RERNTube for RERN related videos

Here's the link to RERNTube!

You can view player's uploaded RERN community related videos here. Currently, all that's on there is Smackdown vs. Raw and Soul Calibur V videos with me and Shur, but hopefully there'll be more in the future.

If you're interested in uploading videos to RERNTube, PM me for the password to access the account. The videos don't need to be related to RERN characters; anything featuring RERN community members is fine.
Alternative title: See Aim beat up Shuryou.
I'll have to check if more PS3 games have such a functionality. I could try to upload PSP videos, but it doesn't have as much interest amongst people.
Click for Neo-Shogun Wrestling!

This took way longer to make than anyone would actually expect. No, you don't need to watch the entire 10 minute video.

Also here's some screencaps from each character's entrance: