Djinni's Homepage [Efreet Battlefield]

Unlike normal entrance to the website, Djinni and Fhyre were immediately teleported to a secluded area encircled by a barrier to keep entities inside. It was a rather large area within the desert that was Djinni's website with only a few oases on the borders. At two points appeared Djinni and Fhyre. There was little left of what was originally Fhyre. Her many fiery hands had vanished and her bracelets had fallen onto the sand with a faded color. The flame of her core had vanished as well and her ruby core was now cracked with lava pouring out of it.

"Do we need some sort of chant to bring him forth?" Djinni commented, trying to remove the tension of the whole scenario. But before anyone could answer her, her answer revealed itself before her.

The lava around Fhyre's core started to expand across the sand while the core itself started to crumble into the lava. From within the core emerged a bright light which was quickly dimmed by a hand that sprouted out of the lava surface. Bit by bit, a male body emerged from the lava which slammed the light into its chest. Four arms were visible from his muscled body and a golden mask to cover its face, if it had a face. "So this is him...?" Djinni asked, tilting her head back to talk to Na'im while the opposition was still dazed by its release into the world.

"I honestly don't expect anything else to pop out of Fhyre," Na'im remarked, making it obvious that it was Efreet in front of Djinni, "Whether this will be hard or not depends on you. Keep your guard up, yet do not hold back."

"We will be out here if you need support," Szand told Djinni after Na'im had said his things, "Keep in mind that that is not Fhyre. Defeating it will bring back Fhyre."

Djinni had been staring at Efreet for a moment, then nodded. "Efreet," Djinni said, causing the enemy to turn its ruby eyes towards her, "I will force you back and get you to keep your hands off of Fhyre and Szand."

Efreet continued to stare at Djinni while he started to move upwards somewhat as the lava pouring out of its legs started to lengthen. "Defeat you..." his deep voice echoed throughout the desert. Even before he had begun his attacks, his voice alone already sounded like an assault. "You are enemy," he continued to speak, "I become whole. Crush you..." With each word he sounded louder and louder as rage welled up within him.

"I won't let you!" Djinni shouted at Efreet, quickly shifting her position to float above the ground, "I will not be defeated!"

"MIIIINE!" Efreet bellowed as he charged towards Djinni, his hands outstretched in order for him to take her down.

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Djinni instinctively leaped back and away from Efreet's charge, his 4 outstretched hands ultimately grasping nothing but air. Deep mutterings of "Want... Take..." echoed out from within Efreet's throat as the fiery monster stomped closer towards his prey, the sand beneath his feet hissing loudly as his hot molten feet sank into the soft ground. If there was anything left of Fhyre in this mess, it wasn't immediately visible. All Djinni could hope to do was beat Efreet's presence out of her SP, which was... probably easier said than done.

Djinni.exe: 180 HP

Efreet.exe: 540 HP

Terrain: 100% Sand

[PlotBattle Activate]
The sand had been swept up in the wake of the battle as Djinni remained eye contact with her opponent. "Meteor!" Djinni exclaimed as she maintained a backwards motion. Her command was quickly met by Na'im inserting the chip she desired and her speed decreased bit by bit. "I am not going to pull any punches with you!" she exclaimed at Efreet and took the right side of her cape in her hand, immediately initiating a spin at her position. As her cape flew over the sand a wand with a ruby for head was shot out of it, which immediately began to burn the sky with its many lights. One foot tapped against the wand and then another foot tapped against it as quickly after it two Djinnis shot to opposites sides by using the wand to kick off to.

"She looks different, doesn't she?" Na'im commented with a rather smug smile. Szand had used his own holographic projector to stand outside the PET in order to look at the PET's screen.

"She is honestly trying to defeat him," Szand replied, "That alone makes her different." Not having switched to a GMO, Szand was still the core with two levitating hands but still with everything intact. "But the reason she fights is more important than what I've thought."

"Your memories of being Efreet?"

Szand chuckled at Na'im's question. "Maybe."

