I may have destroyed Java

While going on a rampage across my computer to try to terminate an instance of Spiral Knights running on my comp yesterday, I think I may have terminated something essential to running Java from my background programs. Does anyone have any idea how I could get it back?
I'd ask you why you were going on a rampage for that, but nevermind.

So the Java icon doesn't appear at the lower right corner anymore? You could do a search on your PC for 'java' and start its executable. Otherwise, I guess reinstalling it would work nicely. There's already a guide made by Geki to downgrade Java, so use the same order for simply reinstalling it.
I have a feeling... you deleted javaw, didn't you?

For the record, the correct method of uninstalling spiral knights is:
control panel->add or remove programs->remove programs->spiral knights

Worked for me at least. You can do the same to remove java and then just reinstall it.