RE:RN Minecraft

So there's this game called Minecraft. It's basically-


I'll let the pictures explain.

The minecraft server is a free excuse to build whatever you feel like building out of blocks of various colors and types. It's like legos, but not really, and once you get into it is a lot more fun than you'd think.

You may be thinking: Okay, that's nice, but how do I play it?

Well, I'll help you out in that regard.

Step 1: Go here and register an account. Yes, I know, you hate registering. Do it anyway. PLEASE register with the same name you use on here, as well.

Step 2: Make sure you are logged in on that website.

Step 3: No, really. Do it.

Step 4: Go to here.

Step 5 (OPTIONAL/ALTERNATE): Download this instead, and use your username/password for Minecraft in it. As a bonus, it comes with hax! Just add this as a bookmark, and you're good to go:

Step 6: Enjoy!


Yes, just two.


AKA, if you didn't build something and you destroy it, you're likely a dick who will get banned.

NEW SECOND RULE: No random tunnels to nowhere. Tired of this crap.


Q: How the heck do I work this thing?
A: I'll tell you.

W: Move Forward
A: Move Left
S: Move Backward
D: Move Right
Space: Jump
B: Open list of blocks
F: Change 'fog' level. AKA: Why can't I see anything. High (close) fog runs easier on crappy PCs, low (far) fog runs worse.
R: Set spawn.
Enter: Respawn at chosen (Or default if you haven't chosen) spawn.

Left Mouse Button: Break block you're aiming at
Right Mouse Button: Place block where you're aiming
Mousewheel up/down: Scroll through palette of blocks at bottom of screen

(If using alternate client)
Z: Toggle flight mode
Q: Go up (with flight on)
E: Go down (With flight on)
X: Hold for Noclip mode (Aka ghost mode)
CTRL: Hold for 2x speed.
Space: Jump, Double Jump, and Triple Jump.

--Operator Commands-- (Replace 'name' with the name)
/tp name (Teleports you to user.)
/ban name (Ban people for griefing. Don't kick.)
/banip name (Bans their IP as well.)
/kick name (Kicks user from the server.)

Q: OMG, why can't I use the hax?
A: You need the client I linked!

Q: Hey Twi, the server isn't responding! What gives?
A: It's probably down. I'm either busy playing games, my computer crashed and I forgot to bring the server back up, or I'm working on the server map in the map editor. In either case, ask and I will usually (Except when playing games) bring the server up.

Q: Do you have a backup of ____ map?

Map 1: A Beginning (Pirates, rainbow tunnel, floating ruins, pac-man, Mega+Tornado Man, telescopes, mecha, floating islands, chess board, etc.)
Map 2: Cave Story (Current server map.)
Server will be going down for the night in 30 minutes or so.
I quite liked going into someone's level and start digging underground tunnels.
Server is going up for the day.
Creating a pyramid of books :V

Quote (Twi)

Server is going up for the day.

Liez. S'gone.
Due to my really cruddy graphics card,I can't play it.
I want to tell you guys about a really awesome game that is a bit similar to Minecraft,but a lot more fun.
Its the same thing as Minecraft,only a lot more features,and,you have to download it to play it. But its worth it,trust me.
cool beans. I made a huge tower out of coal and furnished it with some cool stuff but no one was around to see it.

is there any way to make the TNT, you know, go off? as far as I know, it just likes to sit there and be boring.
So after much crap and such, a question arose. "How griefed can a server get in 24 hours?"

For the next 24 hours, we will find out.

This means basically leave the server alone for all of tomorrow, as we will be restoring from a BACKUP once we're done seeing how bad it gets.

The test begins now.

been watching, and so far there's not a whole lot of creativity. this kid just built a ton of block ladders and hammered leftclick.

one thing I can't stand: trolls who suck at trolling.
What, you expected people to go through the trouble of drawing huge cocks?
Well, after our little grief experiment, two things happened.

1: We made the server PRIVATE (So only people with the URL can find it)

2: We switched maps (But I kept the original map in backup form, both on my computer and in the link in the first post)

As a result, the server should be able to stay up whenever, even without me watching it.
I downloaded Twi's copy of the client, but the RERN server isn't in the bookmarks.

I'm currently playing through the browser-based game.
Edited first post with a code with the url in it, so you can bookmark that.
mawkin' a Spleef arena. it's on the path through my house, the one that led to the Wall of Bros, although I think I'll add a second entrance, directly to the arena itself. makes effective use of the enormous abyss beneath the stage proper. I've just been decorating so far; the arena itself isn't made yet, but it'll have separate staircases for the teams and shit like that. feel free to pitch in, although I call dibs on decorating the interior walls of what I have so far.

was thinking of a staggered five-floor deal, but we really don't have enough people for that. such is life.

was thinking of flooding it, but that'd make excavation unpleasantly dangerous. such is life.

incidentally, Kujajin is a loser and needs to stop signing his pixels as if they're worth protecting

and he also needs to not bite from my style. I put my name on the wall of bros, with my pixelcat standing on it. next day, I sign on, Kujajin's got a sprite of Mario standing on his. what a champ.

p.s. what's with all the randomly scattered rooms of iron? I also found one that was red-carpeted with a wood ceiling and books all along the walls. there doesn't seem to be a larger structure connected to them, so...?

Quote (treble monster)

p.s. what's with all the randomly scattered rooms of iron? I also found one that was red-carpeted with a wood ceiling and books all along the walls. there doesn't seem to be a larger structure connected to them, so...?
I see.