Na'im didn't decide to push for more information as his attention was demanded by Djinni as her eyes met his through the screen. "That worm thing!" she exclaimed as both Djinnis put one of their feet to the ground, while only one was followed and shown on the PET's screen, and spun to a halt floating in the air. "I know you understand my words!" Djinni exclaimed, after Na'im had inserted the chip into the PET, while loading the data. A circular, craggy meteor was launched out of Djinni's cape, which unfurled into the shape of a thick worm and had its tail quickly grabbed by Djinni. "This is important," she told the worm as she lifted it into the air, "So don't let me down!" Her exclamation was met by her throwing the worm towards the sand-covered panels, the worm immediately buying itself a path towards Efreet.

"I won't let you defeat me in my own home! I will win back Fhyre!" Djinni continued to shout at Efreet as she beckoned at Na'im to send along another chip. "Sand," she said and slammed her hands together. Sand flew up from the panels below her in response to her chip data which she quickly commanded to the area Efreet was in. "Devour him!" she shouted as the sand beckoned to her request and began to shift to quicksand.

D = Djinni.EXE [Fire/Shadow] [Knockback Buster] [AirShoes/FloatShoes] [4 Actions] [Fire Chips - Single Target: +25 FIRE; Multiple Targets +15 FIRE]

D1. Meteor12 [100 HP Object; 30+15 FIRE x 4; 3 Turns Or Until Broken; D Accuracy; Ranged]
D. Shadow - Clone Technique [Decoy]
D2. Dodge.
D3. SandWorm1 [80 DMG; Impact; Target on Sand Panels: +50; Back Stab; B Accuracy; Virus]
D4. SandRing [Creates 5% Quicksand Panels; Ranged]
Djinni wasted no time in summoning one of her many Meteor wands between herself and Efreet. A bright glow from the wand's ruby fixture signaled the fall of 4 meteorites from the sky, as Efreet's magma skin hardened and blackened in response (20 HP Casing). The first meteorite struck his chest ruby squarely, cracking and breaking the cooled lava to return Efreet to his hot magma state (Destroy Casing). The second managed to nail the monster right between the eyes (45), causing him to stumble back with a groan and right into the path of the third meteorite (45). To the creature's relief, the fourth and final meteorite sailed past his head harmlessly. The fallen meteorites sizzled on the ground, turning the sand directly beneath Efreet into glass.

Efreet growled, looking back and forth as Djinni conjured her Decoy to flank the magma beast. "Too... many...!" grumbled Efreet angrily, who acted on this frustration by letting the hands of his lower two arms deform slightly into more liquid-like globs of lava. He crossed both arms over his abdomen, then chopped outward with both, flinging drops of hot magma at both Djinnis. The real one managed to avoid the splatter, but her Decoy was not as quick, disappearing in a steamy poof as the attack hit her. Like with the meteorites, the sand underneath where the Decoy stood quickly turned into glass as the lava dripped down.

Quickly ordering in her next attack, Djinni summoned forth her SandWorm from behind Efreet. The worm exploded out of the sand, invigorated by its native terrain, and plowed straight into Efreet's back before he could respond (130). "Graaaaah!" howled Efreet in pain, suffering moreso as the glass under his feet shattered albeit to minimal damage, as the shards merely sunk into his already molten legs (10).

Efreet readied to strike back against Djinni, but before he could build up any power, the awkward mixture of broken glass and sand gave out under his feet as his opponent transformed it all into quicksand. The heavy Efreet sank right in, down all the way to his knees. Instead of trying to break free, however, Efreet only kept his attention on Djinni, shouting "Burn!" as he flung more lava drops at her like earlier. Focused on her use of the SandRing, Djinni had no way to avoid, taking both strikes as the lava burned against her skin and clothes (18 and 18).

Djinni.exe: 144 HP (On Glass)
Meteor12A: 100 HP (On Sand)

Efreet.exe: 310 HP (Snared in Quicksand)

Terrain: 93% Sand, 5% Quicksand, 2% Glass
Feeling the impact of the lava definitely, Djinni's felt herself being forced to float backwards. "And this thing was inside of me?" Djinni thought, but her thoughts were quickly twisted as she noticed the lava finding itself a way through her clothes. "So in the end you have these urges too?" Djinni jokingly commented, met by Szand rubbing his head into his palms, but she did not feel at all to continue with any notion of a strip show within the battle. "I will show you," Djinni started as a circle of flames emerged from the ground with herself as center point, "The strength of those protecting the Net World you were created to conquer." A wave of flames played across the ground in the motion of a swinging fist as the outside circle spread its flames towards the sky. With two punches and a flashy kick, Djinni expelled the flames and emerged in her MeleeCross outfit.

