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As Moa was at work, something strange happened..... EAV's data corrupted. No apparent data, it just... Happaned. Moa got back just in time to barely salvage the NAVI, applying an already damaged backup and managing to stop the infection of the corruption, but only after some amount of damage.....

First of all, the "Prototype weapon" is EAV's custom weapon, while the others are simply forms that chips take.

Also, for the Armor S type, the rocket fists are stolen from Mazinger Z. However, this is simply because they are one of the most famous super robot weapons ever, and often are signs that something is a super robot. So while this is copyright infringement, it's there for a reason.

NAME: EAV-09. Electric Autonomous Virtu-scout Verson-9 Z
GENDER: Female
TYPE: Break

PERSONALITY: EAV generaly maintains a straight face, but when something unexpected (Embaressment, anger, ETC) occurs, her personality comes out. Her personality has been heavily effected due to the unique features of her programing. At this point in time, she's developed a pretty good feel for most feelings of others. EAV has become more lax around company. Also, her appretiation and understanding of Moa has greatly increased since when she was purchased EAV-09.EXE can achive a decent level of programing. She is also programed with the ability to display holographic screens while on the net in a ghost in the shell esque style.

STORY: The EAV series was developed as an early venture into the creation of custom NAVIs. EAV 01-08 were all failures, unable to function because of errors in both programing and design. EAV was designed as a "Virtual scout" to explore the large and reletively mysterious world of the net. It was this purpose that made the programers to create EAV to be semi-sentinent. Much like space probes, EAV had to be prepared to take on challanges unmanned. So, gathering the limited information known of the net from the ventures of normal NAVI, the designers of EAV created her with knowledge of what to do in certain situations, but also, the power to not only cess the databases of their lab, but the ability to reprogram herself to fit these needs. The programers also created a "manual overide" in case the creation discovered something that made her beserk or reprogram herself to do something dangerous. Despite this safeguard, the higher ups decided that the project was too dangerous, not to mention that EAV's speed, essential to use as a scout, was not needed with new "Custom NAVI" being released with updated weaponary. Because of this, the EAV series was abruptly ended at model 09, all existing components of the project being scrapped and forgoten. While how this happened remains a mystery, Electric Autonomous Virtu-scout Verson-9 was found by Moa Akayama at a flea market. Since then, EAV's unique ability to reprogram herself has allowed her to adapt to those around her, giving her once empty persona an intresting flare for one who started with nothing.

-"F-H PROTOTYPE BLADE" (Fury-heat)
The prototype Fury Heat blade was developed since the start of the EAV project, and was perfected with the completion of EAV version nine. The handle is a circular gray shaft about 16 CM long, with a small disk guard with a radius of about 3 CM. The blade is actually a smaller circular shaft mounted on the guard, about a meter in length and also a dull gray color. However, when activated from codes sent from EAV, the blade glows with a violent yellow energy, almost looking as if it was made of light before the light extends sky high in a piercing beam, several shockwaves surrounding the blade, disipating before the energy dies down to leave the blade humming and glowing golden. The blade is blazing hot to the touch, and penetrates armor and just about anything else. It seems to be physicaly invinsible, but the blade sometimes shortcircuts.
What looks like a square vent right behind each of EAV's wrists open up to reveal a spring loaded gunbarrel which extends from the exposed mechanism on EAV's forearm. The mechanisms work in two modes. A burst mode of three shots (for greater accuracy), and a fully automatic mode. Bullets load from inside EAV's arm internaly.
On EAV's back, docked right next to the F-H Blade in armor is a hi-tech rifle of a sort. While it appears to be nothing more then a sleek assault rifle of sorts, rather then a cartridge on the bottom, it has a metal handle sticking straight up and down. On the top, the section of the the gun right before the the barrel is slightly lower then the rest of the gun, and seems to be seperate. When activated by coding from EAV, this section slides off to reveal a round slot. From here, EAV loads an ammo canister and seals the hatch. This rifle is single shot, but incredibly deadly and has powerful armor piercing possibilities.
A cannister grenade is mounted on EAV's hip, and can be detatched when needed. It can be detatched easily and the pin is pulled for devistating effects. While the device is slightly crude, it has multi-capabilities, and is not to be handled lightly. Under proper circumstances, it even contains break capabilites. This is repelenished as the spot of armor EAV pulls the grenade around spins in a socket to reveal a new grenade.

