Lyntael off-handedly mentioned her lack of underwear, thought there was no awkward pause to be had with all the laughter in the room.

He hadn't much time to dwell on it either, as both of them were dragged out of the room by their host into the living area, where the playmat had been set up. "Let's go, let's go, come on!" cheered Aurora excitedly, dragging him along as well with Lyntael in the lead and nearly pulling off the jeans that she had just put on his arms. "Okay, okay, I'm going, I'm going!" he yelled, almost tripping on the way out. Once they were all gathered proper, Eternalis waited for Lyntael to start at the side of the mat, passing the time by seeing how far he could stretch the denim fabric without accidentally tearing it. He wondered how exactly they were meant to start the game, and glanced over to the odd-looking accessory to the side.

Meanwhile, Aurora was already on the mat itself, playfully testing how to step from circle to circle. It seemed that even with her swaying, the circles were somewhat large enough that she could at least hold her own for a few rounds. Lyntael showed up again after finishing her mug off, enthusiastically showing them how to start playing. Aurora was quick on the draw, jumping onto one side of the mat with similar gusto. "Let's go!" she called out. Eternalis was about to do the same, going towards the nearest pair of colored circles, before noticing the empty fourth corner of the mat. Before he could bring it up, however, Lyntael realized the problem with the current setup, and activated the game's "referee" to change the mat's layout.

"Oh, that makes more sense."

Both of them stepped onto the opposing ends of the now-hexagonal mat, listening to Lyntael's short explanation of the rules. While Aurora cheered for the start of the game, Eternalis averted his gaze downwards once Lyntael's top started to malfunction. Focus on the game, he told himself. It didn't quite work out as he thought, unfortunately, as the first move he made was apparently invalid. Both Aurora and Lyntael were already out on the mat bent over, which didn't do much good for his mental fortitude. Aurora was one thing, but Lyntael was definitely not cognizant of how her top was now dangling onto the mat.

"Okay, okay, let me get them off..." Once the shoes were off, he reassumed his position, and continued the rounds, trying to focus his sight more on Aurora than Lyntael—since, for the most part, she was fully clothed. It did cross his mind briefly how Aurora's bodysuit registered correctly on the mat, but he decided not to dwell on it. Through a few rounds, Eternalis's malleable body allowed him to be able to sneak into some spots that would normally snap regular limbs backwards. Surprisingly, Aurora was also holding her own quite well throughout most of it, steadying her wobbling limbs with comical war cries, followed by peals of laughter.

Inevitably, the scramble to the nearest circle eventually led the three to be tangled up in layers. Lyntael was closest to the mat, stretched out diagonally across the mat; her right side was facing the floor and her front side was bent up towards the ceiling, facing the rest of the mat. Eternalis was in the middle, with one of his hands stretched to one of the circles directly underneath Lyntael's flank, and the other arm was on a panel underneath him. His legs were across two ends of the hexagonal mat. The end result was his body twisted facing downwards towards the mat, and towards Lyntael. The jeans on his arms strained dangerously with the stretching as the pant leg brushed up against Lyntael's front side, and he tried not to let his face go towards Lyntael herself, as embarrassed as he was.

Finally, Aurora had the easiest position out of the three, with her body essentially draped over Eternalis's, her arms tucked in between the two, one of her legs in between Eternalis's, and the other leg behind him. The position was prime for her to harass Eternalis by pushing her body weight down onto him, mostly on his lower torso, which was immensely distressing. "C'mon, hic, eat dirt! Heh—let—me—win!" taunted Aurora, while Eternalis was stuck between trying to keep his composure from Aurora's rather "soft" assault, his proximity with Lyntael, and trying to win the game in the first place.
Once the game resumed, Lyntael found her eyes darting back and forth between each of her friends and the mat below them, giggling with barely contained anticipation as the colours were called out. While Eternalis moved with a fluid efficiency, stretching out to reach points that were limited only by the restrictions of his borrowed clothes, and Aurora wobbled and leaned, easily the most vocal of them, Lyntael found herself grinning and panting for breath as she reached and twisted.

The heat suffusing her as she moved about her friends made her want to move in ways that some faint tickling whisper in her mind said she ought to be more aware of, but the thought was mostly dismissed amidst her mirth. Aurora and Eternalis, if they watched the smaller girl, would catch her moves and twists shifting with an increasingly sensual grace; one hand slipped out to a spot while her back arched smoothly and her head rolled back a bit, letting out a long heated breath in between short laughter.