"She has bonded with that gelatin Navi, hasn't she?" Szand commented, "It seems weird for her to pick the musclebound jerk."

Na'im stroked his chin while thinking, but nothing noteworthy came up in his mind. "I don't think there really is a reason. You should know, but Efreet has always been alone. Despite Djinni essentially being Efreet, she now has friends. Maybe she is trying to get to terms with Efreet or befriend him."

"Or you know... She wants to kick its teeth out," Szand commented, pointing at the screen where Djinni was kicking at the air in her position. "I really don't think she's feeling any mercy for him."

With one foot lightly tapping onto the glass below her, Djinni kept making fast swings with her leg in order to get used to the bodily modifications of the MeleeCross. She felt that her muscles had enlarged, but it did not take away anything of her flexibility. "This feels great, maybe even better!" she exclaimed happily while lowering her leg to the ground, "You're in for a lot of pain now!" The moment her other foot touched the panel, a cloud of smoke emerged from her boots and she launched herself across the desert field towards Efreet. With zig-zagging movements, emitting smoke at each turn, she closed in on the foe while prepping her attacks. On her path towards Efreet she felt the light of her Meteor wand nearby, taking a quick dash towards and hitting it on its top with the heel of her boot. A flame emitted from her boot as she lifted it from the wand, reactivating the wand while Djinni continued on her path towards Efreet.

"Wait, Djinni!" Na'im exclaimed at the Navi, but no reply in words or body language would come. "She has no chips loaded. If she's planning on using this Cross, I know what she'll do." After these words Na'im quickly slotted in the Counter chip which, according to him, would work best with the change in style.

Djinni's eyes shimmered behind the metal eye guard, the chip being loaded and activated. With her foe in her previous trap, Djinni stopped her pace before the patch of quicksand and jumped at Efreet. "Hiyaaaaaa!" Djinni yelled as she headed towards Efreet's head in order to clamp it between her legs. Her head and her counter move, in the form of spinning around whether it was a kick or twisting Efreet's neck, were prepared for any result.

D = Djinni.EXE [Fire/Shadow] [Knockback Buster] [AirShoes/FloatShoes] [4 Actions] [Fire Chips - Single Target: +25 FIRE; Multiple Targets +15 FIRE]

D1. MeleeCross LV1 [Fire/Melee; +10 Fire]
D2. Dodge
D. Meteor12A [30+15 FIRE x 4; D Accuracy; Ranged] @ Efreet
D3. Cross Art - Dragon Clutch [Hold; Stun1; 2 TCD][MeleeCross] @ Efreet
D4. Counter1 [1-Hit I-Field; Special: Status Guard; S Accuracy | Counter: 70 DMG; Impact; Break; A Accuracy; Melee]
While Djinni triggered her MeleeCross, Efreet took to the matter of freeing himself from the Quicksand his opponent laid. Being the brute he was, Efreet slammed all four of his fists into the sinking ground and channeled an incredible heat throughout, melting the sandy granules instantly into a vast pool of bubbling lava. A guttural roar echoed across Djinni's homepage as Efreet suffered pain from the shifting terrain around him (50 damage), but his massive body shrugged it off as a mere annoyance as he lifted himself up in the lava. Dragged out with him were four shields, one in each hand, and his molten skin quickly hardened again, giving the volcanic monster several sturdy defenses.

Efreet then suddenly smashed the largest of his four shields into the pool of lava, sending a marching pillar of molten liquid marching towards Djinni. She did her best to dodge with MeleeCross's extra athleticism, but the attack came too quick and hit Djinni, spraying lava across her even more bare skin (18 damage). In response, Djinni rushed forward in tandem with the next fall of her Meteors, now ready to retaliate. With more agility than might be expected for his size, Efreet punched away all the Meteors with his shields, making all but one of them crumble into rocky rubble. With that serving as a distraction, Djinni leaped past the surviving shield and clamped her legs around Efreet's neck, trying to bind the monster. She was quick to discover, though, that this wasn't working, being unable to put much of a squeeze on his neck made of volcanic rock.

