Hello all! You've reached Mr. Miles' email address; anything from homework help to booking after-school tutoring classes to just wanting to talk about SCIENCE, you can do all that and more right here!! So feel free to drop us a line anytime, no need to be shy!


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Yo, sunshine. Do not forget to bring the old man to Nebula System Dynamics tomorrow by 8am. We have alot of science to do together, although Yu would prefer it to not be of the drunk kind.

Here's the access code for the front entrance, too! https://rockman-rogue.net/topic/9876/

See ya later!

-Critias.bat , Nebula System Dynamics.
Hi Critias! The alarm's been cued and he's on his way out the door. "Sober as a judge and regretting everything," his words.

I'm sorry about the note we left off on last night. Vincent and I have a plan for this time, I promise no more freakouts! See you soon!

TO: VMiles@SD25.ET.net
FROM: 6NeoChipTrader6@SoryusChipShop.com
SUBJECT: Your New Chip!

Please enjoy your new chip, courtesy of Soryu's Chip Shop! Thank you for participating in this event and come back to Soryu's whenever chips are what you need!

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Attached: LavaCannon2Damage: 120 + Lava Panel Boost(+40)
Accuracy: B
Description: Fires a blast of magma from a cannon. If the user is standing on Lava terrain at the time of use, this chip's power is boosted by 40.
Duration: Once
Element: Fire
Trader Rank: C