The Kurbee-O-Matic

It's not doing much in my welcoming topic, so here goes!

If you were too cheap to purchase my last offer, let me tell you a bit about the Kurbee-O-Matic. You gimme a sprite/description (sprite's more accurate) and I shove it through my machine. Out the other side comes a sprite of what Kirby would look like if he swallowed your character.

Offer: Kurbeed characters

Price: 200 Zenny/1 Kurb Star

Coupon: Kurb Star

Animation: 500 Zenny/10 Kurb Stars

Now buy something! The more I get, the better I can upgrade Bugman so he can support your navi. And that's good for you, believe me.


I have been hired to create a Kurbeed banner for the site! Now, I don't have many of those fancy backgrounds, so my best hope is to cram the whole page whith as many as I can get!

That means you! Post your sprite/description here! Even the NPCs and the Rogue fellas. Virii too! I need EVERYONE!
Well, you can always use that Kirby Runeknight that you made back in the day. A Kirby Chaos would be cool too. Who else have you made into a Kirby?
Hey, you're right! I forgot to post my sheet!

Here's all the Kurbees i've made:

I believe that you have forgotten...Him:

Or perhaps it was Shade that made him...I forget. One of the two Kirby folks.

Nope. I made the GeckoMan and TheOtherGuyMan sprites.
Think you can make a Kirby of Marshanks? Just check his profile. And make a Byakuya kirby.
I offer one Kurb Star for a Kirby of Red Riding Hood.
Kirby with a Red Hood and a picnic basket on his right arm.
'Cause that'l be mah navi in the future. XD
I dare you to make Alphonse :3 (Of course, I'll pay you^^)
Meh, I don't have any user created rewards. Just about a gazillion Zanny.

And to clarify: Please make a Kirby Chaos.
I shall pay 200 for an American Kirby. Look in the banner, all the way to the left. You'll see Bo and American. Use American.
\/\/007! We have customers!

Boot up and settle the furnace! We've got pencils to break!

*hoards money*
: ( I'm sooooo poor
ummm.....Can you make something for me and hold it until I get the cash? I need it for a sprite comic.

Basicly a need a red-orange kirby with a banhammer, and a blue violet (not too blue, not too purple, I already have a blue and purple) with a warn-whip. I'll get the 1000z OR you can have credit in my comic...for a discount...
actually, I need animations. that's 500 z each
Common, Since you;re gonna host the comic on my site, I'll pay it. 200z, right?
*looks in wallet*

....damn. I'm broke'd too. I WOULD'A payed....
Hmmhmmhmm... Descriptions make the difficulting. Takes time.

And the B2142 server is down.

How should they be animated?
I offer 1 Kurbstar for an Illyana Kirby. Think white lab coat and white hair with a messy style.

I'll also ask for a Divinity Kirby once I got her design completely as I want it.
Basically just fighting. IF you have spares for the blue violet, make a green energy wave attack too please. A ban hammer is a hammer that bans people, a warn whip gives warns. Basically I'm making a comic, and the dad/mom of it are Admin/Mod.

Also, so I can recolor a normal sprite for it, could you please gimme the pallet change? It would be nice if you a certain styl of coloring. There's a sheet of colors here so you can see what I want.

You know, you COULD just be my official Kirby spriter for my comic.
Wait, you want a sprite sheet for every sigle type of kirby?
No, that was an example of the color palette to use.