All right, so... here's my lyric thingy, since some on the chat were interested.

Basically, it's lyrics to match Brightman's stage theme from Megaman 4 (Check Atomic Fire to find the music). The board doesn't like my formatting, so I color coded for cues. Here's the guide:

Black: Solo.
Red: Both Leads.
Blue: Chorus.
Green: Chorus and both Leads.
(Parentheses): At once with previous line.

I hope I can accurately convey what's in my head... ^^;

Bright Tomorrow

I heard you say you'd given up.
Well I say,
"You and me,
Let us see
Another perfect way."
And you may say,
"Where is the light
In the darkness?"
Well, my friend,
Let me show you the light
To save you from this mess!

Don't give up hope in the light...
(You and I must defeat this enemy...)
Whatever the cost!
I know that you will not give up so soon.
I know we'll prevail
If we just hold onto the guiding light...!

ALL : Shine!

I know that you're a pessimist
I don't care
Take my hand
Make a plan
And you can persevere.
And you may say
"My light is dimming
I'll burn out,"
Have no doubt
Light is there whether dark
Or dark skies are about!

There is a light in the dark...
(The light of our bond shines ever brightly...)
It cannot fail us!
We can defeat every foe that appears
If only we stand strong
Then we can hold on for victory...!

Just one singer, so this one should be much more easy to interpret.

DNR requested Dr. Cossack's music be made lyrics when I said I'd do more... you meant the first and not the second, right? ^^;

Anyway, lyrics to Cossack Stage 1, Megaman 4. I tried to move away from the justice, hope, and courage theme that for some reason pervades my other works, so the result is a pile of mushy emo that I feel is nonetheless well-crafted. Again, go download Cossack Stage 1 at Atomic Fire or some such place or none of this means anything.

Impassable Threshold

Worthless ramblings are unneeded;
My words for you go unheeded.
Foolish is the man who pursueth in vain,
But I'll say it again!

Negligence wins us nothing.
My world's endless suffering
Till' I can see you again!
And you know it's a tragedy,
Why can't you be here when I need you?

Take my love to a prison,
Lock it in the dark:
This is my final wish.

We humans can be so selfish;
I, of all people, should well know this.
So I should not be too dumbfounded, then,
At this hunger within.

Come with me: I can show you
A world prepared for you
In the recess of my heart.
No one else can fill this space!
All falls to darkness if you should leave here!

Condemn your love to a dark
Corner of your heart:
This is my final wish!


I actually got another one done in just about a half hour. O_O;

I'd suspected Toadman's lyrics would be easy to form a song, but the number of individual and varied beats actually makes it pretty unruly: there's one line that's particularly evil to work with and that I imagine you'll probably realize half-way through the song.

Swamp Toad Blues

It's a world of deep disease:
Years ago, it brought me to my knees.

I would say love was never meant to be.
Take it from a worldly man like me:

Love has forever been an alibi.
Duck! Take your pretty head out of the sky.

You've never met me,
I've never met you,
But we all have our own sense of value.
Take it from me:
Throw the whole concept of love away!
Romance is just a game we play. And, let me say
Disease and utter weakness never plagued a man like his own heart can!

Heartbreak and faithlessness have weighed me down.
Love can turn any man into a clown.

Spent more money than I ever could...
Nothin' about my baby did me good!

So, in the long run,
I'd say that I won.
And, now that I think, you owe me a drink
For the misery
And overall waste of your time you'd face,
'Cause lovin' is a losin' race. What a disgrace!
When you surrender your heart, you had best make sure you hold onto a part!
I like them.

I listened to the music and read at the same time...
Might I do one? I could PM it to you, if you like.
Er... sure. O_O
Go for it, I guess. Glad you liked them.
I for one, LOVE your lyrics especially the Cossak one X3

King loves this.

I'm going to start looking for possible lyrics whenever I play...

... Well, I did that anyway, but this time I'm going to do it well. ^__^
Is anyone vocally talented? If so, they should totally SING a track, and then actually have it in the moo-sak.
I finished my song.
But sing it?
Hell no.
Unless of cousre you'd like your ear to explode.
My voice has been cracking recently.
I can't record, and my voice probably sucks. D: I would LOVE to see that done, though.
Did this one last night to take my mind off of my evil History test I'd been studying for... :'D

Anyway, hope you guys enjoy it. Pull up Wily's Castle 2 from MM3, or as usual it won't mean anything.

Also, ZeroSaber expressed interest in posting a song here. Since I didn't expressly title this thread for myself, yes, anyone who wishes to can certainly post theirs here. It doesn't have to be Megaman music, either, although it would be preferable if you'd say what track it was and give a link to where it can be found.

Truth after Dark

There's this feeling:
You know you cannot fight it.
Take out your heart
And take a look inside it.
What do you see?
Is it a different world from reality?

Now our screams will pierce through the night
As we cry into the wilderness.
Distance yourself from what you see
And we'll make a new reality.

There's a yearning:
A sense of greater purpose.
Look in your mind:
The demons live within us.
Fight with yourself:
It's the only way we'll escape this living hell!

