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Subject: If You Are Ever In Need...

Call upn me and I shall lend you my strength. Take care of yourself and your new SP.


From: s.yamada@electown.net
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Subject: Knife battlechips.

Hello, Hello! Shigeru Yamada and Voltman, replying to your thread in the Virus Busting BBS!
As it is, we're currently in possession of one of the Knife chips you're seeking, but we only achieved it after a long and difficult battle against a skilled swordsman, in the depths of Scilab net. I do not know where this foe got his battlechips... but granting the fact that he talked, at length, of "The Way of the Swordy", it might be a fair guess to say that the battlechips may come from swordy viruses.
But then, he may just as well have been referring to their swordplay techniques.

In any case, I hope this information is of assistance.

Subject: RE: Knife battlechips.
Sender: RDunrae@MyMail.com

Hello Shigeru and Voltman. Thank you for your response. Of course, this does further the evidence that they are indeed dropped by Swordy Viruses.

So, your story sounds interesting. But unfortunately, unless I happen across the same Navi that you met, it doesn't help me much in finding the chip.

However, don't get me wrong. I appreciate any information I receive, and this information is on topic, and helps suggest that I need to find Swordies, so I am satisfied.

Thank you very much for your aid.

Rose Dunrae
SUBJECT: Helping out with News Story

Hmm... well I could help shed some light with that situation if you don't mind, here's a clip of my navi helping out. Here's a clip of my navi fighting in two battles against the netpolice. Questions are welcome of course.

Attachment: Savior.mpg

- Polonius Carbonium
Topic: News Flash

You're a gutsy one to make such an apparent topic missy. I saw that Don Murdoc, a past associate of mine, recently wrote an article on what you were looking for it seems. That could be a secondary source for an aspiring author such as you.

At any rate, I'm willing to give a little interview for you on how much I know. Conglomerate participant opinion is a good thing, no? Contact me, I won't be able to meet you in person, since I'm tied up at the moment, but e-mails aren't a problem.


Recipient: polonius@acdcmed.edu
Subject: RE: Helping out with News Story
Sender: RDunrae@MyMail.com

Hello there, Polonius,

Thank you very much for the clip! I'd like to ask you a few questions, if you don't mind.

1) How did you feel about the NetPolice's Handling of the War?
2) Why do you believe the NetMafia did what they did?
3) Was this war a true war, a rebellion, or just a minor act of terrorism?
4) How do you think this impacted civilians?

In addition to these, any comments, feelings, or opinions about the event would be great.

Now, on a note unrelated to this specific article: What do you know about that purple chip that CrashCrusher used?

From the clip I only caught a bit of it, but did you happen to notice what it did, how it worked, or anything else about it?

Finally, on a note totally unrelated to the NetPaper, I'd like to note that I happen to know what happened to a few of those Navis that you had aligned yourself with. Based on other information I have, Raion was deleted, but Aron and Tremble were alive at the end of this record. I have no information on their commander, though he was mentioned as having gone off in a certain direction. There were a large number of Navi Corpses in the area, so he may well be dead, too, but I haven't confirmed it yet.

Well, thank you for the clip, regardless of whether or not you reply to this with anything.

Rose Dunrae
Recipient: Ace@global.net
Subject: RE: News Flash
Sender: RDunrae@MyMail.com

Dear Ace,

Thank you for your e-mail. Yes, it was a little noticeable, but you need to do what you need to do in order to get people to notice you. And you'll never get anywhere in the News industry if people aren't noticing you.

Thank you for mentioning the article by Don Murdoc. I had just seen it shortly before I got this e-mail, during my research. However, I appreciate the thought.

Well, you requested questions, so here goes:

1) How were you involved in this event? (Participant, Civilian, Observer, Saw it on the News, etc.)
2) What effect did the war have on you?
3) What effect did the war have on the world, if any?
4) Do you believe that the war brought up any flaws in the current system?
5) How do you feel this operation was carried out by the NetPolice?
6) What do you think the NetMafia hoped to accomplish through this?
7) How effective do you believe that the NetMafia was at accomplishing their goals?
8) Did this event change how you think about any of the involved parties, or the Net in general?

