This topic doesn't deserve to be in anywhere else except for the spam can.

Anyway, assuming I'm permabanned from the chat at this rate, I hereby apologize for any inconveniences caused for my mia, though I doubt anyone will miss my absence. I'm still available anytime, of course, but you'll have to PM me and look for me in another place because I'm banned from the chat. ^^

Have fun, guys.
You're only banned, not permabanned.

It will be lifted at some point, presumably. But it isn't permanent. So don't get, colloquialism, "bent out of shape" about it.

*grabs chardes*

But how am I going to live without her smiling demeanor?

*edges towards cliff*

I have no reason to live!
*early silent film melodrama plays out, complete with silly piano music*

Seriously.... oh wait... I can't take any of this seriously. This is silly and needlessly dramatic. I hope I made that point in the chat as "Traveler". The people who joined in to make counter points and snark upon snark only served to point this out.

You're right, this does belong in the spam can, as does the cries of iFail (the latest in apple products, and appropriately named, too) that gave birth to it.

And now, for my closing argument:

*grabs chardes*

...Nothing further.