"This is the private e-mail address of Chic, Ranked Six among the Vivarte family. If you've reached this e-mail address, you are either a very fashionable navi whom I have given my approval, or a very unfashionable party crasher. Decorum is decorum, my dear! But regardless, leave a message and I will respond... quickly, yet stylishly."
SUBJECT: Fashionable Advice.
MESSAGE: Hello Chic,

I hope I'm not disturbing you during your work, but I was looking for some advice from you. I also just wanted to hear from you again.
From what I've seen of you the last time we met, I simply knew I had to contact you for this. I'll cut straight to the chase. What can I do to make myself more handsome? I think it's a bit complicated to explain why I need to be handsome, but... I guess the situation asks for it. You were so beautiful last time we met, I was hoping you could share some of your secrets. I've included a picture of myself without my helmet in case you want to give a precise suggestion.
I'm also just curious... Well, how are you doing? Made any more works of art since we met? How's business going?

Hope to see you again sometime,

[Included: 1x Picture of VenusMan]