Angered by his enemy trying such a tactic, Efreet shouted, "You... die!" before slamming his golden mask against MeleeCross Djinni's silver one. The impact rattled Djinni to the core (18 damage), but she still had her wits about her. As Efreet reared his head back to strike again, Djinni triggered her Counter chip, releasing her futile leglock to avoid Efreet's attack before she spun around and kicked his neck, shattering the hardened layer of his skin and dealing some good damage beyond that (60 damage). Djinni then fell to the lava pool below, leaving her and Efreet to stare each other down on the molten terrain both of them were so suited to.

Djinni.exe: 108 HP (On Lava)
Meteor12A: 100 HP (On Sand)

Efreet.exe: 200 HP (On Lava, 2-Hit Shield)

Terrain: 48% Sand, 50% Lava, 2% Glass
"He has started using his stronger defenses," Szand remarked as he looked at the shields. As the original intelligence core of Efreet, he was well aware of the other functions of Efreet while also keeping the most of the memories. "At this rate he'll keep whipping out stronger defenses, so you have to stop him quickly."

Djinni smirked as her feet touched the ground, immediately picking up the pace on position to keep moving. "Then get me something to shatter this guy!" Djinni exclaimed at Na'im. While she was originally made without legs and she still had issues with tripping over her own legs, while she was in MeleeCross it felt as natural as processing data. "Come on!" she exclaimed again, waiting for the chip.

Na'im had quickly been looking through his chips, knowing they had such a chip. Eventually he picked out the Magnum chip and slotted it into the PET. "Any idea what else we can expect, Szand?"

"Hard to tell," Szand replied as he walked across the screen, looking for a different perspective, "He did fuse with Fhyre after all. And Fhyre had little personal abilities aside from the additional hand. If he's still the same before, I could make some guesses but nothing would be 100% correct."

With the Magnum chip loaded and the attack prepped for her motions, Djinni was still in her original location. "OK, so..." she thought to herself, keeping her vision on Efreet as much as possible with the metal plate for her eyes, "How do I do this?" As natural as her legs had become, she couldn't remember MeleeMan ever using a ranged attack. However, Djinni's boots were equipped with other outlets. Kicking off against the floor, she jumped into the air and brought both legs together. "Eat this!" she shouted as she propelled both legs towards in a dropkick, but instead of trying to connect with the attack she sent forth a quick concentrated burst of flames in the direction of Efreet. Quickly after the attack she began her descent back to the ground and landed with her hands onto the ground, quickly following it up with back flips to get some distance between herself and Efreet. "Flare and Lava Cannon!" Djinni had shouted in between her motions. While she had some time to keep an eye on surroundings, she looked at her Meteor wand and saw its light still shining. "Crash down upon him!" she shouted at it, which was quickly met with a couple of twinkling lights in the sky.

Na'im had little to say to this, quickly getting the chips and slotting them in. "Sent them, Djinni," he told her once he held the already used chips in his hands, putting them aside so he wouldn't accidentally grab one and waste valuable time.

Djinni ended her back flips onto her hands, feeling the lava below her and knowing it was time for her next attacks, and swept her leg in a way to give a spinning motion to her body. "Ignite!" she exclaimed, making the bottom of both her boots release a trailing flame that followed the boots' every motion. Spreading her legs as far as possible, her being as flexible as she was, the flames kept passing each others' heat and kept building in size. "Release!" she shouted and the flames shot towards Efreet across the lava ground, picking up even more heat from the panels.

With Djinni still in her spinning motions, she swept her right leg across the floor and through the lava while pushing herself into the air. Once again in the air, Djinni turned her body around in order for her feet to be pointing towards the floor, although she only had one foot right now. The lava from her right leg had hardened and was now formed around her boot like a cannon. Landing properly on her left leg, her right knee lifted, she grinned. "I think I've got the hang of this," she told herself and made a spinning jump, quickly followed with a thrusting right kick to launch a projectile of lava at Efreet. "Fall!" she exclaimed at Efreet while her leg cannon crumbled.

