May 15, 2007- A great day in history

[profanity, insesnitivity, and atheism. If you don't like it GTFO.]

Kim just enlightened me. This is what I get for not watching the news. On this day, one of the greatest and most dangerous enemies of America, as well as the decent people of the world at large, was killed not by a small military force, nor by any human hand, but through the action of Mother Nature herself. So it came to pass that one of the greatest enemies of humanity died of cardiac arrest/all-around fatassery.

The man is burning in hell as we speak.

A bit more poking around found a trailer for this site.

This may be the first time I've ever been truly happy to hear of a death, except maybe for the executions of serial killers and such, and it's not like that happens often. After posting this on Gaia I got all kinds of "I never rejoice for death" and that's all good and well, but I will say this: Whoever said that no good ever came from the death of a man has just been disproven.
You know, Someday, I'm going to get into serious trouble from talking to people/you >>
Maybe it's time for some damage control on this subject. A little line was edited away to take away some herd-mentality hatred and bring it towards my real opinion.

Fact is, it's not like someone murdered him. He just kind of went away. For good. Which is a very good thing in my eyes. All we need is for his (for some reason) enemy Fred Phelps to picket his funeral, and we'll have the best of both worlds, hatred and passive relief that he's gone.
Here's my view's after doing a (very) small bit of research on the man.

He was a jackass. He took things too far. God was probably pissed that he was giving every Christian a bad name and said "hey, you're done". My thoughts.

Blasphemy challenge is probably the worst internet site to have ever been formed. I know full well what it is, and yes, I wholeheartedly disagree with its existence. But... if people really want to burn in eternal damnation by themselves and suffer that agony... I guess there isn't much I can do, now is there?

Well, except help my friend make a site that's the opposite. Of course.
Who the hell is he?
Well, Leon, I can understand your point of view, but, remember, the majority of people in the world isn't Christian. So, don't speak of Christian ideologies as the absolute truth. Most people in the world does not belive in a place where people "burn in eternal damnation by themselves and suffer that agony" by saying that a ghost does not exist.

If you have ever watched a movie called "The God that wasn't there", where an atheist talks about when he was a christian as a child. He had read the passages that tells how you are damned, no matter what, if you even think blaspemy against the holy ghost. To make a long story short, he was scared like heck because he had to guard his mind constantly and was afraid that he had done it.

So, now, he started a campain to show how taking the Bible word-by-word correctly is silly, and causes great pain in the world (not refreing to people using the Bible for guidance or anything like that). By reading your post, I get the impression you believe they do it simply because they want to go all of that to hell. That would be rather silly, right?

What exactly are they doing wrong? Who are they hurting? Or do you actualy belive that denying the holy spirit/ghost dooms you to hell no matter what? No matter how much you ask and pray for forgiveness? No matter what you use your life for in the future?

I think the Blasphemy challenge is a wonderful thing, as it aims at removing people's fear, and show them how to think for themselves. It has lead to a lot of debate, where christians has partaken and argued. Most resonable people agree that you can't doom yourself like that, and people get to know it because it is debated.

Yet again, I point out, this is not about christianity in general or anything like that. The Blasphemy challenge is a statement against fundementalist.


EpsilonX, He is a guy that claims that 9/11 happened because of homosexuals and people that is fighting for women's rights, and generaly everybody that is a non-christian.

He talked about how he would laugh up in heaven when the gay people are destroyed down on earth.

He spend his life pushing religion into politics, and leading numerous campaigns against already discriminated minorities. In my eyes, he is worse than Hitler.
While I don't believe the Bible word for word, it is very clear that blasphemy against the holy spirit set your destination as hell. And, from my studies and what I've talked to people more advanced in the faith than I, that's referring to not accepting Jesus as your lord and savior before death.

Although, sitting there, probably with a completely different concept of that, is this site, that claims by merely say "Haha, the holy spirit is BS" you go to hell. It offends me because they don't explain it, in my opinion, fully, and because people are so willing to risk throwing away their spirit on it. And simply for some DVD you could go to the library and get for free.

