Operating Area: Forest to Lighthouse

((Raiko's character will either show up later through a pre-determined plot device or, provided he does not finish it by my next moderation, will be removed))

A night ago, an airline was heading a routine flight from America to the eastern world when a tremendous storm overtook the plane. The storm was so sudden, so fierce, and so inhibiting that the pilot was forced to take down the plane on a private island off the coast of Massachusetts. The landing was hard and the plane went down in a forest, smashing against the upper foliage and leaving most of the passengers unconscious as the right-side wing broke off, creating a hole large enough to reveal most of the plane's interior. By some miracle, the inevitable explosions did not encompass the whole of the plane, leaving a few passengers inside charred and knocked out, but otherwise in tact. The plane sat there over night as if a mysterious force had lulled the survivors into a sleeping state.

--7:22 AM--

It was 7:22 AM when the first survivors of the crash awoke. Struggling to remove their fitted oxygen masks, they found that they were all belted tightly into their seats, which first had to be unbuckled. As they shook off the stupor of unconciousness, however, they discovered what had awoken them: a voice ringing over the plane's still-functioning PA system. The voice sounded vaguely like the ship's captain, whom a few recalled meeting briefly earlier, only significantly more weary. That aside, it seemed that he was somehow forcing himself to try to adopt his usual joking tone of voice. "Passengers, some slight turbulance... has brought us down... This is your captain Freddy speaking," he started, struggling to clear his throat. His voice rambled on in a hard to understand drawl that most were too light-headed to listen to. Soon, however, a much more pressing issue revealed itself at the back of the cabin.

Everyone found themselves having a sort of simultaneous headache as their vision reddened, giving way to a point of view centered directly on Hunter O' Leary, a young boy scout. Another boy's voice laughed, seeming to be within the head of those having the vision. "Hey Hunter? Got a tool for this?" it asked amidst a high-pitched chuckle. (Sight-Jacking Unlocked!)

"Yeah, Hunter! Hurry up!" another voice prodded, then another. When the visions finally ended, people were able to locate the source of the sounds. Hunter's entire squad, which had been situated behind him on the plane, was now crushed underneath a fallen tree, which had since lit on fire. Somehow the boys underneath it had survived... or, some part of them had. The look in their bleeding eyes was strange and vacant and their entire bodies seemed burned and ruined. Yet somehow they were still alive and those who were not taunting seemed insane and angry. Their taunts were slowly fading into actual threats and what might have been any sort of cheer at seeing his friends possibly alive had quickly faded for young Hunter O' Leary...

What was worse was that the captain seemed to be much in a similar state. His mood had picked up, although his words were making even less sense than before. "Alright, Jenny, let's go check the cabin. We'll make repairs and get everyone where they need to be in no time. We can still call this trip a resounding success, don't you think, heh heeeh he-" he started into an uncharacteristic laugh, but was interrupted by a cough halfway through. The co-pilot's obnoxious giggle had somehow grown even more obnoxious, as if she'd transformed into a rabid hyena. "Don't forget your gun Jen-Jen... Whoops, let's strike that one from the blackbox!" the pilot snickered, repeating the "strike that one from the blackbox" joke he'd made three times already throughout the trip, but this time in a much more sinister context.

The passengers didn't know whether they were dreaming or not, but whatever the case, they knew they didn't want to be around when Freddy and "Jen-Jen" came out of the back room. Luckily, a man hurried by, helping the groggy survivors free themselves using a swiss army knife. Hunter shortly recognized the man as his scoutmaster, but the scoutmaster seemed too concerned with freeing everyone on the plane to pay him special attention at the moment. The look on his face showed that he might have been somewhat traumatized by the kids at the back of the plane himself, if not simply by the crash. It seemed as though his hair had suddenly become much more gray than Hunter remembered it being in the past. "Listen, I don't know who can hear me, but if you can make heads or tails of what I'm saying, you want to get the hell out of here. I don't know what's going on, but anywhere is safer than here! Stick to the clear path through the woods and DO NOT venture into the forest!" he barked at all of them. With one last look at Hunter, he finally acknowledged him specially. "Hunter, Larry wandered into the woods. I've got to go get him. You get these people to safety the best you can. For God's sake, get out of here fast. If anyone's acting funny, leave em behind. I can't explain why, ya just got to. I know you'll do your best, Hunter; make me proud" he finished, stepping off the plane and into the woods.

