Well, recently, I've been DYING to get a tablet, mostly so I can more easily send drawings to the internet (you guys) easier, taking up less time.

It just so happens that my laptop broke during the march break, and needs to be replaced. It ALSO happens to be my birthday on Monday!

With all this said, I'm not sure what kind of tablet I should be looking into, so I was wondering, knowing that some of you here use tablets to upload things, what sort of tablet should I get, and/or should I get a laptop with tablet features? Let me know!~
My tablet's completely ancient, so I couldn't make a good suggestion. I'm using a Wacom graphire 3, but like I said, as far as that goes, my greatest recommendation for it is that it lasts a good long while. I'd recommend getting something newer. XD

I guess my advice would be that you don't need the most expensive one out there at all, especially not for casual drawing. The kind I have allows you to use a mouse or pen on the same surface, so you can switch on the fly. I think it's just as easy, though, to get one with just a pen and use a separate mouse.

Regardless, my only experience is using one with a desktop... Anyways, good luck.
Ok, cool.
I heard Wacom is a good brand, I might look into getting one of those.
I do wish to see more arts from those of us that are artists. I especially enjoy that Fera drew some arts for the end of Battle 2 on Zippin' and Zappin'.
If you're thinking of uploading something from your physical paper, you might be considering a scanner, not a pen tablet. Tablets don't let you 'upload' your works, actually : P

And yeah, I would recommend a Wacom-- they're pretty good.
I have a scanner, and use it WAY TOO MUCH, XD
I'm not quite sure how the drawings on your tablet would be transferred to a computer, so I figured you'd upload it.
When you use a tablet, it's like the motions you're making on the tablet with your pen are MAGICALLY TRANSFERRED ONTO THE SCREEN THROUGH ELECTRONIX. :V

But really, you just use the pen like a mouse. Some programs also support pen sensitivity so that varying how hard you push down will vary the brushstroke's opacity.
Tablets.... take a bit of getting used to.

Whilst you've been using paper since you could lift a crayon.




*looks for next navi to victi- popularise*
Well, good news guys.

My best friend happened to have a tablet, without me knowing. Luckily, I havn't bought one yet, so I'm gonna grab it from him TOMORROW!

Bad news, that means I didn't get anything serious for my birthday (Asside from a few gifts here and there from friends, and a nice dinner with a bunch of them)

I also came up with a WICKED concept for a navi idea that I'll prolly spit your way in the next day or two!

Thanks for being so <3 Ya'll.
Cool beans, hope to see you around. Coincidentally, I think Fera's about to get one as well, so we'll have preposterous tablet riots in the near future.