D-Lux Art

[[Name is due to the fact that I like Lux better than Jcc28. It's like Deluxe art, except not as good as the title would imply]]

Okay, so I have all these drawings just sitting around doing nothing. I guess I would consider myself to be ~ok~ at art, but I wouldn't say good (especially compared to most of you). So anyway, I realized that I might as well give my art to an audience, and that audience is all of you who proceed to look at my art. Since the only person I know who will critique my art is my mother, and she dislikes the way I draw anyway, so she has a difficult time doing so, I'd say that this should be good for me.

So, I'll post my art, and you people, if you want to, can comment or critique. (But please don't just flat out insult it, if you can avoid it.) I guess you could make a request if you wanted to, but I have no Idea why you would want to.

Also, notice the bad quality. (Not of the Art, of the pictures >_<) This is due to my lack of scanner. I took all the pictures with a camera. In bad lighting. And with a camera that I barely know how to use. So, don't comment on this aspect of my drawings, as it isn't really something I can control.

So, First off, Pictures of various characters that were made for a NarutoRP by either my Friends, my sister, or me. (The characters, not the drawings themselves. I drew all of them.)

((If you are looking for my pictures, go to the next post))
So Basically, becuase I don't think that many people will care(Or look at this at all), instead of reposting each image, I'll just link the album with al the missing ones in it. So HERE you are.

From Here . . .

Then, the unrelated character from the Naruto Forum RP that I considered joining but didn't

And here is colored using Paint Shop Pro. It was my first try coloring something on the computer that I drew in real life, so I guess its okay, even though it doesn't look all that great.

Then I have Rose, like My NetOp here, except more Fantasy setting like

And finally, My Random Hinata Chibi that I was happier with than the other guys, at least. In fact, I think she turned out rather cute.

I just realized that almost all of my recent art has been of Naruto related subjects. I'll have to fix that and do something different soon.

Well, there you go, that's all I have for now. Any thoughts on any of it?
New bad drawing. Not that it matters, since no one looks at this. But still, I decided to post stuff here, so why not continue? Still wish I had a scanner, though . . .


And I think she is a cleric. A bland cleric. Who is badly drawn. What a sad life, The poor girl.

And I hate her face. The eyes Hair everything about it makes me dislike it.

So, any replies this time? No? Whatever . . . [Shrugs]
[points dramatically]


[slams hands on table]

This is very much like what my ancient art used to look like.

See my stuff now?

Know how I got from point A to point B?

I drew like a freak for six years.

What you have here is a good start. (How did you learn? One of those abysmal how-to-draw-manga books?) You've already acknowledged that what you have isn't that great; that's a very good thing, because now you're in the right mindset to improve.

So yeah. Draw lots. You'll improve so slow that you won't notice, but you'll get better with time. I haven't got a single spark of talent for this drawing thing; everything I do is sheer skill, and the results of skill don't look half-bad.

So, one basic thing I can pick up here that you can try working on first: anatomy. Looking at what you've got, all the body parts seem to be about the same length, but they're still lacking in muscular structure. When you've got nothing else to do one day, go and flex those pylons of yours in front of a mirror, and check out the shapes that your arms and legs are. Limbs have these curves that are actually quite satisfying to draw if done properly.

As I said, this is looking like a pretty darn good start. Now keep working at it.
[[Grr, fine, I'll reply. I didn't want too, becuase I figured EN is more popular than me, so having her post as the most recent one would get more people to check it out, but I feel rude not responding, so I must]]

Thank you for replying.

(And yes, while I did draw badly before as well, I have had 2 of those "abysmal how-to-draw-manga books)

My saying my art is bad is not just due to my realizing that it is, but also due to my lack of self-confidence. But either way, improving my art helps both.

I would flex my muscles in front of a mirror if I had muscles, but sadly . . .
Just kidding, of course everyone has muscles. I'll try it. I already have a weird habit of posing before I draw non-standing-facing-forward characters.

And Thank you for saying it is a good start as well.