Breifly she realised that ending up as she was, with her body twisted back and facing away from the mat, her position wasn't very mobile or flexible for the next calls; Aurora and Eternalis had both managed to keep mostly face-down positions and she thought they'd probably have an easier time of it from here out. She glance across to them, finding each of their faces after a moment. Eternalis wasn't watching her, but Aurora caught her eye and grinned back as she tried to push down on her partner and encourage him to give up. Lyntael's eyes slid to where she was leaning on him. If their positions had been reversed, it might have looked more... naughty... but even so, she found her eyes resting on the place where Aurora's midsection was pressing into and almost looking like it was blending with her partner's all-over slime form. She blinked as her eyes lingered on the almost-merging connection between them, and a hot blush joined the existing sense of heat and warmth in her cheeks and down her neck and chest. Was that... was that, intimate? She wasn't sure... the idea of the pair being a bit naughty on the sly made her want to giggle now, and she was only distantly aware that the same thought had made her nervous earlier.

As Aurora pressed harder down on him, reaching to make sure she pressed her hand down properly, the whole mass of both players shifted and Lyntael let out a sudden gasp as a cool sensation pressed against her chest. Amidst the earlier laughter it came out as a short, high-pitched sound, carried on a catch of breath that made her eyes open wider as it happened. The sensation was cool on her skin, and felt nice against the warmth that was filling her. She was aware of it on the particularly sensitive parts of her chest and felt her body wobble, unstable in response. That she was supposed to still be wearing her pyjama top didn't manage to occur to her buzzed and hazy thoughts.

A glance down revealed that Aurora's push had forced the side of Eternalis' face more directly against her body, right against her upper chest, where the unbuttoned top of her pyjamas was hanging open. His cheek was rubbing against her breast... like, right against it... Was that... okay...? Aurora was still laughing.

Lyntael didn't have any more time to process the chain of events as the spinner called out a new move. Hot and flushed thoughts were displaced almost immediately again by the glee of racing to the new pose. Lyntael lifted her left leg and twisted to slide it over to regain some measure of control and get herself out from underneath the lowest point, but movements from the others came at the same time. She squeaked aloud, one hand slipping slightly from the position, and felt her weight press down more firmly onto what she guessed was Eternalis. Before she could stop it, her other hand lifted free of the mat and her balance wobbled.

“Eee! No, Ahh!” With a last cry she tried to get the raised hand back down, but the tangle had already moved and she ended up shoving it down onto Aurora's leg instead, pushing on the back of her knee. A moment later two distinct tones sounded from the spinner, and the places where Lyntael and Aurora were touching the mat glowed red. She wasn't on the right circles any more, and she'd pushed Aurora's knee to the mat in the process as well, accidentally putting them both out.

“Awww...” With a sigh, Lyntael rolled over and let herslef tumble out of the mess of limbs, lying on her back and panting for breath briefly. Unnoticed, the final button on her pyjamas had come open, leaving her top cast wide while she caught her breath. “I thought I had that...” She rolled her head to look at Eternalis from her position on the floor. “Hey... I think you win the round! Yaayyy!” She raised her hands above herself to clap briefly, then let them fall to the sides again. Aurora was right; getting out of her flannel would have been a good prize, given how overheated her skin was feeling.

“I want more chocolate...” She wriggled on the mat for a few moments then sat up and turned about the face the others properly, letting her top fall more or less closed again in the process. “Eternalis wins, what's coming off, hehe!” She leaned back on her hands, legs outspread and her ankles rocking back and forth as she watched him.
Eternalis's response to his proximity to both of the girls in the rather entangled situation he found himself in was mostly to keep his eyes shut until the spinner called out the next move. Despite Aurora's rhythmic assault making parts of his leg dangerously close to the ground, he wasn't quite as moved by the physical force of the attack. His gelatinous body had absorbed blunt impacts much greater than his partner's drunken thumping. Rather, the physical contact of his body and the half-slime part of Aurora's midriff was causing a forced mental synchronization that was much more detrimental to his state, given that it was flooding him with Aurora's current half-drunken, half-aroused mental state, threatening to break his resolve.

He became gradually more aware of Aurora's body warmth, in contrast to his colder temperature. What was he fighting against, again? It was starting to get very difficult to remember why he was being so reserved in the first place. It had something to do with Lyntael, but he couldn't quite focus on what it was with all the primal instincts that were threatening to overtake his mind, courtesy of Aurora's unconsciously forced synchronization. A creeping feeling snaked up his body, and there was a brief moment where his body's structure began to melt.