Again, any responses at all would be great. If you have any additional thought, opinions, or comments on the situation I'd love to here those too.

Thank you very Much.
Rose Dunrae
I guess I can answer these questions then:

1. Well I felt that the netpolice handled the war pretty well... there were casualties but it seemed to be pretty equal both forces.
2. Why would the Mafia did what they did? Well its rather hard for me to figure it out, maybe there was something they wanted in Electown?
3. Well a war is something between countries, this would be classified as a rebellion to me.
4. Well this obviously impacted civilians if they took the initiative to help out either side, whether successfully or not. But to someone who didn't, well... they might have left their comfort space, probably on edge from something like this in my opinion...

That purple chip.... interesting... well I remember my navi DNR showing me some articles about the chip, I believe it was something called a dark chip... it was a pretty old historical science article, didn't believe it existed. Didn't get to see it used however, my guess is that it uses darkness, it is a dark chip after all, but to what extent I must wonder.

I'm rather curious to learn what you think about this, so reply. I have a feeling we'll be corresponding quite a lot miss Dunrae.

- Polonius
Recipient: polonius@acdcmed.edu
Subject: RE:RE:RE: Helping out with News Story
Sender: RDunrae @MyMail.com

Thank you for your reply, Polonius.

I'd like to tell you that I did think it was a Dark chip, I just wanted to know if you could verify that. I've seen a couple of these, and I was planning on writing a future article based on them.

Follow Up questions, since you seem to want a response:

1) Do you have any guesses as to what the NetMafia might have wanted there?
2) Do you believe that the NetMaia's Rebellion was justified, as they claim?
3) Do you think that this even t could have helped the world, possibly highlighting weaknesses to improve upon, or maybe, as the NetMafia said, weakening the tyrannical rule of the NetPolice?

Thank you Very Much.

~Rose Dunrae
Ah yes, well here go my answers:

1. What they might have wanted there? No idea whatsoever, could be anything at this point.
2. Well... maybe if corrupt officials do exsist... maybe just maybe...
3. Well this does show weakness of defense in a way, who knows, maybe this will help in some way shape or form. I wouldn't go as far as tyrannical though.
Recipient: polonius@acdcmed.edu
Subject: RE:RE:RE:RE:RE: Helping out with News Story
Sender: RDunrae @MyMail.com

Thank you once more, Polonius.

I'll be sure to contact you if I have any more questions.

I'll also get in touch when the Article's done, so you can have a look at it.

Thank you for your help and cooperation.

~Rose Dunrae
To: RDunrae@MyMail.com
Subject: News Flash

Ah, well, I've got some time before my partner makes his move.

1) How were you involved in this event? (Participant, Civilian, Observer, Saw it on the News, etc.)
The newscast intrigued me, it made a call for all navis to participate. My navi, BlackRose, and I leaped into the fray, deleting NetMafiosi left and right. I went on the side of the NetPolice, and I met a Department Head, Montag, who's attitude was a bit questionable, but he clearly had good intentions, avenging his subordinates and doing his job.

2) What effect did the war have on you?
I'm a simple man, I got pretty rewards for my participation, but it dragged me into a world where I knew something was amiss, but I couldn't put my finger on it.

3) What effect did the war have on the world, if any?
The final newscast, where something that looked like a Cybeast appeared, might've revealed something to the world on both sides. The two organizations have powerful terrabyte files they can unleash at each other, and the crash was strong enough to lag the whole server for a bit, before collapsing the upper layer.
There's something below the normal, just so you know.

4) Do you believe that the war brought up any flaws in the current system?
Both organizations were trying to fight for what they believe in, and their ideals just happen to clash. It does make you wonder that even if the tiniest resistance was brought against one of them, there might be no doubt that they'll swoop in and crush it.