For all intents and purposes, the scary munchkins trapped beneath the wreck were horrifying but not dangerous. There was little chance of them freeing themselves. However, if things were like the scoutmaster had said, everybody needed to get out onto that path quickly, guidance from Hunter or not. Reassuringly, the bunch noticed an active lighthouse in the distance, seemingly at the end of the forest path.


Objective: Reach the Lighthouse.

DIRECTIONS: All players are currently on the plane. The cockpit is ahead and the door is closed. To the left is a small clearing, surrounded by the woods (into which the scoutmaster disappeared). A similar clearing to the right of the plane, where the cabin wall broke open, leads into the path that the scoutmaster mentioned.

All players are together. No player is detected by shibito.

Ilyani Scales: 10/10 Vitality
Hunter O' Leary: 12/12 Vitality
Jeremi Davis: 10/10 Vitality
Eric Smith: 10/10 Vitality

The 4 players detect each other and two people nearby, all identified:
Pilot @ cockpit: 10/10 Vitality
Co-Pilot @ cockpit: 10/10 Vitality
"Hugghah." Eric mumbled as he tumbled from his seat, the oxygen mask being ripped from his face by simple gravity as he blearily looked around. "Nnghhh." He said eloquently as he trembled, trying to prop himself up. His arms felt like they were made of stone, and his legs were barely responding. He grabbed one of the seat armrests, groping at it as if he were looking for something in the dark.

"Ss'goinnon," He spat out in a murmur, getting his tongue to move. Hauling himself up to a kneeling position, he stood up abruptly, then almost fell over as blood rushed to his head. "Annghhh. Ow." He tried to shake his head, but that made everything worse. He kept still, trying not to move or talk as he leaned against the chair.

His vision pulsed. Suddenly, there were images in his mind, voices that shouldn't be there. "Ngoaway- go away... too young to be insane-" He spoke, then suddenly he realized- this was the point of the view of some of the people from-

He fell back onto his knees and brought up the lasagna and fruit salad they had served, along with the soda. "Huurhk." His stomach spasmed and he felt like he couldn't breath. He was coughing from the bile that had forced its way up his throat. People had just died and there were burning people trapped under a tree. He wanted to run until he couldn't see anything anymore. This couldn't be real. It had to be a dream. "Please- somebody tell me this is just me dreaming. Please, somebody pinch me." He sobbed out. It was too real to be a dream, but it was just so unreal. The cackling and taunting voices of the burning things that shouldn't be alive, the voice of the jocular captain suddenly becoming something out of a nightmare.

Eric's teeth chattered as he looked around, forcing his vision to focus. He looked himself up and down. Everything seemed to move so slowly and the sounds were all blurred, replaced by a pounding in his ears. His voice sounded weird to his own ears, his breathing was strangely pronounced. Eric closed his eyes and opened them. He recognized this. It was like as if he was running but a thousand times worse. A thousand times more serious than any other situation he'd been in before. Eric recognized that cackle in the voice, that tinge a broken mind. He shook his head again, this time letting the pain clear off his sluggishness as he raised himself up.

"The- the pilot... I think the pilot's gone insane. And-" He choked up. "And they have a gun in there. It sounds like they've both gone crazy. Just like them." Eric pointed at the kids, unwilling to look at them. He could hear them.

"Hunter- that's your name, right? We've got to stop them from getting out here. They'll hurt me- they'll kill someone. They have a gun. We need to block the door, jam the lock or something." Eric babbled the words out, licking his lips nervously, scanning the room for something he could bar the doorway with. Maybe some of the luggage. Maybe he could drag that in front of it. That would work. The world was speeding up again. His mouth seemed very dry.

They had a gun. He had to get away. Every instinct was telling him to run. But they had a gun. You couldn't outrun bullets.

He flipped open the back compartment. That was the emergency medical storage too. This was an emergency. If he could grab something from there as he moved, it might come in handy. The more pressing issue was the baggage. He needed heavy stuff to block that door. Eric kept moving.

