Um sprite/drawing help?

I could pay somebody through paypal if they would draw, and sprite my Net op/navi for me... price can be discussed.
Well... I can't draw. But I can do some basic sprite work.

And I wouldn't ask for money. That's silly.
Who did you avatar picture?
I found the picture online and cropped it.
Haha I thought it was your navi lmao! :/
Well it does help with visualization.
It looks so accurate lol!
It is quite well drawn yes.

Did a 30 minute sketch or so of Katana.EXE. It came out, ok. I will try some more another time but there ya go, if you don't like just say so and I will do another sometime.
I like it.
I like it as well....... sadly... Katana.exe is about to get trashed I'm retuning back to sparks, but i do not wanna trash your picture that can be his unarmored gmo
Well sad face. At least it goes to use then xD
I'm going to have better descripitons to my navi/op team later after my recovery is approved...