There was a yelp, and all of a sudden, things cleared up for a moment, and he regained his sense of movement. He unthinkingly moved his head to ascertain his control, when something soft pushed up against his face. His eyes reflexively shot open to find pale flesh in front of his face, at the same time the spinner called out another move. When Lyntael accidentally knocked out Aurora with her fumble, his mind blanked out as the round ended, and Aurora collapsed on top of him. His arms were pinned underneath his own chest, his head was face down against the carpeting, and at that moment, there was nothing being processed in his mind except the pile of warmth on top of his back, and the hard panting he could hear next to his head, interspersed with bouts of laughter.

The sounds of breathing went away as Aurora pushed herself off of her impromptu water bed, face entirely flushed as their bodies separated with a sticky sound. Lyntael then declared a winner for the round; unfortunately, she neglected to mention who it was, and there was one person ready to claim the prize. "Yaaaaay! -hic, I wiiiin!" cheered Aurora, raising her arms in the air before immediately falling backwards onto the mat. As Eternalis heard the declaration, the earlier tense energy dissolved rather quickly, and he was a bit disappointed in himself, with how confident he was at winning earlier. In his disappointment, he did do a small bit of reconciliation in the fact that, at the very least, Aurora's body wasn't anything either of them hadn't seen yet, and he simply laid down in place, secretly waiting for the final reveal.

On Aurora's side, her hands went to the less solid parts of her midriff and she began to fumble about for a few moments. Eventually, a couple of fingers sank through her semi-solid body with a squishy noise, and got underneath the fabric. She began to tug at it from inside, and the suit appeared to part vertically up across her chest, revealing the flesh valley that the suit had been hiding. At that moment, however, Lyntael finally clarified who had actually won the round, and her hands stopped as she sat back up. Similarly, Eternalis's face turned up, as both of them blinked at their host.

"W-Wait, I won?" said Eternalis.
"Awwww, really..."

Aurora's disappointed murmur caused Eternalis to turn to her, only to stiffen up at her suit's "redesign". The front of the suit was now frayed significantly, with bits of cream-colored fabric sticking onto a mix of pale flesh and white slime. The tear spread up and down her front, with the top part of the tear revealing a good bit under her breasts, and the bottom tear dangerously snaking down her torso. After a stymied couple of seconds, Eternalis redirected his focus on to the spinner to the side. Above it, the spinner showed a small sprite recreation of Eternalis with little bits of holographic fireworks above it, indicating that, indeed, he had been designated the winner. "Oh, huh," he muttered, looking down at himself. Around his neck, the scarf that had been wound around it was pretty much already mostly on the floor, while the hat and the jeans stayed surprisingly secure.

"Okay... I guess I'll lose the scarf." He wiggled his neck about to allow the long scarf to fall free, before turning back to Lyntael. It was now that he realized that she was also still also dangerously dressed, and he frantically scrambled over to the mat in response, nearly tripping as he fumbled with the jeans on his arms. "R-Referee! Start round!" he yelled out.

In response, Aurora rushed up to take her spot on the mat as well. "I'mma--hic, I'm gonna win this time for real!" blurted out Aurora, swaying onto two of the circles. "Lyn, le's go!"
As she rocked her heels and rested, Lyntael grinned and swayed a little to the quiet background music. her eyes were mostly fixed on Eternalis to see what he'd drop, but she was distracted by aurora as the other woman started getting a bit ahead of herself. Lyntael's own first instinct was to smother another laugh, putting hands up to her face and half-covering her eyes in a way that failed to really do so.

“Hey, no fair!” She giggled and pointed as the other woman physically tore at her outfit to begin freeing herself of it, but relaxed again once they were all on the same page. Things didn't settle down until after Lyntael had been delivered a decent glance at her friend's under-layers, or lack thereof, but though her eyes lingered a bit, nothing too naughty came to light before Aurora relented and gave up.

“Why are you tearing it!” She was still giggling as she leaned over far enough to poke Aurora in the mid section with one hand; the other woman might feel that her fingers were very warm to the touch, and the expected static jolt was more of a soft, persistent tingle that didn't actually feel unpleasant. “Doesn't it have, like, a zip, or something? That's silly! How are you meant to get out of it?” She giggled again. “What if you're out somewhere and you've gotta go!?” This question, it seemed to her, was particularly hilarious, and she was incapacitated again by another brief gale of laughter.

