YOU are the final boss

See thread title.

YOU are the final boss. The hero's ultimate foe is YOU!

So three questions:

1: What is your pre-battle quote? Is it short? Long-winded? A Hannibal Lecture? Up to you!

2: Where does the hero fight you? Keep your descriptions long or short, it's up to you. Try not to get into post-sized walls of text, however.

3: What is your battle theme? Links preferred; Youtube is your friend.


1: "I have watched you grow, "Hero". Watched you fight. Watched you bleed. Watched you sleep. Watched you cry. Watched you laugh. Watched you kill more of my men than any one man ever should. I've watched you build friendships, and watched you mourn losses. I know you, "Hero". And I know that just as much as you hate me... I am the reason you are even a Hero to start with. So come on, then. Let's finish it. Let's give your tale a grim, bloody end!"

2: The center of a gigantic, dimly-lit server room, surrounded by machines, servers, wires, cords, and behind me, a huge, 15-monitor computer setup that is visibly attached (via wires) to most of the equipment around the room.

1. "Ku ku ku ku. Humanity is already finished, why do you continue to struggle? Your soccer will not help you nor will your friends. And even with this knowledge you keep trying to rise and beat me? What will defeating me achieve!? Even if you defeat me, this asteroid will remain on its course to Earth! But we have never been people who talk about their differences... Right, 'friend'? So let our plays speak for us! Prepare yourselves! You will come to understand the truth!"

2. A soccer field on top of an UFO with a built-in stadium, which has been connected to a giant asteroid bound for Earth. The asteroid looks like it could destroy the entire world with its impact. Around you are 10 other soccer players, your friends, and the coach of your team. Before you is the rival with his 10 companions. This is the battlefield for the soccer match for Earth's survival.

1. "Ah... so you've finally come." *raises chain* "I have your precious princess right here, but the event of taking her back with you safe and sound is another matter entirely. You see, you may think you're pretty strong, going through all those events to get to here... but you haven't got a clue." *The door closes and locks behind the party before fading into the wall. Suddenly machine-gun turrets circling the room aim themselves at the party.* "I'm well aware you don't intend to give up, so shall we get started with it? Our final confrontation." *rises up in floating high-technology chair*

2. A circular throne room of sorts with a marble-and-brown checkered tile design. There are three rows of machine-guns visible pointing towards the party. From the ceiling drops down a highly-technological lamp-chandelier that is probably a generator of some sort. I'm on a floating platform in a high-tech sofa chair thing with the hero's love interest chained to my side. There are secret panels in the room that reveal different weapons upon my command.