Link's Awesome, Superfun Requests

I have decided to make myself a request thread. Anyone who wishes to comply with my requests should do so immediately.

REQUEST NUMBER ONE!!![font=Impact][/font]

I'm kind of on a Team Fortress 2 kick right now, so I kinda want to see a bunch of Navi's from the site done as the different classes, with Nitro as the Demoman.

Artist: Me

Official Class List:
Demoman: Nitro (Link2125 Link2125) COMPLETED!
Heavy: Big (ZeroSaber) COMPLETED!
Medic: Enigma (Hiko) COMPLETED!
Scout: Machman (The Grim Reaper) COMPLETED!
Spy: Void (Niax) COMPLETED!
Pyro: Djinni (Shuryou) COMPLETED!
Engineer: Phantasm (Leiquan) COMPLETED!
Sniper: Validus (The Annoying Reaper) COMPLETED!
Soldier: Voltman (P.A. Master) COMPLETED!

UPDATE OCT 20: All Navis have been completed and uploaded. Now taking applications from anyone who wishes to arrange and colour them. Rummage in pages 2 and 3 to find them.
Gah! Enigma wouldn't really fit anything but Medic.

And, for Medic, he's not really wussy enough. XD "EVERYONE! I AM ON FIRE!" God I love Medics. Oh, well. If no one else can take up the spot better, I'd have him there.

Post = easier than PM...
EDIT: Added Hiko's Enigma to the list (Medic).
Requesting Machman.EXE as a scout!

You want a piece of me, toughguy? BOINK!
Hey! Who's keeping track of my "heads batted in?" BONK! How was that, Mazer?

[Surprisingly good... you've been wandering in my computer, haven't you?]

I'm a force of nature!

EDIT: Added Machman (Scout) and Big (Heavy) and provided links to Navi profiles.
This team is looking good! : D
<Enters other people without their permission>
RASS as Engineer
DNR as Pyro
Pianissimo as Spy
Voltman as Soldier
Militiaman as Sniper.

My navis can't do anything.
I agree with everything but RASS. RASS is too... shy.... to be an Engi. Engis build never-ending tele traps, sentries in obnoxious locations, and are just generally annoying if you're not on their team. I dono. It just doesn't seem to fit; RASS is more of a frontlines type than a defender.
Permission granted for Soldier.
DNR should have been the Medic. :'D
EDIT: Added Voltman as Soldier, and created a Suggestions list with links.
Void as spy, cause I'm the only one that actually uses knives...
EDIT: Added Void as a Spy
Dove could be the Pyro.
He's got the firepower.
EDIT: Added Dove as the Pyro. Only two classes left, Engie and Sniper!
Ok, so the topics been kind of sitting here collecting dust, so I guess RASS and Militiaman qualify as the new Engie/Sniper (I'm 90% certain those Navis are public domain anyway). The gates are officially open for those that want to draw it, but the slots for Engie/Sniper are still available for those that want them. Just be sure to give a heads-up to the artist that takes up this daunting, nine character task.
EDIT: Validus is now our Sniper, that just leaves the Engineer (currently RASS). Anyone can pick up and draw this request at any time, but I'd suggest saving the Engie for last, just in case someone wants their Navi to take up the final slot.