My sprite-edits

I may not be very good at this, but I like sprite editing. Here are some of my Rockman-based sprite edits...

1) GoldNavi? Vs. Corrupted Navi

By the way, are there any hosting sites better than Image shack?

You should magnify the sprites to show what you've changed.
All of my pictures, unless stated otherwise, are made from this NormalNavi.

2) TOM.EXE - TOM from Toonami, made into a navi. NOTE: This is the third incarnation of TOM. I may make one of the first and/or second, but NEVER of the 4th.

Thanks for telling me about Photobucket, Pocket, but I'd rather not sign up just yet.

Can anyone comment/give constructive criticism about these?


I rest my case.