Stan Belthan and Helel.EXE

I assume I'm allowed to trash Cole and Harpoonman, then.

Quote (Operator)

Name: Stan Belthan
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: While often seen wearing black jeans with a long-sleeved red shirt, he usually throws on the first thing he has in his drawers as long as it looks good. He has sleek, brown hair, reaching down to the bottom of his neck, his bangs usually covering an eye or two, causing him to constantly be brushing his bangs out of his face. His green eyes are often unnoticed mostly due to being covered by his hair, though when shown, they are surprisingly not much to look at. He is at an average height and weight, measuring at 5 feet, 8 inches, and weighing 140 pounds. He carries a bag around with him, though it is mostly loaded with books, as well as school supplies and various gear related to his Navi.
Personality: Often shown as the calm, cool and collected type, he has a bit of a snarky attitude, used when addressing a lowerclassman or someone he just plain doesn't like. To strangers of a clearly higher status than him, like adults, he treats with the utmost respect, though can be irritated enough to use his snarky attitude even to someone 30 years older than him. Even though he is a calm individual, he can show annoyance or anger when everything goes wrong for him, or simply just will go into a bit of a panic. Also a straight A student, the type to spend his entire lunch hour reading, he finds school somewhat boring, though does not wish to neglect his studies.
PET Modifications: His PET is the latest model, colored in a red, black, and white swirl pattern. His model contains the basic essentials for his Navi, a battlechip port, a display on a screen, a way to communicate with his Navi, and a port. His port is special, it does not use wires, thus it is able to jack in at a distance of 100 feet, though connection is fuzzy and sometimes unreliable at that distance.

Quote (NetNavi)

Name: Helel
Gender: Male
Element: Fire
Subtype: Bug
Appearance: His face is frozen in a constant serious, cold expression. He wears a long, black cloak over him that hide his entire body, with two wings sticking out of the cloak, an angel's wing and a devil's wing. He has short, blonde hair, and has wicked, piercing bright red eyes that look as if they could kill. His body is covered in a pale, almost sickly looking skin.
Personality: He is somehow more serious than Stan, never getting frightened, but merely having a frozen state of cold feelings. Though it is possible to befriend him if you try enough, he acts as if he does not wish to act with anyone, not even Stan. Sometimes, he will take battling into his own hands, refusing commands from Stan and fighting upon his own will. When he should normally feel afraid, he can sense when he is in danger, and will do his best to flee, but will take revenge as soon as possible, and when needed. He is very prideful, responding coldly (and sometimes dangerously) to insults, though knows when to hold off on picking fights.
Custom Weapon: Lance of Longinus: A long, slender, red spear that Helel contains wrapped up in his cloak. Appears back to him once an enemy is hit, unless it is carried and used for a stabbing attack.
Signature Attack:

Sinful Blaze
Helel raises one of his hands out of his cloak, conjuring a vortex of fire, before sending it rocketing towards the enemies.
Damage: 40
Type: Shot (0)
Accuracy: A
Element: Fire (0)
Effects: Phasing (20)
Cost: 60


Starter Pack:
Looks fine so far, except I'd rename Helel's weapon, a red "Lance of Longinus" seems much too similar to the red "Lance of Longinus" used in Evangelion.

Edit: Or provide a sufficient description of the weapon (either in Helel's physical description or weapon description) that makes it significantly different from the lance used in Evangelion, Longinus's spear in Persona/Megami Tensei, etc.