War of Innovage

Welcome to the pure freedom Mech RP. That's right, a Mech RP. In the below is the simple rubric you can follow to create your mech to battle~ Plot and detail is all here~

War of Innovage: In November 11, 2411, The Agyst Empire suddenly sent an all out, surprise attack to the two world powers, the Maerow Kingdom and the U.L.O.W. (United Land of the World). Both powers barely survived the attack; U.L.O.W. immediately surrendered while Maerow fought against the Agyst. 8 Years passed, th e Maerow Kingdom is finally gaining power against Agyst but they're still far from winning the war. Recently, a terrorist rebel group, dubbed the "November Snow", began their assult toward both factions by detonating both of their monumental buildings.

Now, all 3 factions are at an all out war against each other, each holding their reasons to fight and to win the war.

Common Term:
Agyst Empire: The dominating world power ruling the eastern and the southern land previously owned by the U.L.O.W. . The empire started and currently winning the
War with their dominating number of soldiers and power.

-Flourss—Type3: The M3 Mech Unit used by the Agyst Empire. Flourss units are dangerously fierce with their signature machinguns.

Maerow Kingdom: The last remaining national force against the Agyst Empire, steadily gaining their grounds. Their prestigious tactics and technology is said to be the only reason why they're still fighting against Agyst.

-Gressive-V8: The M3 Mech unit used by the Maerow Kingdom, it specialize in high-tech weaponry and A.I.

"November Snow": The largest operative terrorist rebel group in the world. Fighting against anyone who is participating in the War of Innovage, they seek peace for an unknown reason and use force with out hesitation to reach their goal.

-OutKasks: An underground Mech unit used by Many rebel groups, infamous for using primitive, close ranged weapons.

-Outk-APTURE: Slightly upgraded version of "OutKasks" used by the leading rebel group, "November Snow."


Model Name: [Mecha Name/Nickname]

Model Type: [There are many types you can choose from, but feel free to create your very own]

Small = Slightly larger than the size of a car.
Adv: Quick / Hard to target / All small size mechs can create one friendly NPC unit (Including M3 Units)
Dis: Very vulnerable / Not so strong.
Medium = Reasonable, typical size of a mech.
Large = Large and tall as a building.
Colossal = Tall enough to reach the sky.
Adv: Towering defense / Extreme power
Dis: Easy to target / Very slow

-Custom: The default choice. A customized model with few addition compare to its original. (PS: This isn't the type you have to choose to create your own Model Type. This is more of a "default" model type.)

-Weapons: 3 MAX
-Functions: 3 Avail
-Size: Small - Colossal

-Heavy: A full blown mech, purely designed to destroy the enemy in a flash. The mech with the most weapons capability but lacks functions.

-Weapons: 5 L.R. / S.R.
-Functions: 1 Avail
-Size: Large - Colossal

-M3 (Military Massive Model): A massive production model for the military, weak compared to other but the only model type you can create your own NPC squad/team for your use.

-Weapons: 1 C.R./L.R. , 1 Low-Leveled C.R./L.R. , 1 Supportive
-Functions: 2 Avail
-Size: Small - Medium
-Extra: Able to create 2 NPC friendly units. (3 If the unit is small)

-Ancient: A mech with mysterious origin. The technology of this mech is beyond comprehension and Omnipotent.

-Weapons: 2 Max, 1 Supportive
-Functions: 5 Avail
-Size: Medium - Large

-Revamped: An old model completely customized into the pilots liking, but due to its held back technology, it focuses mostly on close range attacks or primitive weapons.

-Weapons: 2 C.R. , 2 S.R.
-Functions: 2 Avail
-Size: Medium - Colossal

Details: [Short or Long details about your mech.]

Cockpit Control: [This determines the way your pilots will RP. You can combine two cockpit control and of course, make your own if you like]

-Joystick: The typical mech control, it steers with either a pair or a single joystick. The pilot has a full status check over his mech with the built in computer.

-Semi / Full A.I.: For the beginner pilots, the A.I. automatically takes care of the mechs minor problems and sometimes steers automatically. [Automatic for "M3" Model Types]

-F.M.C. (Full Motion Control): With this customized control, the pilot stands on a platform and directly controls every move of the mech with his own movement.