With the exception of two vents on EAV's back, the vents on EAV's body close to build heat. This causes an occasional small burst of some sort of smoke like cooling method from the two vents on EAV's back. The heat can be utilized by EAV as a weapon in limitless ways.
EAV uses 1 action to build up a reserve of 60 DMG. That damage can then be used divided in any way, and takes 0 actions to use.
Can be used on same turn as other sigs
3 turns cooldown. (starting from when the 1 action is used.)

EAV's hands begin to glow a little with energy as it gathers power in its hands. From here, two courses of action can be taken, with the results occuring the next turn.
1. Starting from the hand, the energy spreads thru EAV's body, becoming useful for use in attacks. Builds up a reserve of 60 DMG

2. EAV makes a swirling motion as power flies from his hand creating a barrier around him and his allys. This barrier is completely invinsible, and is created of swirling energy. When shot at, the barrier casts the attack aside with astaunding force, making an updraft on the inside and outside of it. The downside is, the party within the barrier can't attack either. However, EAV knows when the barrier will break and thus gives his allys a slight advantage. He can heal for 10 to an ally after using this.
1. Indestructible, be it metool or cybeast.
2. Lasts 1 IC turn for both sides, for planning and preporation
3. Slight IC preemptive strike advantage for allys
4. EAV can heal an ally for 10, it can't heal itself.
5. When used, cannot maintain indirect damage
6. Mods can make attacks hit before the barrier appears and after the barrier disappears.
7.Can't use other sig attacks during activation

Once per Battle.

EAV's current visual sensor flashes green and the tinted visor draws back into EAV's helm leaving simply the glowing sensor line. For a while, this is the only change, but then suddenly, its vents open as it drains power from its PET. some smoke leaks to vent the extra heat. From there, he can take three paths of action.

--Devil Runnning.
In this form, EAV can run at an incredible speed, but only in short distances. His normal speed is incredible, however, in short spurts, he manages to run at the speed of a demon, able to completly dodge anything thrown at him. In this mode, he is hardest to touch. His running is totaly unpredictable because of the ability to up his running in a moments notice. This running is edgy, and leaves the enemy dizzy and confused. While running, it leaves a several foot trail of smoke, as well as a blur from the light of its visor.

Greatly improves dodging chance, even if dodge isn't an action.
A dodge is basicly an auto dodge. Almost impossible to get hit
Greatly improves melee attack accuracy.
Because of the speed, it adds +15 to all melee attacks.

--Ironbullet Running
EAV adopts a running even more suited to offence as its Visor glows a deep blue. While the others improve running, Ironbullet style is diffrent. Briliant blue accents appear on his armor, as his vents don't open like usual, causing stored energy to build up inside. EAV's muscles strengthen (Without enlarging), allowing for frightful speed. Because of the style's nature, distanced dodging isn't much easier, but dodging close ranged Melee is simple. Using the built up heat, EAV unleashes fury of muscle and heat at once with almost all his attacks, utterly obliterating his enemy.

Slightly improves ranged attack dodging chance, even if dodge isn't an action.
Greatly improves melee attack dodging chance, even if dodge isn't an action.
Greatly improves melee attack accuracy.
Because of the speed and greater heat, it adds +25 to all melee and non element chips.
Because of the power used in the running, EAV takes no knockback while in this run.
-15 HP

By paying 10 HP, she can maintain/switch his run the next turn. Every turn he uses this, it costs an extra 5HP
Limit of 3 turns.

1. It won't count for any PAs.
2. It only stacks once on Multihits, AFTER damage
3. Usable on same turn as other sig attacks.
4. Takes no action to activate
Lasts One turn
3 turn cooldown

Once per battle
CAN BE USED DURING STRATEGIC AID. Takes no action to use.
EAV produces a small generic half white, half red pill of special coding. When she swallows it, her body automaticly begins to store an immense amount of energy in her body, causing her to become a blinding being as her programing slowly breaks down in preparation. Another path is that EAV begins to fade out of view to all but the target as a "ghost" as her programing begins to breakdown.

