Aimish Artwork

Miakis from Suikoden V...

I can't believe this is the only thing I've completed recently that I haven't shown off. I feel like I've been drawing up a storm.

I do have two pages of terrible portrait shots of Don and DimensionMan I was drawing, but at least 9/10 of both pages are completely insufferable. XD
You can always draw my characters. Do it...Doooooo eeeeeet!

A mugshot of MasquerMan, who will be in my subplot. It's rather unimpressive; I wish I had more to go with it, so I could wow people with quantity. XD

MasquerMan will be the navi of the Drama Club President. He's got major vanity issues and often talks in drama cliches.
You can totally illustrate Triggerman.

Yes, I'm giving -you-, amongst all others, the privilege to meticulously design that poncho you've so dreamed about. >.o

Great stuff so far.
I'll be getting to these requests and stuff... eventually. XD

Anyways, here's some avatars I made of different characters.



Don Murdoc
Next to MeleeMan, DimensionMan looks sort of like a sidekick character...
"Holy Flaming Met, MeleeMan! Gunner's trying to steal the Awesome Jewel!"
But yeah, man, you never cease to amaze me. Not just with the drawings, but with the incredible thought that goes into shading and stuff.
I'm going to have to take an art class one of these days...
Awww, why didn't you bring back Dimensionman? I loved his crazy antics!
Looking for crazy antics?
See: Seraphim

Looking for emotional strife?
See: Titania/Oberon

Well, Dimensionman is alive and well, running about.
Looking for Dimensionman?

See: Sexy Trio
I think that your portrait of Meleeman bears an ever so slight resemblance to Captain Falcon.
It reminds me of judge Dredd

Wish I could draw as clean as you. All my drawings are disgustingly messy.

MeleeMan without his helmet. This one came out good enough to clean up a bit and scan, so I did. It was on lined paper, as you can tell, but it was so much better than the other two that I wanted to put it up.

I'll get around to doing other people's characters at some point of time, by God. XD
Sorry to double post. Quick update. XD

Helmetless DimensionMan and DimensionGirl, because I don't think I've drawn either of them that way before. Still not great quality sketched, but good for paper doodles, I think.
Sorry to, er, triple post. XD

Anyways, here's the Chaos vs. Melee pic Zan had been wanting. Hope everyone enjoys it.... Remember, they're not going toward eachother, they're supposed to be bearing against... >___>;

*tries to erase the thought from his head*

Other than the incredibly homosexual appearance...I like it. The artwork looks great, even though MeleeMan still reminds me of Judge Dredd.
Wait...Is that Stringer?
Good job, man. I must admit, I'm jealous.
Thanks King. I'm trying to put more work into anatomy now. You all will be seeing more of it soon, hopefully. Don't take that out of context, by the way, and assume I was saying you'll be seeing more of my anatomy. ;__;

Quote (Goroke)

Wait...Is that Stringer?

Ha ha, no, those strings are for much more than fighting. They're for... er... binding two primalistic slaves to him by watches.... >___>;

Sorry to double post, here's somethin' new.

Gloved hand practice.