D = Djinni.EXE [Fire/Shadow] [Knockback Buster] [AirShoes/FloatShoes] [4 Actions] [Fire Chips - Single Target: +25 FIRE; Multiple Targets +15 FIRE] [MeleeCross LV1]

D1. Magnum1 [120+10 FIRE; Breaking; Panel Breaking; 1/2 Charge For 1/2 Extra Targets; A Accuracy; Ranged] @ Efreet
D. Meteor12A [30+15 FIRE x 4; D Accuracy; Ranged] @ Efreet
D2. Dodge; But stay on Lava panels.
D3. ElementFlare [40+10 FIRE; Line Attack; Ground Attack; User On Fire Terrain: +60; B Accuracy; Ranged] @ Efreet
D4. LavaCannon1 [90+10 FIRE; User on Lava Panels: +40; B Accuracy; Ranged] @ Efreet
Djinni took to the offensive quickly to try and stem Efreet's attempt build his defenses, but his shield was already raised in front against Djinni's Magnum. It seemed like a hopeless attack, but suddenly, Efreet's grip on his shield loosened, and he was forced to place another hand over his chest as a sharp pain ran through his body. "Grrrrr... You...!" muttered Efreet loudly as his hand tightened around the central ruby, but he couldn't contain a sudden glow that erupted from the gem. A spiritual, vaguely humanoid form emerged from Efreet's body and immediately started resisting the monster, striking her hands against his masked face. Was it... Fhyre...?

"This is... my... body...!" growled Efreet in struggle as he finally raised his arm and swatted the spirit down, casting her back into the ruby. While the resistance was ultimately futile, though, it did lower Efreet's guard long enough that he could only look up to receive a full blast of Magnum in the face (120 damage). His mask held form, but the creature staggered several steps back from the critical blow. His vision was blurred, but he could still sense vaguely that more Meteors were coming his way. Entirely infuriated by Djinni's attacks, Efreet let out a roar that created waves in the lava around him as his skin super-hardened and a fiery shell arose from below to engulf him, dragging up 6 dark stone pillars from the bed of the lava pool (IronBody, 60 HP Barrier, 10 HP Object x 6). Just the sheer force of the barrier forming, though, was enough to steer most of the Meteors off course, sending 3 of them plowing into surrounding pillars so that just a single meteorite bounced off his fiery defense (45 barrier damage). Having then reached its limit, the Meteor wand crumbled to pieces and sunk into the sand.

Efreet, fixed in position by his super-hardened skin, still quickly retaliated against Djinni's aggression, summoning a pillar of magma underneath her as even more of the sandscape melted away. Excepting a counterattack, though, Djinni skillfully evaded the magma as the sand harmlessly turned to lava under her feet. Fueled by the new molten terrain beneath her, Djnni swept her leg forward to trigger the ElemFlare chip, sending a pillar of fire marching across the lava to successfully take out Efreet's barrier.

Djinni then took a momentary step back to figure out her LavaCannon, while Efreet himself prepared a powerful attack at the same time. Having just earlier suppressed Fhyre, Efreet gathered volcanic energy around the ruby in his chest, creating a bright red glow from underneath his blackened skin. Djinni jumped up and fired the LavaCannon from her foot, while Efreet unleashed his own lava blast from within his chest. The two streams of magma passed right by each other before striking their targets, with Efreet gaining the upper hand. Djinni's shot caught the edge of his last shield, and while it didn't break it, Efreet's inability to move made him loose his grip on the defense and drop it into the lava below. Djinni, on the other hand, was hit straight on, taking the full brunt of Efreet's lava burst (120 damage) before splashing back down into a shallow portion of the lava pool. Cracks were beginning to show in Efreet's armored skin, and Djinni was truly on her last leg. One way or another, this fight was about to end...

