Before you say it, theres a point to this. And I also have NO intention of coming back permanently.

Just wanted to know how many of you play guitar, and if so, what kind you have, and what kind you WANT.

Which also boils down to me and my friend thinking about making some customs over the summer, and I'd like to know what kinds of things YOU would be intrested in, just for refrence.

(Intresting body designs would be cool too. But keep it semi-serious. That means no kirbys *Cough*
And before any of you say it, Guitars shapped like naked women and a penis already exist.)
Well, I don't really play the guitar, per se, but I was in a band. A very loosely knit, joke of a band, and we knew it. We were know as...

<Band Name Here>

We had three CDs and a Music Video. Our first CD, "The Greatest Album EVER!" sold three copies, and I was the drummer, although I sang a few songs. Our second CD, "Lullabys for the Childrens", I was playing the Keytar, and sang a fair few songs, while selling a single copy. Our final album, "Hot Holiday Action, In a Naughty Way" sold no copies at all, and I was the Lead Vocals, playing Keytar as backup.

So, I am, indeed a KEYtar player. It's shaped like a red bolt of lightning...
Okay. I play guitar, and i'm probably the best at it in my school. I like playing stuff like avenged sevenfold, it's the most fun for me. I have a fender bullet, but i wanna get a jackson warrior.

If i had a custom shaped guitar, i'd want it shaped like a flying v mixed with an SG, with some other features that make it look futuristic. I'd have an orange and a black one.

No stealing my guitar ideas now. :angry:
Haha... Love the idea man

While I won't steal the SG/V idea, (I kinda had a similar idea, but it looked too much like a banana for my tastes) the idea of an orange black guitar is pretty sexy...

What I think my most unique idea yet is the idea of a "circle cross" guitar

Imagine that with a Tune-o-matic bridge and some invader pickups :D. The bridge is on the very end of the short cross end...
Of course, because of the body design it would sound like crap, but DAMN it would look bad ass.

And Steve: You most post a picture of you with your Keytar for us to see

(Ps. If you one day see an extremely sexy yellow/black SG V, you'll know who to blame.

And also, I have a super horrible fender STARcaster. Yeah. The Costco one.)
Meh, I'm a drummer. As such, I play drums. Also, I can sing. Where is my Drum Hero game? Why don't drummers get console love? Screw you guitarists!
AH, the guitar. The bane of people with fat fingers everywhere. I used to have a crappy, banged up, second hand acoustic of some fashion, and my brother had a cheapo Fender (well, as cheap as Fenders get).

I, on the other hand, with my fat fingers that are totally unsuited for trying to play chords, have 2 basses. One if a Fender, a smexy emerald color with a white pick guard that I bought from an ex-coworker. The other is unknown, because the only identify mark on it is an Ernie Ball logo on the head and neck. Also bought slightly used from the bassist of the now broken up Spitting Onions (from Canton, Ohio).

If I were to get my own, I'd go for one of the more classical looking violin-ish guitars.
I'm currently learning to play Canon Rock