Twi/Raikou/Chardes/Mori's Thread Discussion

After thinking about the modpost Pally hit us with, I've come up with at least a couple of ideas.

Solution A: We murder the entities as they come into range.
They would reach us two-at-a-time, and we probably have enough damage between us to deal 600 HP a turn.

Solution B: We hit the ceiling with enough blasts/force/whatever to drop spikes on all of them, wiping them all out at once (Hopefully)

Solution C: Since they seem to be charging at us rather than firing energy at us, one could make the dangerous assumption that they lack ranged options.
In such a case, we could simply ascend to ground they can't reach and pick them off from there.
Even the walls could be used for this purpose; latch on with a Rageclaw and fire away.

Do you guys have any other ideas?

Other general thoughts: Crystallization didn't immediately produce doppelgangers. If we cut the real progs' crystals off from the main 'network' before crystallization, could we prevent copies from spawning?

Are the copies maintained by said crystals? Would shattering them release the progs inside, or destroy them? And what would happen to the copies? Unaffected, or would they suffer a breakdown if we destroyed/freed the originals?

Also noteworthy: Navigators are instantly destroyed, progs are the only things corrupted. Is it feeding off of the navigators, or is it simply unable to process/use them?

Lastly, cybeast has to have a non-energy form. Either we will have to trap it and get it to switch, or we will have to track down where it usually goes physical.
Solution A: Solid, I like this.

Solution B: We might probably get ourselves killed in the process.

Solution C: Risky but plausible...

... but I'd like to also point out that the progs also hold keys to operating some of these equipments, mechs included, so keeping all (or most) of them intact is quite important, I suppose?
On Twi's crystallisation theory: Agreed and I have the same thinking; perhaps simple terrain change might uncrystallise them?

Another thing I'd like to point out is the opportunity for more gears, equipment and machinery behind the storage doors. Note that some of the shacks or rooms have hardbody elements, which means some of us can take shelter in it to figure things out, or operate mine tracks / cranes / etc?

Also: Crane and useless mechs. Looks like they can go in a pair. ((What she means is, use the crane to pick up a mining mech and use it like a wrecking ball or drop it on the enemies. She explained this to me, but neglected to mention the details here. -- Pally))

Well going on the idea's Twi has, I can agree with a few things on them pretty well.

Solution A: Great plan, I think at least for this first turn we'll probably have enemies A, B and C in melee range by the end of it, so definitely should focus those down first. I figure if we each drop 2, maybe three actions into attacks, and split them between the enemies, we can probably wipe them out while still being able to dodge incoming attacks just in case they have ranged, or if they get in melee range while alive.

Solution B: Personally I think we should save this idea as a trump card against the Cybeast itself, or if we are ever pushed into a corner where we know we're dead anyway.

Solution C: I do like the idea, but it gives disadvantages to us as well. Since two of our party are obviously melee ranged fighters, it might be best for one, maybe two of us to take the high grounds and spotters and snipers. The problem with this is that makes them a target that's separated from the group, which can be very bad if they do have ranged attacks, or something else shows up we aren't expecting.

As for my own thoughts on what we've seen. I think we could give the idea of cutting off their connection a try, I've got a handy metal terrain sig that would help some attacks and could be dropped in the middle of the Crystalized Progs to see what happens at the cost of 1 action. I can't really tell what powers the beast, I'm getting just from that brief glance that it's either an elec style beast that supercharges things to the point they lock up. An aqua beast that obviously freezes things in icy crystals, the alternative idea is that it could be a customized new type or non-typed creature using a different style thought up by Pally.

Not really sure what more to add without hearing everyone's insight yet, I think the crane could be used if the Cybeast is fought on these battle grounds, as a large mace to swing into it. Same for the mechs since I'm sure after the battle we could get permission to use them, and even get them to be repaired by the tech staff so they are useable for combat.

I would like to suggest everyone take at least one action to defend themselves by some means or at the very least dodge, if not two. The battle will be long really no matter how you look at it, so best to be prepared in the early stages so we aren't hurting badly later.

Uhm.. so yeah, more thoughts later after I hear ya'lls responses/Aim's thoughts.
We're not going to fight the Cybeast anywhere near here. Pally has said repeatedly that this place is a huge dungeon, not some quick little in-and-out deal. Why would we fight the big boss right at the entrance, and why would we get all this gear if we were never going to use it?

((Twi is basically correct. Please don't feel that you need to hold anything back, because you will not be fighting the Cybeast where you are now. -- Pally))
I'm going to try to be practical rather than optimal with these suggestions, so sorry if they come off as lazy.

We don't know whether the crystals are going to generate more progs yet but we do know that what's already there will hurt, so let us just kill those. The melee or long range thing doesn't matter one way or another for Exorcist, she's got plenty to use regardless.

We should just leave the mining equipment alone for now because we don't know it all works and it is just going to draw this battle out. We can use it later to break out the price maybe? But all I know is that it could have great damage potential and still slow the battle down just by the need to wait for a post detailing how to operate it, it might not have many actions, who knows.

Also Twi, I believe we have been given a lot of gear that we never need to use. It's a matter of we CAN use it, not we need to, since Pally has put things everywhere.

In short, my vote is for lets just kill these things regularly and not overthink it because we are just going to drag the battle out if we be fancy.
I am probably going to be dropping out of the mission, upon review. It's nobody's fault but my own for being so unattuned to battle sequences now. I apologize and have faith that Pally will keep the mission appropriately scaled to just three navis.