[Spot: Check overhead baggage for heavy baggage, as well as back baggage compartment on right, which contains medical supplies, usually.]
[Pick Up: Any found medical supplies, any heavy baggage]
[Strength: Use heavy baggage to barricade door]
[Hide: Keep out of their line of sight if they manage to get through makeshift barricade]
[Pursuit: If no hiding place, run for it]
Everything was happening so fast...

His body ached from where it had been jerked forward in the crash, too much to hope he was dreaming. On top of that, he'd obviously undergone head trauma judging by the hallucination he'd just seen, of himself no less; and the man that's been like a second father to him, especially after his actual father moved away, just ran off into the woods after seemingly coming to his rescue... I've got no clue what's going on, but something bad's gonna happen. I can feel it... he allowed himself to think before noticing that others around him were conscious and, more importantly, not trapped, giggling, under a flaming tree...

"The guys..." he lamented, a tight feeling gripping his chest. He wanted to go and help them, despite what Ranger Rick had said, but the now blatant threats and creepy way they sounded as if they were perfectly fine despite the loss of blood, burns and... well... the tree made him heed his Scout Master's words. Steeling himself as best he could, he removed himself from the seat and shouted to be heard over the roaring flames behind them. "Alright, you heard the man! Everybody get off as fast as you can, it's not safe here! Gather up at the mouth of the trail, but don't head off alone! We don't know what's out there and we're safer in a group!"

He moved through the plane towards the opening, amidst the jeers and threats of his "fellow" Scouts. Just before reaching it, however, one of the other passengers, an older guy, started blurting out something about crazy pilots and, more importantly, a gun. "Slow down, they've got a gun? Yeah, we've gotta block that door!" Sprinting up to the cockpit, he stopped at the attendant's station, looking for the drink cart. If it was there, it'd be great to block off the door after he engaged the wheel locks. If it wasn't... well there's probably something up there to wedge into the door to stop it from opening. Fear began to rise in his belly as he got closer to the door. They could burst through any second with the gun... but he had to buy the others more time... Ranger Rick entrusted him with their safety... He had to do this fast, whatever was going on, but... it felt like he had no time.

Everything was happening so fast....

((Spot: Check for drink cart, or if it isn't there something else to block the door))
((Strength: Block the door with the cart/other found things))
((Pursuit: Flee the plane after blockading))
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Oh hell, things were not supposed to be going this way. Oh hell oh damn. Thoughts raced across Jeremi's mind like bullets, bullets like the things that were going to be shot at him. Or were they? Some guy said he should leave, so maybe he should, or maybe he should help the pilot, he seemed hurt.

"Oh.. hell.. errr" He began muttering, as he watched what everyone else was doing. He saw a scrawny guy trying to barricade the door. Maybe that wasn't such a bad idea. Yeah, not a bad idea, not a bad idea at all.

He began rifling through the contents of the aircraft, ripping out luggage from the overhead compartments, glancing nervously at the doorway. Maybe they didn't know they were in here, maybe they would be safe if they just made it hard for the pilot to get out. Maybe they would come to their senses after awhile. Luggage fell in clumps around him as he scrambled around the cabin.

Jeremi looked around the cabin again, spotting that pretty girl he had seen before. Maybe she wasn't that pretty, but she was pretty enough. Didn't seem crazy either, didn't seem bad off. He could impress her, show her how strong he was, show her how amazing he was.

He fixated on the idea as he tore at the walls....
He could become a hero....
He might save them all...
This wouldn't be so bad...
This couldn't be that bad....
His hands gripped the luggage painfully tight, no way he was dying without a fight.

No way anyone here was going without a fight.

[Spot: Check overhead baggage for heavy baggage. Anything Nice and sturdy as a weapon.]
[Strength: Use heavy baggage to help other guy barricade door]
Hnnnnngh. What the hell happened...?

Surveying her current predicament, Ilyani took scope of her physical being first off. Currently, she was doubled over, possibly on her seat or something. Something was on her hand, felt a bit plasticky, probably her oxygen mask, fallen over in the crash. Her immediate vision was shot, thanks to a haze of All-Consuming Blur(tm) obscuring everything in her immediate sight. Shaking her head did absolutely nothing to alleviate the confusion or draw away the haze. After a while, she gave up and tried to get up instead, but there was some sort of restraint on her. Was someone holding her? She felt around meticulously, finding nothing but a belt strap holding her into her seat.