After a few more moments to collect, both women manged to turn their attention back to Eternalis and appreciate his removal of a relatively minor forfeit. On the bright side, it meat he was still struggling with the ridiculous jeans. A distant thought murmured that she hoped he didn't stretch the seams, but it was ushered away by remembering that he was mostly made of jelly, and that wouldn't really matter. For someone who had won he seemed pretty nervous, she though. Oh well.

With the forfeit done, Lyntael pushed herself forward onto her hands and knees and began crawling towards the kitchen in a lazy manner, her thoughts on finding more chocolate before they kept going. As Eternalis called the new round and Aurora was just as quick to scramble back to the mat, however, the younger girl made a defeated sound and flopped over onto her side, flailing on the soft carpet for a moment, then turned around and picked herself up properly, tugging the band of her pyjama bottoms back up as she did; they'd slipped a little at some point. She came back to the mat and jumped the last couple of feet to place her toes on the two start spots, arms swinging side to side and a relaxed, unfocused grin on her features.

“I'm going to win this round, and then more chocolate before the next, okay?” She stretched as she spoke, closing her eyes and flexing her fingers as she reached outward. The room felt stiflingly hot and her skin felt like it was positively glowing. A cold drink, and then chocolate maybe. As she waited for the first call, Lyntael was aware, briefly, of the rise and fall of her chest. She felt... not out of breath, but close to it. Her heart was a rapid thump in her breast that felt unusually insistent. No more nice-girl, she found herself thinking, and giggled again. The sooner she won, the sooner it was time for drink breaks.

The first few moves began simply enough, but a couple of awkward calls in a row swiftly drove all three of them towards the central circles and having to race each other for the more stable points. As she leaned forward trying to stretch her hand out for the yellow circle just past Aurora's shoulders, Lyntael felt the tug of her pyjamas sliding against the other woman's hips and paused, reaching back to tug them back into place again; the elastic band was firm enough for most things, but it wasn't made to be tugged on and still stay up. As she reached forward again, however, a slimy blue hand had crept in underneath to occupy the spot she was aiming for and she hesitated, three limbs down and her hand searching about as she kept her balance and tried not to lean too hard on Aurora.

Her body rocked back and forth with a playfully aggressive agitation. The movement of her hips felt kinda nice in a way that she felt tempted to keep up to the music while they played. There were no good spots, until she looked down and back, and stretched to reach around and underneath Aurora to get to it. A mischievous though slipped in underneath the others in her mind, and as she reached for the spot her wrist turned over, pausing on the way to tickle and stroke suddenly at Aurora's hip and thigh.

“Come on, hehe... move a bit, hahh... I can't reach!” A masterfully executed fib, she had to admit to herself, even if she sounded out of breath, but she kept it up just to see if it would be enough to make the other woman falter or weaken.
"I'unno how to take this off otherwise, heh, hic," slurred Aurora with a lopsided smile.

Her hands hung limply to her sides as Lyntael crawled over to her to poke at her exposed midsection. A small squeal escaped her lips at the unexpected warmth from the poke; her whole body had been feeling quite warm, so it was definitely strange. The tease was repaid by a similar poke to Lyntael's cheek with slightly more force, accompanied by a bout of laughter. "No! Tha's dumb, whad'ya mean, go? If you gotta go, hic, you just go wherever you want, right?!" she said, having misinterpreted Lyntael's humorous concerns as she fell over on her left side from her laughing. The carpeting felt good on her cheek as her laughter died down slightly into small giggles.

As Eternalis called for the second round, getting back up quickly to get onto the mat made her head spin slightly. After her declaration of battle, she fell onto the nearest thing she could reach, which happened to be Eternalis. The cold difference made a jolt radiate out from her hands towards her core, as she was propped up with Eternalis holding her upper arms. The latter was mostly silent as he quickly helped Aurora back up on her feet. What was left of the top half of her suit seemed to now be strained slightly as Aurora stared blankly towards him, unconsciously holding her breath.

Her brief lapse was interrupted by the sound the mat made when Lyntael jumped into her place on its third corner. That shifted her attention towards the game, and she pumped her fist upwards with gusto. The sound of fabric splitting drew attention to the fact that the tear in her suit was widening horizontally, though Aurora herself paid it no mind, bellowing out a loud "Bring it on!" in response to Lyntael's challenge.

