The Fox News Thread

I'm going to use this thread for whenever I find something funny on Fox News. Yes, expect a lot. The other thread made me search a little on youtube, and I found a lot of funny stuff.

Feel free to add too. ^^


Fox news reports this to be UFOs. This was "undeniable proof". The reporter said that. The news reporter, who is supposed to present the whole case unbaised.

Does the UFOs remind you of something?

What about one of these with a little sun reflection? They didn't even ONCE think of the possiblity of it being something like an air ballon. Noooo, it was an UFO, they were a 100% sure. They didn't even need to bring in a wacko guy who was abducted.
Here we have the Fox News report on Mr Roger.

Mr Roger spent his carrier telling children that they are special and wonderful for who they are.

Fox News Reporters said Mr Rogers was an evil man for doing this (their words, seriously), because, children are now slacking off, thinking that they are special and doesn't need to work hard. They are seriously saying that the whole generation was destroyed by Mr Rogers (their words again).

Mr Rogers was trying to make children feel better about who they are, to be more confident in themselves. To not feel worthless because they aren't good in sports, or doesn't have straight A on all subjects.

Of course, not a single guy talking for Mr Rogers. Fair and balanced like always, ^^

I retract what I told Twi about Fox reporting and dividing by zero.

I told him that dividing by zero creates a number infinitely large. However, that doesn't hold true when you're dividing zero by zero.

Fox is now a better source of hilarities than the Daily Show, just because they suck so much.
Found a lot of great ones.

Nyanahaha, I'm sure the media invents the daily body count too.

Nothing like changing your mind.

This one is hilarious


I mean, which this line of thinking, the terrorist, along with the rest of the world, should soon be suffering!
Mr. Rogers is epic, Fox. Period.
Holy... Shit...

I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry right now. I know newscasters sometimes go overboard on hot-button issues, but leave it to Fox to dredge up issues that aren't even there. They make their own hot-button issues. Drumming up baseless controversy to steal ratings is all well and good, but it's making them the laughing stock of the internets.
They sure do make their own hot-button issues. In fact, I heard something on the news (not Fox News) about them saying something along the lines of "the 1st Ammendment allows us to fabricate news stories." Did anyone else hear that? I can't remember, but I think it had something to do with a lawsuit... darn my bad memory. If it was any worse, I would repeat myself. If it was any worse, I would repeat myself.

But seriously. The Fox Noise Channel sure is messed up. I'll start watching it just for the comedy.
America, America, God shed his grace on thee.

And that is Dr. Gregory House.


That has got to be the most epically winning DO WANT I've seen in my entire life.
Awesome. AWESOME.

Don Murdoc, you are now my idol.