Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World's End

Hopefully, you've seen it by now...I mean, c'mon, it came out Thursday. : D
All and all, Zero and I agreed...there's gonna be a Pirates 4.
1. Disney knows they'll make $$ off it.
2. Can you say Cliff-hanger? Loose ends? I mean, fountain of youth is probably the most obvious material for a sequel...
3. Cap'n **** ******, for those who haven't seen it yet.
Alright, let's just get this out of the way now:


That is all.

I loved it. Between the swordfights, the visuals, and all the epic shit they crammed into the last half of the movie, it was quite possibly the best movie I will see this year.

Also, I will kill Disney if they make a fourth one. This was the perfect way to end the trilogy. Leave just one or two loose ends out there so that people can theorize about how the characters will live their lives from this point on, but otherwise tie up all the loose ends in one epically awesome finale.

Then Disney shall die a horrible, Twi-induced death. They're GONNA milk it.
Jack Sparrow can't decide whether to be drunk or gay.
However, I love that look...'Hmm, my ship's getting chunks blown out of it. La de da da da...Whee!' XD
Well, then. I've just seen it for the second night in a row.
My dad, pre-movie: It's the last one, they're not making another.
My dad, post-movie: There's gonna be a Pirates 4.
I liked the part where Lord Beckett (think that's how his name's spelled) was walking down the stairs of his ship while it was being torn to pieces by both the Black Pearl AND the Flying Dutchman, and as soon as he stepped down a part, it got blown up. Oh, and the climax with the maelstrom (love that word) is awesome.

Favorite quotes:

"Thank you, Jack!"

"My peanut!"

"Great, now I'm being followed by rocks."

Yeah, awesome movie. Also, Disney's gonna die by Twitis, because its so obvious they're gonna make a fourth movie.
lol! I love pirates! It's so hilarious seeing Jack Sparrow. Pirates is definently going to be milked even more. You see how quickly the third part of the trilogy had came out, which was way sooner than the second part. I got excited for no reason seeing Jack Sparrow on Kingdom Hearts, and then I was like, "I don't even know who that is..." until I went and watched the DVD in the front room and I was thinking it was so cool after that!
Yahiko, did you stay behind to watch the part after the credits? If you did, then you know theres only one loose end that would need tying up.

Plus I was watching tv one night. Johnny Depp said he would reprise his role as Jack Sparrow if given the chance now that the trilogy is over. So I'm suspecting a Captain Jack Side movie to go with the three. Like how their making a Magneto and Wolverine movie for X-men.
No, I didn't, Wooga...
But there IS going to be another, doubtless.
Favorite quotes:

"The hard part...is comin' bAAAck..." (I just love the way he talks)
"My pistol! *donk*"
"I figured there'd be a good reason."
"My peanut." is perhaps one of the best movie quotes of all time.

I didn't like At World's End that much though...it seemed a lot less funny than the last two, and the part where they married while fighting made me want to gag.
Yes, that could've been MUCH better.
But Barbossa, and Davy Jones in a bucket.
And more then one Jack, every Johnny Depp fangirl fantasy.
A hinted upskirt shot of Keira Knightley.
A guy losing his toe.

~Spolier Alert~

Will Turner dying then coming back.
A little Will and Liz.
Jack losing his boat to Barbossa.

How could you not think this one is funny?
NO ONE MOVE! I lost my brain.

Man, this one was WAY funnier than DMC, and possibly even funnier than CotBP. There were bigger, better fight scenes than both movies, as well.

I was kinda bummed with the way they did the Pirate Lords, it could have been expanded into a movie of itself. Plus, Jack's father being in the movie was pretty much pointless. Chow Yun-Fat's character was, in reality, a minor role, which dissappointed me as well.

Also, as all the Pirate King talk started, I couldn't help but think that Luffy was gonna jump onto a boat and yell "I'm gonna kick your ass!"
I thought that the guy with the turban was hilarious. He's huge, but when he talks, his voice is sooooo high! XD

Also, I love how JAck runs/walks. Its just so weird, but funny.

Also, during the maelstom fight, there was that part when Jack and Davy Jones were on either side of the Kracken wheel, and when Jones tried to phase through it, Jack spun it around.

Quote (ZeroSaber)

Also, I love how JAck runs/walks. Its just so weird, but funny.

He can't decide whether to be drunk or gay, for the 3rd time...
heh heh......*BANG*........"My peanut!" /lol
Davy Jones in a bucket was very funny indeed.

But Will should just die.
You know they are gonna make a new movie....Its just good buisness....



I should be shot for that.

Anyway. I loved it. I lol'd when Jack tried to get everyone to tip the boat over without telling them. "HEY! LOOK OVER THERE! NOW LOOK OVER THERE!"

When Jack and Davy Jones were fighting up on the Masts of the Flying Dutchman, I got the idea of, that in the Heat of battle, somehow Jones ends up stabbing his own heart, therefore leaving no captain to the Dutchman. The ending surprised me to say the least.

On a minor note, was Will and Lizzies kid a boy or a girl? It seemed pretty androgynous to me.
"It" was a boy.
I think.

But yeah...
*Enter the three pirate ambassadors to the fight: Jack, Elizabeth, and Barbosa*
*View the other three captains: Will, Jones, and the Trader Dude*
*View the three captain's feet. Boots... boots... buckets?!?*

"My peanut"
The peanut is more famous than rum?

The brain, rum and peanut is gone!

Quote (Jack Sparrow)

"Nobody move. I dropped my brain."

Quote (Jack Sparrow)

*Shot* "My peanut."

Quote (Jack Sparrow)

"Why is the rum always gone?"

And a new addition to the Jack Sparrow hall of quote fame...

Quote (Jack Sparrow)

"So now we're being followed by rocks. That's never happened before."