Alex Newell's Inbox

To: Dropmix67@denmail.net
From: HallowedSpooks@Roaming.dnc
Subject: A Treat!

Thank you for your participation in this year's Hallowed Spooks sharing event!
Please find attached a small package containing an assortment of creepy fragments!
If you're not old enough to play with these, don't worry, just hold onto them for now and a world of possibility will surely open up to you soon!


ATTCH: [150 BugFrags]
TO: Dropmix67@denmail.net
FROM: 6NeoChipTrader6@SoryusChipShop.com
SUBJECT: Your New Chip!

Please enjoy your new chip, courtesy of Soryu's Chip Shop! Thank you for participating in this event and come back to Soryu's whenever chips are what you need!

(This email account is not monitored. Please do not reply to this message.)

Attached: GunDelSol1Damage: 10 + 2x Exponential Boost + Beam Attack + Object Erasure + Cone Attack
Accuracy: A
Description: Fires a powerful short-ranged solar spray beam that erases objects and damages, breaches, and/or nullifies all defenses on contact. The beam quickly gets stronger as you focus on using it, but it also dies out if you take any other action. Rare
Duration: Until you stop using it.
Element: Null
Special: Attribute Lock: This battlechip cannot be imbued with an element or extra damage.
Special: Object Erasure: Instantly deletes objects in the attack's path on-contact.
Special: Beam Attack: An unholy combination of Slashing, Break, Seeking, Impact, and Piercing.
Special: Cone Attack: Attacks in a cone shape, hitting 1 panel ahead, then 3 panels wide after that. This attack does not reach further than 2 panels ahead.
Special: 2x Exponential Boost: Damage is doubled from its previous amount for every action in battle that has passed since this chip has been activated, stacking. Attack ends as soon as any other action is taken.
Trader Rank: C