((I'm making a habit of this, aren't I? Anyway, Raikou will be stepping in with Sylk.EXE to replace Aim and Exorcist. With that in mind, I've edited the thread topic. I would also like to state that this change was made with agreement from both parties, and no hard feelings of any kind are involved. I'm rolling with it, and Aim's rolling with it, and Rai is rolling in to take over as 4th player. All bases are covered, and the transition from one player to the other will be made seamlessly, so you will not experience diminished capacity in your current or future battles. In fact, I suspect your new teammate could be useful to you in ways you haven't yet thought about. -- Pally))
Sorry to hear that Aim, well as far as the task at hand then.

My first thoughts on the first turn are:
Attack+10 on Meteor12, to provide some cover fire/distraction.
Most likely a dodge, or armoring up via casing.
Last action is sort of a toss up, If no one else wants to, I can drop a terrain change under the Mr. Progs. If someone else wants to do it, this could be used for a dodge, or even dropping a Countbomb onto the field. While not immediate effects, on turn three that'd provide a blanketed 100 damage to all enemies, and probably the GMDs too.

As for the SP, most likely it'll drop it's own armor. then second action to pick Lucia up so he can act as her dodges in future turns.

Those are my thoughts at the moment, comments, suggestions?



Rhea's post will be operating the crane, so her summary will be roughly as follows:-
1) trap sig
2) machcross
3) teleport to crane control room
4) fiddle with controls

... So yeah.
Right so, what I'm seeing:
1. The enemy can throw out 2-3 beam attacks each, not to mention move and dodge as well
2. The Beam attack is obviously beam since it eats up barriers and casings, deals 30 damage(type of damage unknown)
3. They are definitely not elec or wood enemies.

So, that leads on to thoughts on this turn, simply put I've got to many of them so I think I'm going to split them up and ask ya'lls opinion on them.

Theory 1
This was my initial thoughts going towards the next turn. In short it was more a straight to the point, damage dealing turn while trying to take survivability into account.
* Barrier on Artio
1. Arrow1
* Take Aim
2. Take Aim + Elecreel1 @ Entity F
* 50x4 meteors somewhere around here
3. LavaCannon @ Entity E
4. TwinFang1 @ Entities C and D
1. Dodge
2. Dodge

Theory 2
This one came about as I thought a little more about it, and the types of damage we've dealt so far, so I partly want to test the field and see if there is a weakness. This turn assumes they are not null type, and have an exposed weakness, which if so, may give us a hint on the Cybeast's type later, as well as help us better prepare for future fights. That said, I'd throw out the last two elemental attacks yet to be used, as well as an attack with break on it.
*. Barrier on Artio
1. ZapRing1 @ Entity E
2. AquaNeedle1 @ Entities F, G and I
*. 50x4 meteors around here
*. Take Aim
3. Take Aim + RollArrow1 @ Entity C
4. Sol's Arrow @ Entity G
1. Dodge
2. Dodge

Theory 3
This one's literally just about throwing out maximized damage that can be done without throwing safety out the window.
*. Barrier on Artio
1. Arrow1 @ Entity C
2. FireTower1 @ Entity E heading towards F and G
*. 50x4 meteors around here
3. TwingFang1 @ Entities E and F
*. Take Aim
4. Take Aim + LavaCannon1 @ Entity C
1. Dodge
2. Dodge

So there ya go, those were my first few thoughts on how Lucia/Artio would proceed into the battle, other random thoughts include passing my Invis1 chip to Jeff(since he's the only one close to Vincent in the Real World) so Minah can go invisible and maybe get back towards the group semi-sasfely. Summoning an IceCube and microbursting it into an enemy. Getting beneath an enemy and microbursting it into the ceiling. Using gust to knock one into the air so it can't dodge(might still do this since I haven't used gust for anything yet). As well as throwing Pulsar1 at said sliding IceCube for a blast 2 70 damage hit.

Anyway, those are just some thoughts I've rolled out in the last half hour or so after reading the mod post, ya'll let me know and give me your thoughts. I'm up for using any of the above theories or throwing them out completely if ya'll have better ideas.
You need to realize that the damage can rack up very very quickly, Mori. Regalia DODGED like 6 things that were thrown his way this turn, or they missed; if all of those had hit, (30 x 6 = 180) I would be ah, very dead right now. Or very close to it.

I'd recommend we focus on a few targets each turn, try to burst them down so that we reduce the amount of attacks coming our way-- and keep a dodge or two loaded until we have the groups sufficiently shrunk.

Also, to Pally: Beam is cheap. /shakefist
All right so here is my plan. Since Sylk is dodging through Harley's dodges, i figure i may as well try to take down as many enemies as possible while healing us. As such:


Passives: 20 hp barrier, 20 hp Casing, subtype free decoy summoned between Unknown Entity H,I

1) Candle1 - HP: 100, regen 5 to-All-Clause (allies), (fire body) Object Damage: 100 Fire + Impact - Accuracy: N/A

2) Magnum2 - 150 fire + Break + Panel Break x 3 - Accuracy: A Unknown Entity E,F,G

3) DollThunder2 - 100 elec +25 same type bonus + Line-Attack5 - Accuracy: B @ Unknown Entity C

4)Atk+20 @ Airraid1

5) AirRaid1 HP: 100, lasts 3 turns. Properties: Flying Object Damage: 50 + Impact Damage Method: Telekinesis. Gun Attack Damage: (10+20) x 10 Shots - Accuracy: A @ Unknown Entity D

6) FLameline2 - 120 fire + Ground Attack + Wide Attack - Accuracy: B - Unknown Entity H,I

Decoy: distraction! @ Unknown Entity H, I

That can potentially level all but 1 enemy, and it would be at 50 hp. of course that wont happen because lolRNG, but it should lower the enemies and lessen the attacks coming at our faces.