Argh, stupid, stupid, stupid...

She repeated the word endlessly in her mind, hoping that it would clear away the haze in her eyesight as she unbuckled the belt behind the darkness of closed eyelids. She did it quite easily, as she did nothing else on the trip except play with it over and over again. She chuckled slightly at this as the belt's release mechanism clicked into place, freeing her from her (somewhat literal) reins. The haze in her eyes slowly cleared as a shard of light shone on them, causing her to blink repeatedly. When her vision cleared, the source of the illumination was gone, and a voice spoke up.

She recognized it as the overly-cheery captain what's-his-name, with another one of his inane jokes. This time, though it didn't sound much of a joke, as there was a hint of a strange quality that she hadn't heard from the airplane's commander before, one which she couldn't quite place. Then, just as she tuned out the captain's droll voice, a startling red wave overtook her entire field of vision, giving her a sight she'd not expected. A boy, Hunter, as a voice in the vision was calling him, was in her vision. She knew she had seen the boy sometime in the flight, but had given the guy not a second thought.

The vision ended abruptly, and Ilyani shook her head to clear her thoughts, only to hear the inane captain again. Again, she heard the same strange tone, something out of place, but now she could sense it. It was something close to cynicism, maybe sinister, even. She hadn't paid much attention to the actual content of the speech, but that alone put her on high alert. Ilyani shot up from her seat, only to be sat back down when an overbearing man sped through, wielding a knife. She was about to defend herself when she saw that the man wasn't an enemy, but a rescuer; the knife, merely a tool in aid.

She listened at full attention to the man's frantic warnings, and watched him, including everyone else, take action. Immediately, her eyes began to dart around in search of something to wield as a defense tool. A heavy bag, a fire extinguisher, a sharp piece of glass, maybe even one of those scouts' knives. Ilyani then dashed to the first item her vision locked onto long enough, and headed for the gaping hole in the plane's side, heading after the Hunter guy from earlier.

[Spot Check: Find anything to wield as a weapon, such as luggage, fire extinguisher, blunt or sharp debris]
[Grab whatever's found first off]
[Pursuit: GTFO from plane through scoutmaster's directions]
Amazingly, the group all put their heads together and blocked up the cockpit door with a variety of heavy items, including some very heavy locked travel cases and an overturned meal cart. Just as they finished, the door began to budge, indicating that the people inside were testing the handle. Finding that the door wouldn't open out, someone began to bash their body against its surface with reckless abandon, reaffirming the idea that they were not in their right state of mind. "Who's out there? Are we playing a game now? I thought I told you all," the voice of Freddy came, pausing for a long and wheezing cough, "to stay seated!" The beating grew more and more frantic until finally the passengers imagined it could be only Freddy and Jenny throwing themselves carelessly against the door with their full weight, trying to knock it open. Alarmingly, the door budged, but it was still caught. "LET ME OUT OF HERE, YOU TERRORIST SONS OF BITCHES," the voice growled throatily as the captain continued.

The group had bought themselves a little time and thus went to scan over their surroundings. Unfortunately for Hunter and Jeremi, they'd chosen to stand in spots with poor lighting and were perhaps still too focused on the shibito to give a good look around. Neither of them managed to locate much of anything useful at a cursory glance. Ilyani and Eric gave a more thorough search, spotting a plethora of useful supplies. A handbag containing a few souvenirs had rolled out of the upper compartments, seeming as though it could serve as a small bludgeon. Two large backpacks containing unopened parachutes lie strewn across the floor. Three water bottles had scattered around, containing clear blue water, a welcome sight after the odd crimson storm that had downed them the night before. Finally, they found a walking cane that somebody had dropped, which seemed as though it could possibly be effectively used as a weapon until something a little more threatening could be procured.

After looking over the plane, Ilyani and Hunter expressed a desire to hurry off of it and onto the path that the scoutmaster had pointed out.


Objective: Reach the Lighthouse.