5) How do you feel this operation was carried out by the NetPolice?
It wasn't too bad from my experience, might've needed to give their operatives bigger guns though.

6) What do you think the NetMafia hoped to accomplish through this?
They're sending a message. Supposedly, they won't stand for the rules. But their real intention is beyond me.

7) How effective do you believe that the NetMafia was at accomplishing their goals?
I don't really know what it was in the first place, but the sending a message part, whatever that message may be, probably worked. Though it's kind of hard to say if I don't truly, deeply know the meaning.

8) Did this event change how you think about any of the involved parties, or the Net in general?
They're simply fighting for their own ideals. There's a lot of people who do that. These two just happen to be in positions of greater power.

Also, this may not have been mentioned anywhere, but what our navis usually travel on is just the surface.
If you fall down from there.
Something wilder and bigger is bound to appear.
I only caught a glimpse as BlackRose almost crashed into it, but you'll have to confirm what the level was with other participants.

Also, those terrabyte files clashing weren't the only thing that could destroy the network. The NetMafiosi I was fighting against possessed something quite extraordinary that I've only seen once or twice before, capable of rending part of the network apart. Something dark was definitely used.


Recipient: Ace@global.net
Subject: RE:RE:RE: News Flash
Sender: RDunrae@MyMail.com

Thank you very much for the replies, Ace.

And you've mentioned some interesting concepts, like this "Net beneath the Net"...

As you claim to know nothing more, do you happen to know anyone I could contact who would?

And, about this "dark power"... Is there any chance you could give me a little more information on just what you know about it? You see, I'm thinking about writing an article in the future about "dark chips", and I was wondering if this "dark power" you mentioned is related...

Thank you again for your help.

~Rose Dunrae
To: RDunrae@MyMail.com
Subject: News Flash

Yes, I believe that such horrifying "dark" power capable of helping destroy the top layer of the network could only be that of a "Dark Chip."

I've had slighty encounters with them in the past, but I really haven't gotten an in-depth grasp of their potential, somebody's always blowing the user up before I get the chance.

For the net under the net.... I think I know someone... Shigeru Yamada, a friend of mine, who was involved in the war as well, maybe he had a bit more experience with it.

Good luck on your article,

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FROM: NetDaemon@GNA.Gov
SUBJECT: GNA Stock Dividends


Greetings from the Global Network Administration.

This E-mail is to inform you that your investments with GNA's Net Development Stocks & Bonds have grown. Your dividend payout is enclosed in the attached data. We hope our profitable partnership will continue into the future.

Thank you for investing with the GNA.

#-Attached: 2,800 Zenny

TO: RDunrae@MyMail.com
FROM: guisarmepride@BLPD.com
SUBJECT: RE: The Deal with Splash"lady"

...My godness. I really didn't expect that. However I did feel something weird about SplashladyMan. Is he into those type of things?!

I'm really looking forward on DNR's expression when he finds out. (^_^)

-Marius Eirenikos
To: RDunrae@MyMail.com
Subject: Tournament Videos

Well, I myself was able to get some cool footage with a video camera of mine while participating. Hope these videos help you out.

[ATTACHED: OneLongVideo.mkv]

To: RDunrae@MyMail.com
From: AHadrok@dentech.edu
Subject: Heya

Hey, Rose. This is Aelieth. I told you I'd send you a message once my e-mail was back up and.. er.. here's a message saying my e-mail's back up... Anyway, lemme know if you want to talk or hangout or something.

-Aelieth Hadrok
Recipient: AHadrok@dentech.edu
Subject: Heya to you, too
Sender: RDunrae@MyMail.com

Hey there Aelieth!

Glad to hear from you. And glad to herar your e-mail is back up. How have you been? Anything interesting happening in your life?

And sure, I'll hold you to that offer. I'm a little less free than I was before, but I'd like hanging out or chatting. When are you free, usually?