Sage's Sketches

So I've been working at learning how to art for awhile now, and I figured I may as well make myself a little thread here. All my RERN drawings will be kept here, and maybe some other stuff if I feel like it.

I do take requests, but just to warn, I'm wildly unpracticed in drawing females, and I'm pretty busy so drawing time's usually whenever I need to cool down from school or work or what have you. Otherwise, by all means give me stuff to draw, and I'll try my hand at it.

This is some good stuff. Perhaps you would be so kind as to be able to do Suzume and Aya, DragonierMan's SPs at some point in the distant future?
Calcinatio looks hilarious, the arms look like they would be a pain to draw. Ego needs hugs, especially since she has to hang out with teh creepiness that is Hex. :<

These look good though.