DIRECTIONS: All players are currently on or around the front of the plane. The cockpit is ahead and the door is closed and barricaded. To the left is a small clearing, surrounded by the woods (into which the scoutmaster disappeared). A similar clearing to the right of the plane, where the cabin wall broke open, leads into the path that the scoutmaster mentioned.

All players are together. No player is detected by shibito.

Ilyani Scales: 10/10 Vitality
Hunter O' Leary: 12/12 Vitality
Jeremi Davis: 10/10 Vitality
Eric Smith: 10/10 Vitality

The 4 players detect each other and two people nearby, all identified:
Pilot @ cockpit: 10/10 Vitality
Co-Pilot @ cockpit: 10/10 Vitality
As she exited the plane, Ilyani spotted several things that she thought would be of use: a little purse with tiny souvenirs spilled out around, some water bottles filled with- guess what- clear blue water, and some emergency parachute backpacks, still unused. None of the items interested her much at the moment, especially the handbag, which she felt repulsed from. Her eyes still darting around, she scoured her immediate area, until she spotted something rather odd-looking glinting somewhere near where she had exited.

With closer inspection, she found it to be some sort of walking cane, quite pretty too. Not too ornately decorated, with a simple padded handle and a sturdy wood she couldn't remember the name for off-hand, she reached for it with a gleam in her eye. This little stick ought to be useful in some ways. I would bash that crazy pilot and his 'Jen-Jen' if I could. Stupid mouth-yammering. Hm, speak of the devil... Her ears picked up what sounded like the pilot once again, and this time they paid attention.

Tch, sure sounds like he's gone nuts. What did that scoutmaster say about strange-acting people... ah, right. Leave them behind. Good idea. Although that backpack maybe of help to that bigger guy, and maybe that scout. Help me live longer, at least. She shrugged to herself as she darted back inside the plane where she saw the packs and dragged one out to Hunter, while pointing out the other to Jeremi wordlessly, who seemed to be busy barricading the door. Jumping out of the hole once again, she pointed at the pack in front of Hunter with her cane.

"Here, this parachute might help you. Parachute's got strong cord, right?" she said.

[Obtain: Walking Cane - equip as weapon]
[Point out parachute to Jeremi]
[Give parachute to Hunter]
"Wha?" Hunter asked, momentarily nonplussed by case of nerves that had taken over his lower abdomen, as well as the abruptness of Ilyani's offer of the bag now before him. It took him a second to snap back to his senses.

"Oh... yeah..." He shook his head vigorously, as though attempting to shoo pests away from him. "Right, paracord is really strong. And the parachute itself is useful, too." He stooped down and picked up the bag, shouldering it as he straightened. ((Obtain: Backpack(Parachute))) "Thanks, miss." he said, defaulting on 'miss' in lieu of knowing her name.

"We should get out of here a quick as possible." he stated, loud enough to hopefully be heard by everyone who still in their right mind. He didn't say it out loud, but the fact that most of his (now former) troop was trapped beneath a flaming tree, yet somehow not only alive but screaming threats and vulgarities at him was putting him under great distress. The sooner they got out of here, and away from the scouts, pilot and "Jen-jen", the better.

Almost as if acting on habit, Hunter began to scour the ground for a suitable walking stick, a relatively straight branch roughly shoulder height between one or two inches in diameter. Since the plan had crashed in a forest, it stood to reason that the ground would be littered with shattered trees and fallen boughs. Maybe something suitable could be found amongst the litter. Hell, given the state of things, he'd settle for a weighty club... The stave would just make him feel more secure, like this was just some kind of weird camping trip...

((Spot: Look for a staff or suitable club if no staff is to be found.))
((If found, Obtain: Staff or club))

Jeremi cringed slightly at the thought of leaving, but decided to go with them. If he couldn't help them, then he would be as dead as them. While lost in thought he noticed the girl pointing out one of the parachutes. 'That might be useful' he seemed to think to himself, before rushing over to grab it. He took the moment to look at the others. They didn't seem to be leaving yet so he might as well join them.

Surely there was something he could keep them at bay with, something big, like an instrument or a walker or a log. He scoured over the area once more, grasping for compartments and scanning the surrounding wilderness. Suddenly, it occurred to him that he hadn't said anything at all yet.... That was weird. He would need to say something to her to break the ice.