Eternalis was starting to wonder why he had suggested the game that Aurora had innocently pulled out not a few minutes ago. Mid-game, all of them had been clustered mostly together, this time with him being somewhat to the side in a comfortably stable position. Aurora was precariously positioned opposite to him, her swaying looking like it was moments away from her tumbling in towards the middle of the group, where Lyntael perched in between them. Aurora's drunken movements mostly caused her to sidle up against Lyntael, unintentionally causing her pajamas to slide about, which Lyntael thankfully(?) seemed to be quick to fix.

Trying to keep himself mostly "sane", Eternalis mentally repeated to himself that he was going to win, but every time he opened his eyes to track where the next closest circle was, he kept getting an eyeful of things that made this rather difficult. The latest one was a glimpse of Lyntael's rear end, on account of Aurora accidentally pushing up against it. He immediately tried to redirect his attention to the circle that he was meant to go for. However, in his haste, the lunge for the circle dislodged the hat on his head, blinding him momentarily as the brim slid forward to cover his eyes.

Meanwhile, Aurora was on the receiving end of an unexpected attack from Lyntael, in the form of a sneaky tickle. The tickle elicited a surprised yelp, and she reacted in the same way she had as the round started, falling towards the closest thing she could find for support. This meant that she bowled over Lyntael, causing her to fall backwards onto the lower half of Eternalis's body, startled cries coming from both Eternalis and Aurora. Of course, game-wise, this meant that Eternalis was out, but Aurora somehow managed to precede Lyntael in touching the mat, as Lyntael's body was small enough to be entirely land on Eternalis. With his slime body being what it was, the two were relatively unhurt from the collision, but Aurora didn't seem too pleased with Lyntael's sneak move.

"Why, you...!" she muttered through a clenched grin. Perched on top of one of Eternalis's legs, Aurora immediately went on the offensive, her hands immediately going to tickle at Lyntael's exposed waist while keeping her pinned against Eternalis's body. "He--hey, get off me!" Throughout this, Eternalis was somewhat panicking from being made into a makeshift mat while also being blinded to the recent developments. Unable to reach up to his hat to push it back up, he attempted to roll away from the two, but Aurora's weight pinning down both of them was surprisingly effective. In the struggle, he was only able to roll halfway away, but as luck would have it, a part of Lyntael's pajama bottom—the elastic band which Aurora had slid down earlier—caught on his leg, and it was shoved down quite a bit!
The brief tease and trick set off far more of a chain reaction than Lyntael herself had been anticipating, and the sudden lurch and tumble of Aurora's body away from the tickle and towards her and Eternalis caught her off balance as she desperately reached for the intended circle. Her fingertips touched it just before Aurora overbalanced entirely.

“Ah-heey! Eee!!” A small startled shriek was the smaller girl's contribution to the sudden cacophony of shouts and laughter than ended in a tumble of bodies. After a moment of weightless falling, Lyntael felt her fall cushioned by a cool, softly giving shape, softer even than the carpeted floor, which was still wood boards underneath. Her shout faded into a quieter intake of breath, only for it to be pushed out again by Aurora coming down on top of her as well. In between giggles and breathless gasps for air, she tried to fend the other woman off, hands and arms flailing with a degree of uncoordination that almost rivalled Aurora's own efforts.

“Hey, no, hehe... ahh! Stop it, Eee!!” Lyntael wriggled in place, more focused on trying to get her hands to where Aurora was furiously trying to tickle her that she was the angle and position of the rest of her body. Somewhere in the background, the game declared the various fouls with its tone, but Lyntael wasn't really aware of it amidst the squirming and arching of her body to escape Aurora's fingers.

“Ack...! No fair, ahh! Hahh, hahh... St- stoppit!” Any time she manage to grasp or pull one of Auroras's hands away from her exposed skin, the other woman pressed the assault right back again, making up for her lack of coordination with enthusiasm and fervour. A moment of respite came as Eternalis shifted underneath, and Lyntael felt her back slide down to the carpet, pulling at least part of her away briefly. Aurora still seemed to be everywhere, with her fingers tickling all over. What had started at her waist and midsection had spread to most other exposed areas that could be reached, and Lyntael tried without success to roll to one side or another to escape the onslaught. Her eyes weren't overly focused, save blurred flashing of hands and arms at war; that her top was spread wide by this point didn't really register, except in that it was giving Aurora more exposed pale skin to attack.

