Toonami takes Rockaman EXE

Okay, Toonami has a new lineup for Jetstream this fall. Right now they have decided to take Rockman EXE (AKA Megaman NT warrior) and play it online. This could mean that they will later show Stream and Beast but you never know.

List of what will be showing on Jetstream:

Megaman NT Warrior
Zoids Genesis
Gamera (Late 2007 or 2008)
Eyeshield 21

Thought that you guys would wanna know.

*Air guitar riff*

It's about time someone else showed it. I really liked that series, even if some of it wasn't that great. But hell, I can't even remember what.
Anyways, I'm glad it's back on.
if they drop it like Kids WB droped it......we gonna have issues. *brings out 10 waepons of mass destrusction* and i mean.......BIG issues. *evil smile*
Personally, I still think that the OLD Toonami was MUCh better, but this may be a good thing.

So....If they are taking in Jetstream's lineup, what will happen to Toonami's normal one?
:o....OoO Damn it!
Don't get me wrong, I like Megaman NT Warrior, and I'm happy about Toonami showing Eyeshield 21, but...I wish they had picked better anime.
Eyeshield 21's been licensed. Ah. Bittersweet..

... WAIT. You have to pay for Jetsream right? T_T
no. its an online free website. Its like youtube but only for toonami shows.
Yeah. US only though. Im outta luck.

Damn you Americans.. and your Cartoon Network..
But its a website, not TV. You should be able to get it.
No, there are region-specific websites. I've run into a good many while I was looking for music. I'm not sure why they do it, but it's easy enough that a lot do. Basically, you click a promising link, and a rude pop-up declares that "sorry, this service is only avaliable to US residents." I think it involves IP, in which case I'm screwed and should look for a different streaming site.

At any rate, this is nothing but good as far as I'm concerned. Up here in Canada I don't get Toonami, but it's good to know it's still going somewhere in North America -- That means dubs, which I totally know are forbidden ground in internet discussions, and a good chance of better upload quality than the standard YouTube.