Now our vision pierces the dark.
We can find ourselves in the shadows.
Distance yourself from what you see
And we'll make a new reality.
Uuuh... can I have the music back, anyways? I want to share it with some friends, and post it here, just cause. o_o
Oh, sure. ^^; I didn't realize that was the only copy you had of it. I'll PM it now.
Ooh, ooh, do something for Wily castle 1 from MM2!

Quote (LordHothead)

Ooh, ooh, do something for Wily castle 1 from MM2!

Just as a notice, I'm working on this now. About half-way done.

And this is one monster of a track. @_@ Twice as long as the others I've done, I think, and with more substance within that time. But it's one of my favorites and from my favorite game, so I feel obligated.
This is some epicness. D:

One and a half pages long, running about two minutes I think, and with a pretty spiffy subplot in my opinion. This thing's a real monster to design. As I mentioned, not only is it twice as long, but it's filled with double-voices and dips and peaks. But the track was so amazing I had to do it.

This does bring me to something I'd like to try, though. If you have any tracks you think words could feasibly be written to, throw them out there and I might try and tackle them sometime. From any old game. : D

This one is MM2's Wily Castle 1, as a reminder. Go download it for the reading.

Comrades in the Epic Battle
Now everyone give an answer to the call of justice.
Stand by me!
We face the battle of the century.
And you know that I can't do it without you.
Face the coming fight! Raise your sword for right! Come on!
Now we stand against evil as we arm for the battle.
Be on guard!
Don't let this opponent tear you apart.
If you think you can't take it, take a running start.
So we stand our ground! Turn this fight around!
Come on!

A raging dragon could not stop our victory.
Now, let's see you leap into action.
Show what you can do. So, let's get to it!

Now, they'll face the madness of we dragon-slayers.
It's not over yet...
Can we take the stand?
Two to two thousand?
Come on!

Show them your blood-lust!
After all, we all turn into dust.
If we die here, at least we die the death of proud warriors.
Die the fighter's death! Give your final breath!

Now, look!
A metal mountain! Let's make a race to the top!
The obstacles they set before us are simple playthings before justice!

Let's give nothing less than our fighting best.
Up on your feet! Know no defeat,
And we will show the world our power before staggering odds.

Now, you can still stand up. I see no weakness in your eyes
Our frail human bodies tell us those lies.
Now up on your feet, let me see you rise!
Face the coming fight! Raise your sword for right! Come on!
Now we stand against evil as we valiantly struggle.
Be on guard!
Don't let this opponent tear you apart.
If you think you can't take it, lie there where you are.
So we face the odds, fighting for our cause.
Come on!

Our enemy has powers unmatched in this world,
But if we take our steel to his heart
We'll turn this battle to his graveyard!

Fight the odds! We've come too far to be defeated!
With our final breaths...
Let us defy fate!
Live another day!
Come on!

I will not leave this battlefield alive!
Fight not for me, but for yourself
And for the dreams we held that brought victory!
Please, leave me to die! Keep yourself alive!

Go on!
The future we've made lets me rest peacefully here.
And now I know that you will be there to see the new world.
That is victory!

Weep not for me, friend, but let me see you
Peaceful again. This is the end.
From this forsaken battlefield let us see our dream made real.



I love that- everything matches.

It kicks the living crap out of my song.

Everyone here beats me at everything, but at least I can aknowledge others.


Oh, yeah, and can I post my song(s)?

Or should I make my own topic for my own, horrible,music? XP
Either you want. I have no problem with you posting them here, but if you'd rather you can make your own topic for it, since it is your own work.
Okay. I'll make my own place to put all my art:
Sprites, drawings, and music.
Boot up MM5's Proto Man Stages at Atomic Fire, folks. Another one coming at ya.

I feel like my material's still weak, though I tried to stray from my original themes somewhat for this... I still think I'm on a one-track mind with it. XD

Break the Dark World
Finally, you see the trap as it's designed to be:
An illusory paradise.
And you come to me pursuing any sanctuary;
I have nothing to offer.

You can't hold on till the end.
In the tunnel's dark expanse,
A redeeming light just up ahead.
As the lights near, apprehension turns to fear
The oncoming lights and then a crash!

Even you must know that the hope won't last forever.
This world will turn your dreams to stone.
I know that there's no line too sacred for them to sever,
And we cannot do this alone.

But then I feel your hand as it rests on my right shoulder,
Searching in your unclouded eyes.
I see the despair, but also there, a glimmer of
A light that I find in myself.

So, then, right there, they're all crushed!
Mental etchings turn to dust.
Toss my rusty heart into the fire.
No more theory: two is always more than one,
Let's assault this thing another way.

Maybe this is just another trap set before us,
Struggling in quicksand till we're done.
But, give it one more chance! All or nothing! Heaven or bust!
An effort's still better than none.
I have a microphone attached to my computer, and my singing voice, while it does sound really feminine and girlish, doesn't suck THAT much. I might try singing a few of Heat's lyrics with the music and upload it.