As Eternalis tried in vain to extract himself further, Lyntael felt the cool sensation across the small of her back slide around more of her body, pressing against her hips and her thighs, and creating a contrast that made her eyes open wide and drew a longer, sharper gasp from her as it pressed against places that were far hotter and more intimate. The tugging of her pyjamas went unnoticed in the moment as Lyntael's fingers clutched more firmly on Aurora's forearms. Despite Lyntael's sudden shocked grip and startled reaction, the moment presented her friend had a new stretch of skin to assault as Eternalis tried to extract himself; this time further below where the band had rested previously, all the way past Lyntael's hips and part way down her thighs. The shift of fabric had pulled her legs together, more or less, but the stylised lightning bolt of soft blond hair was clearly on show from her position, even if what it pointed to wasn't.

Eternalis might have had a better view if his vision hadn't been obscured, with the smaller woman's legs still held up and over his own body; rather than seeing, however, he could almost certainly feel that same warm hum of energy where his jelly form was pressing against her thighs, buttocks and especially against a palpable feeling of body heat in that same area.

Lyntael swallowed, trying to catch a breath, wide-eyed while she panted. Something in her mind had broken through to suggest that there was something very serious about this moment, and the things she was feeling; her body felt hot, like she wanted things that she should be alone for... but these were friends, people she trusted. The thoughts were fuzzy and her eyes darted from Aurora, over to Eternalis and back again. At last they moved down to the tangle of legs they were still all mostly caught up in. Friends like that? Was that... okay? This wasn't how she though about.... this being. If it was that... was it? Her eyes came back to Aurora again, face blushed bright and the red flush covering her neck and chest and most of her breasts down to her midsection. There was a scent in the air that had risen since she'd been exposed; like fresh perspiration and the way Lyntael's own hair or skin smelled, but different; sharper, and somehow more intrinsically her particular scent. The thoughts broke away and vanished into the haze as the game board made another tone, declaring the round's winner.

It was enough of a distraction for Lyntael to relax again, the momentary uncertainties gone, and she rolled over, sliding out from under Aurora in the process so she could look and see what the game had declared. Unaware or unconcerned for the moment or two that her bare behind was still visible, she perked up and grinned at the result.

“Yay!” She didn't have breath for more than that at first, and wriggled out further, pushing herself to hands and knees as she tried to exit the body tangle. For a moment there was a clear view of her from behind, the light reflecting off a glistening slickness around the tops of her thighs and the rosy-skinned line of her intimate areas above, before she awkwardly tugged her pyjama bottoms up again and straightened them. After another moment she managed to stand up fully and turned back to her friends, putting both hands in the air.

“I win! Drink break! Chocolate!” While her top had fallen closed again as she stood, the open buttons still afforded a view of flushed skin that seemed all the redder compared to the strip of pale midriff that showed at her belly button, between where the two pieces of her pyjamas weren't quite meeting.

With these declarations made, Lyntael made her way back to the kitchen, pulling open the fridge and taking a long drink from a water carafe that was there, then paused to roll the chilled glass against both of her cheeks for several seconds and moan over it. That done she briefly attacked the tray of small chocolate snacks that had been removed from the living area before, and claimed several more in each hand before making her way back to the game mat.

“So, what's next?” She looked around the room before her other thoughts caught up. “Oh, right!” she reached down to start undoing the buttons on her top, only to find them already undone. It really was too hot to be wearing flannel. As she took hold of the sides, however, the girl paused and looked up again, towards Aurora and Eternalis.

“Wait... If I take it off, you'll see...” Hesitation set in and she rocked and twisted a bit in place. Eternalis was usually naked though, and Aurora didn't seem to mind. She was mostly taking her things off already, wasn't she? “Um... that's okay, isn't it? It's... It's fine, just at home, like this, with you guys...” she hesitated another moment; something in her mind was saying that she was making a deal about nothing. “Hehe... I mean... I guess... you've both seen me before already, right, so, it's not like it's rude or... or... um... and I think It's okay... if it's just you guys....” After another second or two Lyntael bit her lip, then grinned and giggled again, before slipping the top garment off her shoulders and dropping it beside the mat. She turned about for a moment, stretching her arms above her head and swaying her hips in a way that would have been mockingly playful if it hadn't also ended up taking on an erotic, sensual rhythm, fuelled by the music and her buzzed, hormonal state.

“There.. Hehe... don't stare too much!” Without really thinking about it, she posed once more, then rand her fingers down over her front, sliding across the reserved swells of her breasts and down to her middle. One hand slipped out to rest on her hip, while the other teased delicately at the small sunburst piercing at her navel. “Hey... does this count as a piece? I didn't think about it...” She flicked the little charm again and looked to see the opinions before they could begin the next round.