Djinni.exe: 1 HP (On Lava)
Meteor12A: --- (Expired)

Efreet.exe: 80 HP (On Lava, 1-Action IronBody)
PillarA: 10 HP (To Efreet's left)
PillarB: 10 HP (Behind Efreet)
PillarC: 10 HP (Behind and to Efreet's right)

Terrain: 28% Sand, 72% Lava
"This is bad," Na'im said as he looked at Djinni, "Even after everything it's gotten this close?" Quickly he reached out towards his chips in order to send Djinni some firepower or defenses but instead of taking hold of a chip he fumbled and dropped a few chips onto the floor. "Damn it," he said, trying to maintain his calm attitude and shoved his chair back in order to bend forwards and take the chips, "Maybe I shouldn't have gotten into this business after all..."

While Na'im's face was turned towards the floor, Szand was looking over him with a glare. He then shifted his sight back to the screen and saw that Djinni was only barely standing up. "Remember..." he muttered to himself, "That's me you're fighting." His holographic image vanished from the top of the PET while Na'im was still looking over the floor.

Her body hurt. She had experienced situations like this before, but this hurt way more. But rather than trying to take care of herself, she stared at Efreet with ehr right eye through a broken portion of her visor. The rest of her outfit had burn marks and looking destroyed in various parts, but more alarmingly were the parts of her bare skin that had started to fall apart as data. "Fhyre," she uttered, having clearly seen the image despite her tricks. "Fhyre..." Djinni said again before yelling at Efreet, "FHYRE! Can you hear me!? I will get you back! I will defeat this giant pile of rocks and we'll be together again!" But as passionate as her claim was, she could feel the weight of her body trying to push her down. "Not yet..." she thought, feeling one of her legs wanting to push her knee to the ground, "We're almost there..." Smoke started forming from her gauntlets and boots in a reply to Djinni forcing her body to continue the attacks, but more and more smoke started billowing out from her.

"We will get her back," Szand said as he emerged from the smoke in his usual form. His eyes shifted on the sand veil around his core in order for him to look at Djinni. "We are a team, aren't we?" he asked her and looked at Efreet, "Let's finish this together."

"Wait," Djinni uttered as she grabbed Szand's hand, but was quickly slapped away.

Already Szand had started his charge for Efreet, shouting "There's no time to wait!" at Djinni. He could feel the warmth and heat from the lava panels that were between him and Efreet, but he could continued regardless. "EFREET!" he exclaimed, "You think you've got it all figured out!? You think you will win by doing this!?" Once in a while Szand put his hand onto the floor to make his core pick up more speed, but he would continue to shout at Efreet. "You've even forgotten your true purpose! Destruction...? Ridiculous! Fhyre has none of your original memories, but I...! I do! Without me you are nothing!" Szand launched himself into the air in order to get up Efreet's field of sight and spread his hands out as if he were trying to hug him. "But even then..." he said, being closer to Efreet now, "You cannot win."

"AAAAAAAH!" Djinni exclaimed as she slammed her fists onto her upper legs, "Fhyre's been taken! Szand is out there too! Legs! Arms! Assist me for this final strike!" She swung her leg through the air as she got pent up on willpower alone and followed it up with another kick while more smoke was being made. "My name is Djinni!" she exclaimed and turned her only visible eye at Efreet, "And your ass is mine!" Within the darkened clouds of the smoke surfaced a light twinkle that started growing and growing within milliseconds. "Let's go!" she shouted and spun around on one leg. A metal-encased meteor burst out of the field of smoke which was immediately kicked by Djinni at Efreet.

"Djinni!" Na'im shouted once he had vision of the PET's screen again. A couple of chips were in his hands, while some were still on the ground. "Keep your movements up! We cannot tell that this is the end yet! Take this and use it!" He quickly slotted the Drain2 chip in an attempt to get Djinni healed up if this didn't work.

As if it were a physical entity, Djinni kicked off against the cloud of smoke and launched herself to the right of her original position. Her eye flashed at the moment of loading the chip and clouds of smoke began to trail behind her. Launched from within the smoke was the worm she had once used for the 'Sandworm1' chip which Djinni grabbed by its tail and glanced at for a moment. With a spin and coming to a halt, she tossed it at Efreet. "Here's your meal!" she exclaimed after it, but rather than trying to keep an eye on the trajectory of the worm she immediately looked around in order to find Szand.