From here, EAV makes contact with an ally (The move works only with willing targets) causing one of the following.

EAV enters the body of the NAVI, she uses the stored energy to mix her programing and her allies programing, greatly empowering the target. EAV's persona acts as the "Navigation system" for the target by giving advice, warnings, and data on enemies. The user is also blessed with a higher awarness and faster reflexes.

The target can use the barrier mode of the strategic aid signature attack using all the same stats.
Equivelent of EAVCROSS +2 levels and attack +10
Both Operators can give the target chips
EAV takes all damage for the ally
Damage is prevented by 25%
Can split all damage (Boost dosn't apply seperately for split damage)
If EAV reaches 1HP, then a process similar to E-Jacking sends her to their own body.

EAV binds with the target, becoming a weapon system. The target gains a tight body suit and sometimes small parts of armor (targets choice). EAV protects the user while launching an assault of attacks. EAV is formed as two floating high tech shields around the user. These shields can fire lasers as well as chips from their bottom side. While being used, EAV's persona acts as the "Navigation system" for the target by giving advice, warnings, and data on enemies. The user is also blessed with a higher awarness and faster reflexes.

EAV's own HP disappears. Target Navi gains a 300 HP Barrier.
While fused, EAV's normal attack deals 20 DMG.
EAV can use dumbfire and non elemental projectile chips.
Damage to target is reduced by 10 DMG
Whenever the target is attacked, EAV covers for the user, acting as a shield, taking all damage for the user automaticly (NOT AFFECTED BY THE 10 DAMAGE REDUCTION)
If the Barrier drops to 0, EAV can no longer attack/block for the rest of the battle, the shields disapear but the athstetic changes to the user stay, and damage is still reduced by 10.
EAV can not be specificly targeted by single shots.

Damage dealt to EAV is total damage delt to target since activation of the sig, IGNORES UNDERSHIRT.
EAV can maintain this form between battles, but the effect must be specified to activate at the begining of a battle.

At the end of the battle:
If target is deleted, EAV is deleted also (unless escape subchip is used, and only if EAV would survive the damage from the "Damage dealt to EAV is total damage delt to target since activation of the sig, IGNORES UNDERSHIRT" clause.)

Sig attacks are subject to appearance changes during the use of GMOs.

Using a short phrase, movement or a mixture of both, a blinding flash occurs, obscuring view as well as sensors of all kind. When the enemies and allies recover, EAV has changed. While some parts of her armor stay white, her chestplate, gauntlet armor, waist and "Boot armor" become black. The places where the armor changed become slightly more exaggerated, as if armor upon armor. The general design of her armor becomes sharper and more ornate, and a golden V shaped crest on her chest plate. Small blue patches accent the armor in glowing lines. The antenna pieces on EAV's helm disapear, and instead, EAV's normal helm grows pointed long. Her normal combat face shielding will not activate. Instead, a metal face guard shapped like a face appears as a part of the helm. Also, her visor disapears and her helm top becomes a more slanted shape with glowing blue eyes. The "F-H sword" on EAV's back is replaced with a double edged human sword of the same size. When engaged, it begins to turns golden and emits a slight buzzing. In this form, weapons are implanted, and are often quite impossible. Some of the most notable weapons are rocket fists, implanted missiles, afterimages, laser weapons, and

EAV's armor cracks in all places before spliting to reveal a slim female figure. She is obviously an asian model with bright blue eyes and short mauve hair. She wears a white collared short sleaved shirt and black jeans. For some odd reason, a slight afterimage of Mutsumi can sometimes be seen behind EAV. The Fury-heat blade becomes a guitar, and also EAV's default weapon. All other weapons disapear from EAV, However EAV can cause a crystlin white energy to form around the guitar in order to shift to a base or keytar of the same color scheme. Attacks form in diffrent ways while using this GMO, in both physical and sonic forms.

Sword chips form as a dagger with smooth oval handles. The blade comes straight out of the wood, and is actually is not as wide as the handle. The blade is one sided, sharp, and is about 7 inches. The blade is incredibly thin and flat, but it seems to be incredibly strong.

EAV sprouts "energy wings" from her back. The wings are a light blue color, and glow gently, but they never move, but when activated, they allow her to fly.
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