And about the not most of the world is Christian, thats true. It is, however, one of the most widely adopted religions in the world. This slightly outdated pie graph shows that, while not overpowering, Christianity does/did have a substantial size difference over the next largest religion. Which just so happens to be Islam. Coincidence? Probably not ^^
But, I find this kinda strange:

Quote (Leon)

Blasphemy challenge is probably the worst Internet site to have ever been formed. I know full well what it is,

Quote (Leon)

It offends me because they don't explain it

So, you know all about it, and you are offended that they don't explain it. Yet, when I go to their site, I find this:

The site FAQ

Which explains it perfectly well. Are you sure you know what it is all about?


Yes, that pie shows that about 1/3 of the world is Christian. That means that 2/3 of the world has a different concept of hell.

You are part of a minority that is offended because the majority doesn't follow your Bible's commands (for example, how to avoid hell).

Imagine the tables turned. How many other minority religions are you offending right now? There must be a lot of traditions and rules that you break every day, making sure you are going to go to their hell, according to their holy book.

Obviously, following all religions all rules is impossible. I have nothing against you following the Bible's word, but I get a bit upset when you claim to be offended over these atheist and agostic, because they don't follow/respect the Bible. You don't follow/respect the Quran. How is that diffrent?
DUDE! I saw that last night on the news! HE WAS SUCH A NASTY MAN! He said that gays made 911 happen. WTF was he saying?! HOW DARE HE! He thinks all gays, pagans and anything else in between are sinners! They also interviewed I think his ex-wife. Poor girl, he destroyed her life. Divorced her and took every penny from teh corperation she and her built.

WHAT AN ASS! HOW DARE HE SAY THAT PEOPLE ARE UNHOLY! Then that reverend talked about him too. The reverend guy said that what he's done had created terrible damage to young people and made many kill gays or make gay people kill themselves. How can you say that your doing gods work when the work you are creating is as terrible as Hitler's?! YEAH! HE WAS A TOTAL ASS!

And yet these two people still wished that they could try and make ammends to him. They tried their best to see the better side of him. I gotta say, they must be saints to put up with him.
I say let him die.

He was a total wanker, and committed so many stupid/criminal acts it isn't funny.
.......seems like it was a good thing......but celebrateing a person's's like spiting on their graves.....even i have respect for the dead.....but other than this, i'm staying out of this topic unless someone calls me out.
I agree. The guy was an ass.

But I'm not touching the religious or ethical arguments with a ten foot pole. Too much debating for me.
We all know Falwell was an ass and a wanker, but he didn't deserve to be killed. It was just what he believed in, and however crazy it may be, there's a thing called free speech.

Quote (Strikeman)

We all know Falwell was an ass and a wanker, but he didn't deserve to be killed. It was just what he believed in, and however crazy it may be, there's a thing called free speech.

Well, he wasn't killed by anyone or anything like that. He had a heart stroke, which is by definition, quite a normal and natural way to die. It usualy happens when people are old and not in so great shape. There was no outside humans, or bacteria, or viruses, or inury that killed him, but his own body failing after a pretty long life.

It is bound to happen to every single human being one time or another, so, not "deserving it" would be kinda strange to state about it. Something people would not deserve, would be for example, dying by illness or injury.

Ofcourse, free speech is important. And by saying that the world is better off without him, we too are using our free speech. Nothing wrong has happened here, in that sense. We never said he should be blocked from talking or anything like that.
Yes, only that we're glad he's not around to disagree with us anymore.

Frankly, I'm relieved that this thread wasn't flooded with people telling me I was a bad person for being happy that he's dead.

Welp, there goes one person off my Death Note.


Phillip Falwell, being a fatass
Fred Phelps, AIDS
Death note list?


Atrus, you had hardly heard of him before I told you >>

Can you actualy add somebody to your deathnote after they are dead and stroke them out right away? Wouldn't that defeat the purpose of the deathnote?
This topic...


I dare say you have surpassed me in ways that I do not wish to fathom or comprehend. Jerk or no, this entire topic reeks of unjustified anger.

I don't like that smell.

I certainly knew who he was, but he kinda dropped off my radar. I did catch the big angry response to what he said about 9/11 and heard about him a whole lot more times. It's just that dying is the most noteworthy thing he's done in a while.

Let the dead dogs lie. Locking this thing.