A letter from WA, to FL comes to AK

A few weeks ago, some of you may remember me saying this in the chat, at work we found a letter that got stuck in one of the magazines... the letter was addressed from Washington, to Florida.. and somehow made a 180 during shipping and went to Alaska by accident.

Now... some may be wondering... why would this be at all interesting? Sure it happens more often than one would think.. Well... lets just say it made this girl a very happy girl just to see the letter... and here are a few pictures of the back... and some of you will realize why...

sorry they were the best quality i could get out of the aweful camera we had at work


and there you have it, thats why it was the best thing to happen on that day. No I didnt open it, and I've already been called a moron by a bunch of people for not opening it, including a certain... higher up on the forum... name with held... they know who they are....

Its not that I didnt want to open it, its just that it was against the law... and working in a office that deals with legal stuff... it kinda doubles on...

while I didnt take pictures of the front to keep the addresses secret, I did how ever remember the name of where it was going, X-Force Gamez. (note I havnt said who the letter came from cause to be a ass to epopel who dont click links)

now I waited a few weeks to make this post cause I sent a email to Kotaku about it a day or two after finding the letter and getting it sent back off on its journey. Wanted to see if they would put it up, which they havnt.

anyway I guess thats that then.
Like I said in the chat...

You fucking pwn. Doubly so for doing the more moral thing and sending it away.
how thick was it? Like thick enough to fit a game?

What's so great about it?

Quote (tpsp1101)

how thick was it? Like thick enough to fit a game?

What's so great about it?


That's... awesome... nice, Sora. That's cool.
My day has been made. In the cry of the Random Lords(tm), WHOO!!!(tm)
it only had paper inside, no discs or diskettes. from what I can tell they sent it to X-Force Gamez, which if the information i found is correct.. they specailize in custom computers, then again for all we know it could just be a simple letter between two friends..... wait what am I saying... they are both computer companies, they have effing email!
I know!
I know!
It's PlayBoy.
call me an idiot, but what company is that...

it is awsome that a game(?) company's letter came through, but I was expecting a prerealesed american version of smash bros.

can someone fill me in?
You could try using google or wikipedia for the information on the company, you should beable to make out all the letters
You don't know Valve? They made the Half-Life games.
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that explains it, I don't play FPS that often...

OHHHH.... orange box... I heard of that...


Oh, no, no, no.

That is simply unacceptable.

Own, yes.

Do that.


For your own good.
I has a mac...
the orange box pwns.
*Doesn't own Orange Box and doesn't care*