"Any of them come through I'll protect you" He said to the women(girl?), trying to sound impressive. He might have fell a bit short, but he would be much more credible if he found a weapon to protect her with. Hopefully that wouldn't be too hard to find.

Meanwhile a single thought crossed his mind -
'Shouldn't we have left by now?'

[Obtain: Parachute]
[Search: For heavy weapon, Log?]
Eric quickly scooped up the small bag of souvenirs and tossed the bottles of water lightly into it. Who knew when he'd be getting fresh, clean water again. They needed to find out where they were, and this place did not seem friendly at all. Especially with the pilot and those scout kids. He held the handbag by the handle with clenched fingers for a moment, then loosened his grip slightly, detaching the handle and looping it around part of his belt before refastening it. He wanted his hands free. It might make running a bit annoying, but having his arms free and unimpeded was more important right now.

This place was seriously screwed up. He needed to be ready for anyone and anything. Best way to do that was to keep this bag as a nice little makeshift fannypack. "Well, let's get moving, then. I know I don't want to stick around these... Things." He waved a hand in a broad circle, vaguely indicating but refusing to look at the somehow living bodies of things that should be dead.

[Obtain: Handbag, Water, the water bottles in handbag]
[Pursuit: Go off toward the indicated lighthouse.]
[Hide: Hide behind any landscape if an unknown presents itself]
((Ilyani has equipped Walking Cane, a mid-weight blunt weapon.))
((Hunter has picked up backpack and parachute, both added to inventory. The pack and parachute are so heavy that they incur a -1 penalty to pursuit rolls.))
((Jeremi acquired a pack and parachute, both added to inventory.))
((Eric acquired Woman's Handbag and stuffed it with bottled water x3. All have been added to inventory.))

Everyone scrambled to gather up various items that looked useful. Jeremi and Hunter both gave the place another once over to see if they could find anything else, but nothing special was discovered.

While the search was being conducted, however, Eric slipped off the plane by himself and proceeded onto the forest path. Luckily for him, it seemed like there was nobody directly on the path. As his headache lessened, distancing himself from shibito around the plane, he found that it was growing as he proceeded down the path. The only answer, which flickering visions confirmed, is that there was another one of the freaks shortly down the path. Then again, he couldn't exactly be sure... The visions seemed to flicker even amongst the eyes of even those who weren't affected like those bizarre zombies.

Back at the plane, Jeremi remained worried about the success of the barricade, perhaps for good reason. The pilot and co-pilot were holding nothing back in their attempts to break it. "Don't worry Jen-Jen... I'm trained to handle this," the pilot's voice came from behind the door.


The door opened a bit. Then a smaller thud...


The door sounded like it was breaking off of its hinges. Another low thud indicated that they were still trying, both of them, ramming their bodies against the door. It couldn't hold much longer, not against unreserved strength like that.


Objective: Reach the Lighthouse.

DIRECTIONS: All players with the exception of Eric are currently on or around the front of the plane. The cockpit is ahead and the door is closed and barricaded. To the left is a small clearing, surrounded by the woods (into which the scoutmaster disappeared). A similar clearing to the right of the plane, where the cabin wall broke open, leads into the path that the scoutmaster mentioned. Eric is now on this path. Up ahead he sees that the winding path continues.

Three players are together; Eric has gone ahead. No player is detected by shibito.

Ilyani Scales: 10/10 Vitality
Hunter O' Leary: 12/12 Vitality
Jeremi Davis: 10/10 Vitality
Eric Smith: 10/10 Vitality

The 3 players who are together detect each other, Eric, and two people nearby, both identified:
Pilot @ cockpit: 10/10 Vitality
Co-Pilot @ cockpit: 10/10 Vitality

Eric no longer detects the 2 in the cockpit, but does detect the players and another figure up ahead:
Unidentified Figure?
Ilyani looked around nervously. The pilot and his 'Jen-Jen' were close to breaking out of their makeshift barricade, and if she didn't get out of there soon, she could be pilot food or something silly like that. So she did what was indicated of her earlier, which was to get out onto the path pronto and get the hell out of there. She turned to the two who were still there, and called out to them, "C'mon, guys. Time's wasting. Those two maniacs'll bust through that door eventually, and I don't think I want to be around when they do."