-Psycho-Control: A very effective, yet dangerous control. It directly connects the mind of the pilot to the mech it self, making the control twice as better than F.M.C. . But, due to the connection, the pilot him or herself would partially receive or feel the damage of the mech onto their own body. [Automatic for "Ancient" Model Types"]

Functions: [Because this is a free base RP, you can put it almost anything in here, as long as it is reasonable and isn't cheap. [u]Every[/u] special actions the mech can do HAS to be listed in here, especially flying!]

DEFAULT Functions:

-Lock-On: For ranged weapons, the mech is able to lock on to enemy from at least 500 meters around the range.

-Propulsion Jet: A jet installed in the mech allows a powerful boost to either jump or dash forward. [unavailable for "Ancient"]

-P.E.S. (Pilot Ejection System): A vital function of a mech that allows the cockpit of the mech eject away from the mech when it reaches critical condition. [Unavailable for "Ancient" and "Revamped"]

-A.L.B.P (Air Lock Bond Platings): Any type of enviroment or terrain, such as Sea water, Space, and others won't damage your mech seriously.

Weapons: [There are 4 types of weapons available for mechs. For each Model type you choose, you can create your own weapons on the category. If it says 3 Max, you can create any combinations of weapons.]

-Long Ranged (L.R.): Mech sized guns or other long ranged weapons such as bows. All L.R. weapons must have ammo limits listed and checked during RPs (That means you won't be able to fire your gun millions of times without any reloading, so try keeping it real^^).

-Close Ranged (C.R.): A type of weapons that deals an extraordinary amount of damage, but short in ranged. C.R. weapons can range from fists, swords, hammers, and etc.

-Semi-Ranged (S.R.): These are the weapons that fall in between L.R. and C.R. . The S.R. weapons can be a flail, rocket punch (<-Millions of bread if you know the name of the mech that uses this as a signature attack >:3), Chains, etc.

-Supportive: These weapons are for many purposes rather than to damage others. Supportive weapons can be smoke screen, flash bang, A.I. Virus, shields, just about anything.

-Low-Leveled: Weapons that are low-leveled are minor compare to other weapons. For example, a knife could count as a low-leveled compare to a sword you have. A pistol counts as a low-level compare to a rifle.

Pilot: [The name of the Mech pilot.]

Details: [Short or long description of your pilot]

Pilot Skill: [These are what makes mechs diverse, the pilots skill and control. You can create up to 2 skills but some skills are pre determined by what type of Model type you picked.]

-Custom: No specific Skill, create up to 3 rather than 2.

-Heavy: "Blind Fury": The pilot is able to unleash all of their L.R./S.R. weapons at once to deal a devastating damage to his or her opponent. The mech is unable to use any attacks due to the overheat.

-M3: "Squad Tactics": With his or her assigned squad, they're able to fully communicate and plan out attacks with little to no problem while others would take time.

-Ancient: "Synch": The pilot and the mech has an unbelievable bond between each other. The mech and pilot is able to make decisive decision almost as one body.

-Revamped: "POWER!!": All revamped mech has a special switch that runs an overdrive in the Mech engine, allowing a power greater than any colossal type mechs. The downfall of this ability is the need for cooling time and the partial damage to the engine it self.

Reason: [The main reason why your pilot is participating this war]

After you finished your Mech, PLEASE, PLEASE PM me your mech to keep your ability and weapons in secret from other members. But please feel free to post the following in this topic to show you are participating in this RP.

-Mech Name
-Model Type
-Model Size
-Pilot Name
-Detail (If you like)
Here's a full example of a finished Mech:

Quote ()

Model Name: Black Raven
Model Type: Medium; Ancient
Cockpit Control: Semi / Full A.I; Psycho-Control

Orbital Frame: Allows the mech to hit the atmasphere, with freedom to go back and forth. This allows the unit to freely fly with no problem on both planet side and space side
Blink Dash: Allows the unit to make average short burts of speed to reach its target faster or throw it off guard.
Symbios's AI: The AI is sentiant in this mech, orginially never allowing the pilot to take risky moves to could affect the pilots life. Symbios's AI allows both users to use both AI and human function in harmony to pilot as one.
Over Drive: A few times a day, the mech is capable of surpassing its original short bursts of speed by flying from snipers point to user in a blink of an eye. This is rarely ever used as it runs off of emotion, only ever a few time it has been used because the mech temporarly does not have the equipment to make this its permant jump. The user has suffered mental damage from this before as it is a lot on the mind, for now it is to much to handle.
Unknown: There is something in the mech that has been felt but could never be reached. The GM may choose the 5th one to make it more unquie.

