Chant and CookMan.EXE

Name: Matthias Chant
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Appearance: Matthias Chant is a black hair and green-eyed young-adult with a slightly muscular build. He stands at around six feet but normally keeps a somewhat slouched posture. He can normally be seen wearing long-sleeve, plaid shirts with the sleeves rolled to his ankles and blue jeans. On colder days, he'll wear a white jacket and a black beanie.

Personality: There's no denying that Matthias is a slacker. He will procrastinate any activity until the last second, but in many cases, he is clever enough to put together a half-baked plan that will suffice until he could form a more substantial idea. Despite realizing his lazy and rather self-sabotaging nature hinders him more than it harms, he hates being called out for it. In general, he has very little patience and a short fuse. He tends to let his anger get the best of him after dealing with a tedious and tiring situation, but it doesn't take him long to regain his happy mood. He doesn't tend to hold grudges and he blows off steam rather quickly.

PET Modifications: Chant's PET is orange with golden trim, but there are no other modifications to the device.

Name: CookMan.EXE
Element: Fire
Subtype: Sword
Appearance: CookMan is a tall but rather skinny, orange Navi who wears a large, white helmet in the shape of a chef's hat. His chest-plate is a sandy color that has the shape and design of a chef's garb and wears long, black pants. He has an orange shirt under the chest-piece and orange boots as well. He also wears a sandy colored oven mitt, with which he brandishes his sword, like weapon: a dark brown cake spatula. His buster, on the other hand, is also the same color.

Personality: CookMan is much more quiet and cautious than his operator, but makes up for it with his snootiness and general know-it-all attitude. He is much more cautious than Chant, and is nearly always the one who has to end up calming him down. He isn't generally a mean person, but he rarely gives anyone else a chance to prove themselves to him. He is quick to judge after his first meet, and can come off as quite condescending because of how stubborn he is in his ways.

Custom Weapon: CookMan's Buster is no different from the standard model, but his sword looks like a wooden cake spatula. This doesn't make it any weaker than a metal sword; it only appears to be made of wood.

Signature Attack:
Convection Current-
A fire elemental and phasing attack that has a charge time before use. It does 20 damage by sending a focused wave of heat at an opponent, phasing through obstacles, knocking the opponent back. However, it takes time for the heat to be generated within CookMan's buster. The heat generated by CookMan then gives him extra energy, hasting him. This abiliy has a 3 turn cooldown.

20 FireShot + Charge Time + Knockback + Phasing + Haste ( 90 points + 30 nerf points)

4th chip: HeatShot

NCP: Set Lava.
Approved to shelve. Please put your NetOp and NetNavi's info in their applicable databases.