And with that, she turned on her heels (not literally, since she was wearing sensible shoes) and blazed through the trail Eric left earlier. She was feeling a little exasperated, what with someone already leaving, but she told herself to not let those little things get the better of her. After all, she was a Scales. Scales don't get miffed over someone leaving them in a pinch, Scales were to get out of that pinch whether anyone was gonna help or not. As she ran, she took the time to survey her surroundings for anything useful. Perhaps she could find something much sturdier than the cane that was currently flying behind her.

[Movement: Scoutmaster-indicated path]
[Spot: Anything useful]
Jeremi watched Ilyani from behind as she ran off into the forest. "Good enough" he muttered to himself, beginning to follow her into the woods. "Come on guys" He shouted to the remaining survivors, while eying the incredibly creepy children. He had always thought of himself as a good person, or at least not as a bad person. Leaving the dead, dying, or in some other way screwed up was not something he normally associated with himself.

Even so he found himself running, sprinting behind that women. It would be absurd to die this easily, it would be absurd if everything just ended like this.

------------------------Everything here was absurd

He found his feat pounding at the ground, while he remained only loosely aware of the surroundings. Somewhere in the back of his head he kept looking for something to carry, something like a weapon.

[Pursuit: Go down path]
[Spot: Heavy Weapon/Log]
And then Hunter was alone....

"Come on, people! What's so hard about 'Stay Together'?!" he shouted as he hustled down the trail after the others. The heavy backpack swayed with his movements, causing his path to wobble from side to side ever so slightly. As he ran, he kept an eye out for the seemingly elusive walking staff he had missed out on before.

For a forest, there was a severe lack of branches lying on the ground...

((Move: Follow the others))
((Spot: Stave))
((if(bool staveIsFound == true){Inventory.Add(Stave);}))
Eric stopped still, trying to make himself a small as a target as possible, looking as if he was a deer in the headlights. He crouched. Eric needed to find out who the person was as soon as possible. this place was crazy enough, turning a jocular older man into a crazed bloodthirsty profanity yelling-- was he even human anymore with how he was ramming himself against the door? Eric could still hear the thumping very very faintly in the distance when he listened hard. He needed to get into the head of this new guy. Maybe while everyone else caught up. the teenager concentrated, trying to reproduce the same feeling he had felt before with those burning children who had looked at Hunter.

Did he want to do this again? No. No he didn't. Not in the least. But he wanted to survive. Survival- was death preferable to going crazy and insanely muttering like those things? The things that should be dead but refused to die? He didn't know. He wasn't sure he wanted to find out.

[sightjack unknown man]
((Jeremi equipped Heavy Wood))

Everyone moved quickly away from the plane, sensing that the barricade might not hold for much longer.

Eric, a little ways ahead, cajoled himself into another one of the bizarre visions before the others arrived. Whoever it was up ahead, their eyes were covered in a red liquid mask... not a good sign. The man exhaled heavily, almost snoring. His eyes were flickering open and shut lazily, staring blankly at a flat, broad stump. The cut of the wood looked fresh; embedded in the stump was an old-fashioned logging hatchet, a little longer than a person's forearm. Luckily, the man didn't already have a hand on it and seemed fairly exhausted, so it might be possible to simply sneak past without danger.

As everyone else caught up with Eric, they quickly searched the ground for useful tools. Unfortunately, all that really came up were branches and logs of various sizes, both light and heavy. They might work as a weapon for now, but relying on them long-term would be infeasible. Testing them out, Hunter was forced to recognize that he just couldn't wield any of them effectively as a weapon given his stature. The small sticks were just so small that they would be entirely ineffective as weaponry. He did notice a number of lightweight, hand-sized rocks that could be used as bludgeons, however.

A sound of creaking metal behind them... Freddy had gotten out. Gunfire was already bursting throughout the wreckage. If there was anyone left behind when the four left, there was no saving them now. Uproarious laughter burst through the woods as the pilot began to stumble towards the path. Oddly, it seemed as though the co-pilot was no longer with him. "Who wants to meet the captain?" the voice called out, followed by laughter that was quickly broken by a fit of coughing.