D = Djinni.EXE [Fire/Shadow] [Knockback Buster] [AirShoes/FloatShoes] [4 Actions] [Fire Chips - Single Target: +25 FIRE; Multiple Targets +15 FIRE] [MeleeCross LV1]
S = Szand.SP [Null/Melee] [Wood Attack] [2 Actions]

D1. Summon Szand.
S1. Jump at Efreet.
S2. Try to obscure Efreet's vision of Djinni.
D2. Fire Art - Steel Meteor [120 Shot FIRE; Break; Medium Area Furnace Panels; 4 TCD] @ Efreet
D3. Dodge.
D4. Drain2 [70 DMG; Drain; C Accuracy; Virus] @ Efreet
"This is my body...!" repeated Efreet with a growl, his hardened body remaining motionless as he responded to Djinni's taunt. Cracks in the obsidian layer were plentiful, and it was clear that the monster would soon be open again to attack. Failing to recognize that his advantage would last much longer, though, Efreet continued to banter against his slavers. "Fhyre is weak! You are weak! You all are mine! All will become Efreet!"

He continued to shout through the smoke bellowing around Djinni, all the way up to the point where Szand emerged to turn the tides of the battle. Right as Efreet's obsidian armor broke, leaving behind only his weaker volcanic casing, Szand leaped at the monster and began pestering. "Gah! Annoying bug!" barked Efreet, swinging one of his four arms wildly as he tried to swat Szand away. "You are nothing! Destruction is my purpose! I can destroy you and the old purpose you claim! It is simple!"

By the time Efreet finally shoved Szand away, Djinni was already materializing a meteor within the smoke to strike with. Caught off guard, Efreet hurriedly began transforming his lower left arm into a magma rifle to counter. Even a single second seemed to take an eternity to pass, as his rifle just couldn't seem to form fast enough. As soon as he could, Efreet pointed the gun's firey barrel at Djinni, who already kicked her metal meteor. A magma bullet would travel faster than a kicked steel ball, for sure, so Efreet just had to pull the trigger and...


So the sound reverberated across the sand and lava as Djinni's meteor struck Efreet in the stomach, and the rifle fired a bullet of hot lava off into nowhere as the lava monster's aim faltered from the impact. What armor he had shattered in an instant, and his lava-composed body quickly began deteriorating. "Agh...! Argh! This... Graaaah! This... is not... over!" grumbled Efreet loudly before his voice too failed, and his body collapsed completely, blending into the lava pool and leaving only the ruby to float above.

Djinni.exe: 1 HP (On Lava)

Efreet.exe: DEFEATED
PillarA: 10 HP
PillarB: 10 HP
PillarC: 10 HP

Terrain: 28% Sand, 72% Lava

[PlotBattle Deactivate]

Djinni GET: FireArm2, 2000z, 30 Bugfrags
Djinni coughed loud as she staggered over to Efreet's fallen puddle, her body close to breaking down from her last burst of energy. "You are... Right..." Djinni said as she approached the remaining ruby. Her MeleeCross disengaged along the way, reforming her regular outfit as if she hadn't done any fighting at all. Glaring downwards over the ruby, Djinni could feel her body buckle under the physical stress and dropped her to the floor. Sitting on the surface of the lava pool, the ruby in front of her she reached out to it with her hand.

"I wouldn't do that," Szand's voice chimed. The moment he was hit by Efreet he had quickly initiated an escape from the battlefield, so he was already standing over the PET's screen. "It must be as hot as Efreet's body was."

Djinni just glanced upwards after taking her hand back, remaining silent and on the ground. Once she turned her eyes back at the ruby, she pulled her knees up to chest level and smiled a bit below her mask. "We won, Fhyre..."

"We should get you two out of there," Na'im said, sliding his fingers over buttons and menus on the screen, "I will make preparations for the revival." Right as Na'im used these words, he received a stern glare from Szand who then nodded. "And with this... We'll have eliminated any path that existed for Efreet." A short moment after Na'im's claim, both Djinni and Fhyre's ruby were beamed into the air and back to the PET.

[PlotMod Deactivate]