LSR-5 Program; Energy Focus: A program that allows the mech to focus its energy into machine gun rounds. Is weak and multiple but infinite. Is usually used to widdle down the opponents life till the mech is with in melee range.
LSR-Energy Blade: On the right arm of the mech is a thin piece of metal pointed back. when activated, it moves from outward to the hand and points forward, allowing a long, focused, amount of energy to flow out of it, forming the energy blade.

LSR-Decoy Program: A program that creats a fake image of self to all sonar and missle tracking systems. To the naked eye, one can just see half a fake image, and sonar now picks it up as two units.

Pilot: Kyle Madigon
Skill: Reckless: Has a unusal amount of luck to get him out of tough spots.

Reason: A mercenary that has not found a side to fight for whole heartly.

Objective: Slow Liberation of the former U.L.O.W. southern land from the Agyst Kingdom
Leading Faction: Maerow Kingdom.
Time: 0930
Area: Southen continent of Agyst Empire
Field: Deserted City, 10 miles in radius

The Mission will start as soon as I have a handful of mechs^^
I'll be controling this unit for Plot sake^^

Model Name: Gressive-V5 [A Type]
Model Type: Medium / M3
Cockpit Control: Semi A.I. / Joystick
Factions: Maerow Kingdom
Pilot Name: General Decre
Reason: Because his family line was full of military history, it was normal for him to take the front line and fight for his country

Ally NPC:
Model Name: Gressive-V8
Model Type: Medium / M3
Cockpit Control: Semi A.I. / Joystick
Factions: Maerow Kingdom
Pilot Name: Ludeca Saxxon
Reason: A new recruit Pilot of the Maerow Kingdom. He was taken interest directly from General Decre and set as the squad unit in the Elite Squad

Model Name: Gressive-V8
Model Type: Medium / M3
Cockpit Control: Full A.I.
Factions: Maerow Kingdom
Pilot Name: M.K.A.I. System
I'd love to join this RP but... D:

Please explain mech stats to me a little more?

This is a full text based RP with slight limits to keep everything fair^^ You can create a super strong weapons from the beginning, as long as I think it's fair~

The only limit here is the amount of weapons and amount of functions/skills the mech can have. Of course, you can create any type of mech and such but I have to check if it's fair and stuff :3
I hate you so very much for making this...

*sigh* guess I wi.ll get working on something then..

on a side note, you never actually give the size of anything.
Meh, Size are just there >___>;;

And y hate me so mch Q_Q
I hate you because there is now yet another RPG I am going to be in.

At least it is something to do in the summer though. Was actually my original reason form joining MM:CN

and could I please get some scale? 4 meters tall, 10, 50? I would greatly appreciate it.
I really don't know...Just pick o_o;;
After reading it over I believe the scale question was poorly done.

Question about the custom. Can the three weapons include support or are they incapable of defence?
Average dimensions in most Mecha-verses is 20 Meters Height x 5-8 Meters Width x 3-6 Meters Depth @ 40-70 metric tons for a humanoid combat model.

Average base armament consists of 3-11 weapons/hard points.

Mechs very rarely have more than 12 individual weapons, regardless of weapon size.
I noticed that he already defined size catagories earlier (didn't notice originally), though I am familiar with standard specs. It would seem that small begins with what is basically heavy powered armor, which is what I originally had in mind, and ends with skyscraper.

Now I just need to know about custom before I design it..

Oh, and the Rocket Punch?

Mazinger Z.

[name pending]
Affiliation: Maerow
Size: Small

--Limit Release
'Kay, I'm in. Almost have my mech done.

Quote (Kazuhiro)


Oh, and the Rocket Punch?

Mazinger Z.