I guess this my spot

this either old or new..but most of them are old...these were the days when i practiced shading and drawing bass...
OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG! Those rock! You are awesome at that! I wich I could draw like that!
The Bass drawing god hath returned.
While it may seem strange, I have a request that I'd really love to see from you. Can you draw:

This guy?

He really is my favorite Misadventures of Tron Bonne character. He's in a lot of my fanart, but I've only ever seen one other person draw him. :3
Certainly. Thanks man. = D
is this to test me...i was wandering....but sure il try i have to give jsk his drawing of pyro man..then il try to do that...ok?
ok..awsome...is this to test me?
Well, I'll admit, I was actually kind of curious to see if you'd draw him.

But besides that, I'm not lying when I say I like the character. I've done quite a bit of fanart of him. XD
i know what you mean..the characters i like are kodaj and L from death note, Vincent valentines...and zero..yay zero..that was random

pencil power!!!!!
I already had that one saved onto my computer! Awesome drawings. Truely awesome.
found my next target

he looks kewl
It's J'rinedagr!

The patron of commerce and cereal!

Awesome as usual, man.
i like the way ryuk is drawn in the manga, it got feeling to it...i like him cause the way he acts, he has this weird way if u draw him,u can see how kick ass he looks, i got admit his hard to draw
i don't know if anybody remebers this show..il let u figure it out

this is my best freind's drawing. who has moved to the philipins, he is my art critic, lol, sadly he doesn't have his PC so he had to take a picture

lol, i had to ask him to put this up...i had to beg XD







Man, you know some good artists.
Slam Dunk, wasn't it? Nice drawings.

Quote (Shuryou)

Slam Dunk, wasn't it? Nice drawings.

omg lol, alot people can't remember it
it was fun to watch it
EDIT: don't like posting