I has magic trick. Come see!

Okay, this is really really simple. Count the amount of coins in my avatar and post in this thread.

Okay, counted. Do I post it?


Quote (Just in case it's a spoiler)

Nononon, no need for that. It's my avatar. Anybody can see. ^^
...Was something supposed to happen?
We need more people to tell us how many coins first.
I count six.

I'm counting eleven. Am I missing something here?
It's changed to 1 now.
I count three.
Alright, what's going on here?
Drakim, you have 1337 posts.

Also I count 8 coins now.
I see 7.

Here you go, 300 internets, sir.
i say i see 10.

You can't agree on such a simple task?

Look closely on the picture. Really closely. Find the secret!
You got a image rotating code that changes the image? Or a cropper?

Either way, it does it periodically and not upon reload.
Dunno, seems to be linked to IPs, to me. I've still got three.
Hmm, yeah, you got it.

Here is what it does:

Upon image loading:
1. Check if IP is in database.
2. If not, add it to database, and apply a picture for it permamently.
3. If it is, load it from database, to get the picture.
4. Display the picture.

Easy to make, but took some time to figure out how to mask it as only a picture, and not a script.
Meh, I count two. As such, I declare that two is the actual number of coins. The rest of you are obviously drug addicts of some sort.