Hello, this is the email address for myself and my NetOp, Joanna Grímsson. If you're looking to contact Joanna for official business, her work email is Have a wonderful day!


Hey Pyre,

I took your mission through the GNA, the one about someone who will fit in spooky environments. I've got a scary look in costume... that's on purpose... and out of costume... that's unfortunate, but, helps with the territory. Anyway, I'm a horror actress. But I can do whatever will help you out. I've attached my business card. Let me know if you need a ... filmography, resume, or anything like that. I'll also need to know where to meet up... I assume it's somewhere spooky.

Ooh, an actress? I haven't met any horror actresses before, I'd love to hear your stories; I bet they're exhilarating! Joanna's giving me "the look," so unfortunately that'll have to wait.

We were asked to look into a DerbyMan.EXE, who is currently running an "Unhappy Holidays" scare house/event. While he's supposedly a nice gentleman, he's been associated with a lot of crimes in the various races he hosted. However, every investigation came up empty. I never got the chance to see one, but I hear he puts on a show. Our client is hoping we can witness him slip up; they think this new, unfamiliar event would cause him to inadvertently implicate himself.

We will pose as volunteers/part-timers for his event, and try to "keep an ear to the ground" as we scare and play with his guests! Have any questions?

It's probably one of those things that seems more exciting when you're not doing it all the time. That's why I've been trying to find a way to break into some other genre... But for now, my expertise is still horror stuff, so I'll stick to that.

Sounds like a good plan to catch him in the act. That's the same way it happens in the movies: the boldest murder is the one that gets him caught. Well, not murder in this case. Unless the crimes you're talking about happen to be murders, but the way you wrote it made it sound more money related.

No questions right now, sounds simple enough. Though we might have to go out on a limb ourselves if we wanna dig up some dirt on this guy.

Are there coordinates for a meet up? I can go ahead and get on my way.

Oh I see, that makes sense. Hopefully this will be different enough to be enjoyable! I can't really go into details here, but I'll be more than happy to explain when we meet up.

We're hoping that working for him would get us close enough to get a glimpse of any naughty things going on behind the scenes, so we don't plan on putting you or myself in danger, at least not real danger anyway. Regardless, I attached a link to a location just outside of the stadium; we can talk out a "game plan" there in relative privacy before we show up for work. Looking forward to meeting you!


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