In 6 years I'll be 21.
So if I draw like mad until then.
I may be able to draw like EN. (Which is a good thing, becuase I like the art)
And drink.
That'll be a fun year in my life.

Thank you once again.

((Now to see if I get any more viewers))
*clears throat*

You know, all of this should partially belong to me as Resident Narutard, right? XD

Though, since I'm a nice guy, I'll let you keep it so you can look back at it in said six years and say, "Wow, I really have improved a lot."



I sound like a total ass, don't I?
[responds in thread so that her name draws attention to it]
*Skull bashes the thread for massive damage*
*Threatens that further posting for the sake of posting will meet with warns*

*Notes that art is a decent start*

*Likes the hands, but explains that arms don't bend like that*

*Thumbs up the rest*
Alright, more cruddy art.

But I feel like doing something with it.

Basically, my "Intermediate 2D Art" class the teacher gives homework every week. And since the course started, it's pretty much been "Research an artist, find a work of art he made, write a page", then "Draw a picture similar to one by the artist you researched last week" This week, however, it was "Draw a Self-Portrait". So I made one, and I'm placing it here.

I dunno, it's not very good. But it kind of looks a little like me. Also, the ears are different sizes, but that's okay, because that's how they are in real life. (One of my ears is different, it's like, folded over or something at the top, I dunno.)

So, if anyone feels like commenting on it, feel free. If you don't feel like it, don't.
Or do, but why you would if you didn't want to is beyond me.

very good job on the eyes, I never got good at those...

I think the face is a little long, but I'm an idiot at art...

if you need to learn anatomy still, I suggest by some exercise magazins like 'men's/women's health'...

it's not as good as drawing a real person, but it shows examles of body without being awkward or pornographic. because they are usually wearing tight clothes in those, it helps you see how the whole thing goes together...
Free Choice Art Homework

SummonerMan.EXE (Read Physical Description here.)

I have to color him, and will do so eventually. . .

More Questions and Comments and Criticisms?

Also, Thank you Niax for the advice and criticism. I do realize that my anatomy is off, however, I don't plan on buying fitness magazines. I'll figure some source out, though.

EDIT: And 5 minutes and 4 colored pencils later . . .

Yeah, It's quick and cruddy, but It has color now for reference.
Pretty nice jorb with the cloth. The hand's a bit small, but anatomically correct. The leg is also a bit thin, but that's nitpicking.

But I love picking nits. : D

Good job.
More sketches, just putting them here because I feel like it. . .
((Darn you, Lux, clogging up the Fan Art section with your rather average and not particularly incredible art. You're taking away attention from good Artists and Hiko's Backstory.))

Female Stage Magician who still needs a name.

Aqua Twins draft 1 They look kind of dumb though.

Aqua Twins draft 2, I think this one looks better, despite the lack of faces. (Or perhaps that's a factor towards why it looks better)

There you go, say whatever, or don't.



New one from the day after I made these, but I was away so I couldn't use my scanner.

And now for something completely different...

Well, actually, not really. Different medium, same poor quality that you've all come to know and love, right?

Well, I got distracted and made this:

That's SummonerMan.

So, I figured I'd upload it here. Feel free to comment/criticize/advise/insult/praise or whatever it is you feel like doing to it.

Anyway, while I was uploading that, I figured I'd stick my other, though worse, RERN type sprites here.

The first one is SummonerMan from when I tried making him in MMBN style. It didn't work very well. The other one seems to be better quality. The Second one is Mokusei. The Third and Forth are Atra, one with helmet, one without. She was a Navi that I almost registered with, but I picked Mokusei instead. However, I still have her Sprite and her Reg. saved in the depths of my PC, so I put her here too. These dudes are older, and all use MMBN bases, I think. Mokusei is just Shado man, and maybe a Bomb throwing pose, Atra is Medi, I don't remember what Summ is, but it doesn't matter, as he's bad anyways.

Oh, and by the by, I used this dude as his base...

See the similarities?