RERN Spreadsheet Database

The link above is for my new, somewhat experimental navi database. I'd like everyone to update this thing as frequently as they'd like with information on their own navis. Because it's pretty easy to mess this thing up, however, I'd like to lay a few ground rules:


1) Watch your formatting! Try to keep it standard to that of others. If you type "player" when everyone else is typing "Player," results aren't going to come up for those searches.

2) If you turn any extra filters on, please turn them off before you leave. The filters are awesome, believe me. I know. But if you want to fool around with them to do awesome things, such as getting a list of only fire elemental navis or only Netpolice navis, be sure to turn the filters back off when you go so it doesn't look like we just lost 1/5 of our data. Remember that you can also download the file as an actual Excel file, if you'd like to have a copy to fiddle around with freely.

3) Do not add navis or SPs that have not appeared anywhere on the board! We all have lots of cool ideas popping around in our noggin, but this is more for keeping track of actual RERN characters and statistics.

4) Remember you have an undo function!

5) Don't use this place for trolling OR joking OR even flattery! This isn't the place to put a silly joke like "Undeniably Man" for gender or "Your Mom" for associates. Do that in the chat instead!


1) It is fine to put whatever you'd like into the "Associates" column or the "Reason MIA?" column. These columns don't have any kind of data that we're going to be able to organize meaningfully regardless, it's more for lookups.

2) Don't be afraid to add your own categories to the Data Sheet. Even if you don't want to fill out the category for every navi, you might be able to come up with some neat categories to compare navis on.

3) Don't be afraid to create your own charts and save them for others on new sheets.

4) Please only report navis as Undefined gender if it's absolutely impossible to tag them with a gender that's Male or Female. Like, even if it's a blob of energy or something, if you refer to it as a "he" normally, call it a Male. The only thing that deserves to be called Undefined is something that's either inanimate or would otherwise not regularly be referred to as either "he" or "she."

5) Don't worry if you add data at the end of the table and it's not in order with the other data. Reorganizing the table is a matter of a few button presses that I can get around to easily later.

NOTE: Keep scrolling down for a post describing how to use a form that allows you to easily input character data without messing with the spreadsheet.
I like this, now I won't have to update the Active Navi/SP Database.
Something neat:

Using this form, you can input your characters without having to bring up the form or worry about any aspects of formatting or Excel. Just answer simple questions and I'll add your navi in myself with some quick copypasta!

DISCLAIMER: When I bring this page up, Norton lists it as an untrusted website that is frequently blocked. It's just a built in function of google docs, so there shouldn't be anything wrong with it, but still, use at your own risk.