Shane Kahnnigan and Nightshade.Rx

Name: Shane Kahnnigan
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Appearance: A 6'2 tall male with black hair and deep lavender eyes. Usually walks around with blue combat trousers, a grey belt, a blue colored leather jacket on a black t shirt. Somewhat muscular yet not the same as gym people. Usually wears two bright magenta piercings on his right ear. Left handed and motorbike enthusiast.
Personality: Introvert, reserved, quiet. Shane is an anylitical person, preferring facts over words. Somewhat of a lone wolf, he won't usually be the first to ask for help. Confident in his abilities yet humble and down to earth. In some cases, he might turn sadistic and ruthless, should the situation call for it. All in all he is what you would expect out of an Anti-Hero type of person not too keen on socializing. He's usually mostly passive to about anything.

PET Modifications: Standard pet grey in color with neown green linings.

Name: Nightshade.Rx
Gender: Male
Element: Elec

Default Appereance

Nightshade takes mostly a humanoid appereance with a few cat/big cat details here and there, namely: claws and tail. Standing 6'2" tall (at least, in theory) he is overall a sleek and lean guy. His outfit is composed of a black undersuit riddled with neon green markings of various shapes. From his knees down a pair of tight fit, open toed, gray boots crafted from a strange, rubber like compound cover his shins and feet with a darker green paw print on the underside. Chest armor, helmet and arm braces share the same gray color and material of his boots. On his "ear protection" his own emblem has been engraved, still in green color. A black face mask covers up mouth and nose, while a green visor covers his deep, sapphire blue eyes.

Personality: Nightshade appears cold and composed most of the time. That doesn't mean that he won't show joy or friendship, he's just a shy/introvert navi. Sharp thinker, yet very impuslive. Somewhat pessimist, he usually dislikes any sort of direct confrontation in fear of getting deleted and would rather use a stealthy approach. As such, he will most likely not intervene in anything that could remotely pose a threat of his existance unless desperate or forced to, of course.

He does have his way around things with words and sly remarks, while surely full of witty one liners for almost any situation. He does have the desire to succeed and get noticed, but his view of the world around him holds him back on his dreams. During a battle, he appears confident or borderline cocky, mostly to exploit the opponent's psycological weakspots to gant a tactical advantage. He has a preference for close range combat and reactive fight style.

Custom Weapon: A pair of metallic claws on each forearm.

Signature Attack:
Points total 80/80

Name: Swift Strike
Effect: Dodge, 40 Elec
Cooldown: 2 TCD
Cost: 80

Starting Items:
0 zenny.
2 MiniEnergy Subchips.
100 HP
3 Actions
1/1/1 Buster Stats
A basic set of Battlechips consisting of a Cannon, a Shotgun, and a RageClaw1.
Additional chips: ZapRing1

Navi Cust:
Approved, post your netop and navi in the applicable databases, make your forum signature with your team's info, then feel free to start RPing!