Discussion: Introducing--the New NetSquare!

Oh... I am so there.
-Fujiwara Shin
Sounds interesting enough...

~ ???
The Rogue attacks... I have to say that this is a step in the right direction for the police. The fact that the Rogues were brought down by mercenaries should be a point of shame.

You know, I think this looks really interesting. Perhaps I could "convince" my navi.

Maybe through a little... "a mysterious old man spoke of it."

It's good that the Rogues where defeated, now the net is a bit safer again. But there are still lot's of virusses.
The Rogues have nothing to do with viruses, do they? And they weren't doing anything to make the Net dangerous... Aside from the occasional murder. Hah!

Well... I agree with Gunner on one point; the Rogues weren't a threat to the Net anyway. Their actions were less exreme than those of petty criminals. But yeah, I'll have to check this new Square out. Gunner, gear up!

What's all this? Was there a Net attack of some sort?

Warning do not consume food ingredients at the party, that is all.
It was awhile ago, a navi named Drakkas created a team of navi's that went without ops. A small team of random mercenaries, attacked the main base. They took down the top rogues. Then they attacked Drakkas. I read about it in a book, it was a pretty sweet battle from my point. I wish I could have helped, American would have kicked some ass in there.
I remember that. Swing was rather adamantly against them until...something happened. We decided we could not trust the IPC enough to side with them...yet we couldn't side with the Rogues, either.

I remember that after the news went out that the rogues were defeated, there were rumors that Drakkas survived.

I don't remember any other details, though.

-Duke Rigel
Excuse me, but the Rogues have no relevance to this discussion. I don't want this turned into a soapbox for people's opinions on the events of 7 years ago.

I seriously doubt that any of you know a thing about Drakkas and the Rogues. Take your blathering elsewhere.

Wow, this place has a real backstory. Well, at least we don't have a shallow plot to go with. I hope I get a party member here. That "Rass" character looks like a good prospect for the silent mage.

Does anyone know what the hell is going on n there? My Navi is stuck in that mess and I want to know who is responsible.

~ ???
No one does, but really, that's no one's fault. At this point, all anyone has is guesses.

Hmm... Yeah, sorry for bringing the Rogues into the discussion. It's dead news, after all. Anyway...
I've been caught in Metroline crowds until just now, so it seems I've missed all the fun. Just what's going on there?
I know I was the one to bring it up, but...


The party is under attack by an unseen assailant, and we have reason to believe that he also poisioned the refreshments. Please, for your own safety, do not attempt to bypass IPC's lockdown and join the battle.

What battle? This was over before it ever began. The pies were loaded with a paralyzing program, my navi is belching smoke, and whatever freebies there were are gone!

At least my navi made plenty of friends...
... and enemies...
I've had a Navi attend one such party, a little over seven years ago. My advice is to stop whining and join the rest of the NetBattling community in doing what we're famous for.

Sounds good to me. Let's catch these bastards and get to work getting back what was stolen!
Huh... We just get back onto the Net, and we miss this. I would've liked to be there... Kick their asses for me, alright?