Zed Pellin and Chrosa.EXE

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(P.S. I'm starting from scratch with the same Operator but a different Navi. And because my old art was mega turds.)
(P.S.S. Bomber, can you change my display name to Crom pls thanks.)


Name : Zed Pellin
Gender : Male
Age : 16

Appearance: http://i.imgur.com/OKvcEnu.png

Zed is a fair-skinned teen, with a basic build of 5'11'' and 114 lbs. His eyes faintly sheen with hazel eyes though his sharp chin and unmanaged red blond hair leaves some things to be desired. Some question if the hair that dangles a bit in front of his eyes ever bother him.

Zed's favourite attire is a combination of a sky blue turtleneck with some khaki shorts. He made sure that he bought shorts with extra pockets just incase. He walks around equipped with a pair of spotted grey socks and basic red sneakers.


He can be a little shy but will become very engaging with ones he feels intimate with. He may seem as cool as a cucumber but put a little responsibility on him and he'll act as if he's carrying the weight of the world on shoulders, being overly stressed and highly unmanaging of himself. He really, really likes music and is his way of seeking escapism. He likes zeppelins.

PET Modification :

The design follows ones of the latest PET models, the ones which have a touchscreen with voice integration. Zed's is unique in that it is mostly transparent casing. The reason is that whenever Chrosa.EXE is present in his PET, a blue liquid gushes out from hidden inlets and fills the transparent casing. It then shows some eyes and mouth that resembles Chrosa's. Chrosa speaks to his Operator this way. Whenever Chrosa is jacked in, the liquid is sucked back into the hidden inlets. Zed's PET is slightly bulky because of this feature.

This PET is also a specific model used by music lovers. It's equipped with built in wireless earbuds extension and side speakers for easy listening. It has a unique feature to which it is capable of taking pre-existing songs and provides a selection of remixing options. It also comes with a free subscription to music outlets that provide perfect selection depending on the user's taste and mood.


Name : Chrosa.EXE
Gender : Male
Element : Null
Subtype : Bug

Appearance : http://i.imgur.com/GFynSWc.png

Chrosa at first glance is easily associated with the body of an octopus. The Navi is 4'7'' in his normal position but can reach up to 5'5'' if he needs to by straightening his tentacles and putting his weight on the tips of his appendages. His body has a strange sectioned composition; his head and upper torso are semifluid with high viscosity; his lower torso has lesser viscosity with pure twisted data floating within it (though this can't be seen with the vest on); and finally his tentacles which are completely solid and are additionally composed of a durable alloy.

He dons a caramel-coloured vest and some paired cufflinks with a white semi-permeable cravat worn on his collarbone. Details of the Navi's vest includes buttons displaying the Navi's insignia and shoulder pads resembling the structure of phospholipid bilayers. His arms are outstretched in the form of double helix DNA limbs, to which he is capable of extending as he uses the pure data in his body to lengthen his limb. His hands are white blobular cells that mimic real gloves.

Personality :

As a butler Navi, he is well-mannered and excels in completing his master's chores. He is loyal to Zed, though he gives advice to him from time to time. Like his Operator, he shares a wisecracking habit however slightly better than Zed. The embarrassing thing though, is that he isn't vastly knowledgeable despite his looks. He finds it more engaging to learn directly from experience.

In terms of relationships, he gives off a caring vibe that makes most people to be trustworthy of him. He doesn't get along with just about anyone though as he dislikes rowdy, vulgar individuals. He tries to get along anyways ; albeit with a spice of mockery just to mark his status with them. That said, it's not like he thinks he is superior, just that he wants to straighten them up.

Custom Weapon :
This octopus Navi shoots out small clumps of white blood cells out of his antennae. Since the shots are biological, they're somewhat fluid-like (though not aqua-typed).

Signature Attack :
[Chaining Chiasma] Chrosa extends his arm towards the target and phases through them, penetrating additional targets behind the initial target if there are any. He then starts to swap the data information of the target via his DNA arms with his own randomly selected ones. Once penetrated, it is very difficult to shake off this move. This Sig is especially effective if the enemy moves along the DNA armature which repeats the process once again. After the second swap, he retracts his arm back.
Take note that since the data is randomly swapped, the possibility of giving a positive effect to the target is undeniable. Moreover, this Sig does no damage.

Effect : Stage1 : Glitch (20)
Stage2 : Trap-Activated: Glitch (20), Trigger: Movement
Total ((40))

[Cozy Code] Chrosa takes some time to knit a cozy sweater made out of his DNA strands! The sweater can be worn by Chrosa, other navis and supports. When worn, the heartwarming sweater gives the user the willpower to take more hits (it doesn't really do anything).

Effect : 20 HP Casing
Total ((20))

Subchips: MiniEnergy x2
NCPs: HP+50 , Undershirt
Battlechips: Cannon, Shotgun, Rageclaw, ZapRing1
Welcome back! Diggin' the PET mods and the descriptions on Chrosa's reference art. Be aware starting from scratch means you don't carry over any upgrades/zenny obtained with the old Chrosa. Also don't forget to add the cooldown for each of your sigs (1 TCD each)

If you don't wish to make any changes, APPROVED.

Subchips: MiniEnergy x2
NCPs: HP+50 , Undershirt
Battlechips: Cannon, Shotgun, Rageclaw, ZapRing1

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