Artist Rendition of characters

One of my school friends here is working on drawing things in a cleaner more comic book style, and drew Trent and Sasha for me.

He is thinking of doing commissions of characters as well, drawn in the same style. He wants to see if there is any interest for that here, it would cost but I don't think he plans to charge much for anything. If anyone is interested in drawings by him, post up here so I can tell him if there is any interest from the people on the site.
Trent is bald?

I might be interested in having DragonierMan (and my two, soon to be created SPs) drawn.
If you could get him to give a rough estimate of his fee, I may be interested.
Trent hasn't always been bald but in his most recent update he was made Bald.

And I think he said 20-25 base. That's a rough and doesn't include any form of background. And unless you plan to get more than 3-4 characters, it won't go any higher up than that.