Objective: Reach the Lighthouse.

DIRECTIONS: All players are at the start of the forest path. Behind them is the plane crash. Ahead of them, the path continues.

All players are together. No player is detected by shibito.

Ilyani Scales: 10/10 Vitality
Hunter O' Leary: 12/12 Vitality
Jeremi Davis: 10/10 Vitality
Eric Smith: 10/10 Vitality

The players detect each other and two people nearby:
Pilot @ Front of Crash: 10/10 Vitality
Log Cutter @ Forest Path (2): 10/10 Vitality
Catching up with Eric, Ilyani took a while to catch her breath. As her breathing racked her burning lungs, her dark blue eyes raced around to find something useful, but all she found were some rocks and sticks. Her mind was about to disregard the natural items as complete bollocks, when the opportunist came in. Critical analysis raced across her conscious, and she nodded to no one in particular.

Bending down, she picked up a couple of rocks, as well as the same number of sticks. Hey, you never know when the time came that demanded the use of a well-thrown rock or a nice and sharp stick. She stuffed them into her inner jacket pockets, glad that she had the sense to bring it on this trip. The air-conditioning in the airplane was ludicrously high, and she would had shivered like a madman a couple of hours into the flight if not for the cold protection.

Suddenly, she heard an unmistakable voice turn the silence of the forest into unnerving disquiet. Ilyani's head jerked in response, her eyes focusing behind the scurrying group. After a few moments of attempting to see the escapee, she gave up. It was not her concern to see the pilot, in any case. The madman had a gun, and that was her concern. She walked forward a bit before sensing that something was amiss. Perhaps it was an effect of that vision-thing back on the plane, but she just somehow knew that someone was up ahead.

After the bout with Freddy and Jen-Jen, she figured she was not taking any chances with strangers. She tried to move as sneakily as possible, watching the ground for possible twigs or bushes that would snap and swish, giving away her position. Cold sweat gathered on her temples as the tension grabbed her.

[Inventory: 2 Rocks, 2 Sticks]
[Move further into forest path]
[Hide check - avoid detection]
Jeremi watched the quiet chick as she went to pick up some rocks.

Its the little things that count...

She seemed entirely too nervous though, it was far too unsettling to leave her like that. With giant log in hand, he decided he could make her feel a little more... comfortable... Without waiting for the others (they clearly were taking too long) he strode up past her, confidently. 'Nothing to worry about here' he thought, content with the situation now that he had a weapon in hand.

As he took the lead he pondered what to do if there was another crazy man in the woods. Normally it would be best to try to reason with them, but something told him that wouldn't work. No, he could probably make everyone feel better by beating them senseless with his log. Hehe.. beat him senseless with his log... hehe... log...

Yeah, that would work, gotta see what is going on, but it might just work....

[Pursuit: Move further into forest]
[Engage new people in conversation]
[Combat: If they seem crazy hit them with a log]

Well, these were too big to defend himself with, but Hunter still picked up a shoulder height stick. One of the rocks, too. Right now it'd be clunky and unwieldy, but if he could get a length of the rope from the parachute free, he could make something a bit more useful.

Catching up with the group proper, he was assailed with the knowledge that someone like the pilot was ahead. Thankfully, it wasn't Ranger Rick. Still, he thought he had seen an axe in that brief flash, and that didn't look friendly, so he stepped into the brush, held the stick horizontally so that it wouldn't raise above him, then stepped up to follow the group. He didn't risk talking to them, but gave curt acknowledgements if they looked in his direction.

((Pick up: Staff, Rock))
((Move: Follow the group/trail))
Eric knew enough that some vision caked in blood was not a good idea to head toward. He swiftly moved as stealthily as his shoes allowed toward the forest path at a brisk pace.

He needed to stay out of sight, and perhaps he'd be able to use this strange ability to do so. He didn't know if any of the others had it but- Eric decided to say nothing. If they brought it up, then he'd talk. But if they thought he was crazy, he might be left to fend for himself.

This place didn't exactly look friendly.

He needed some friends. While running was easy, it was impossible to keep running and running. Especially swimming across that water. He needed another option.

[Pursuit]: Move into forest
[Sightjack]: Continue feed of info
[Spot]: Look around for any threats