MMO Whorage

The title is pretty self explanatory. Which MMO's, if any, do you play? And on which server, if applicable?

I'll start the list with my huge and unending MMO whoreness. Listed as Game - Server.

Maple Global - Broa
Audition America / Sea / Korean / Phillipines
Phantasy Star Universe

Semi Active!
Ragnarok Online - Chaos

Hero Online, Pirates Tale, Puzzle Pirates, WoW, Granado Espada (only until the NA release), and many many others.

Semi active!


Everything else
Let's see... I had a Star Wars Galaxy account that I dropped, can't even remember the statistics on that. I played Final Fantasy 11 a little while but back then finding groups that could stick together for any length of time was near impossible. So that was dropped. That leaves two other games, EQ and WoW.

Everquest - 62 Ogre Berserker - Stromm - Inactive

World of Warcraft - 22 Human Paladin - Terrokar - Active

And that's it for me.

Ragnarok Online(MRo) - Chaos Server

if I could remember....

swordsman lvl 45(damn, I didn't make it change job to spear knight)
assassin lvl 67(crappy stats, low str, agi 60-70[it should be 90 something])
wizard lvl 70(I made a huge mistake, for not learning FD when I was Mage[blame firewall])

it has been two or three years since I left the world of ragnarok....i'm broke to buy prepaid....damn my bro., continues playing for another whole year.....and he's making real cash....100m zenny = RM600(about 150 in US dollar)....and damn my bro. again for not letting me use BOT....
Lineage 2 - Private Server - Kharima - LVL 48 Phantom Summoner
Guild Wars - Shuryou Darkholme (and others)
World of Warcraft - Private Server - Kharima - LVL 19 Blood Elf Paladin

And don't give me that 'OMG PRIVATE SERVRS SUCK AND R CHEAP!" Then again... They ARE cheap.
: D