Well, I haven't seen one yet, so I'll start it: a PicBlog.

Basically, it's a way of showing off your pics and how they relate to your life. I was thinking about how to demonstrate this, so I took a sample of what I got a few days ago...

PicBlog Entry By: Sj
Taken With: Nokia N96

(Hey, it's old now, but when I got the phone it had only been out for 6 days.)

Went out for a walk with my dog Kippi the other day (I do this every day, but for the purpose of storytelling I'll say that) and couldn't help noticing something. When I turned back into my driveway, it was fairly sunny and bright to the west. Turn around...

...and I instantly thought "IMPENDING DOOM FROM THE EAST". XD

Took this 5 minutes later. The white balance on my phone doesn't help the comparison, but if you know what white balance does, you'll understand exactly how dark it got so quickly.

This is my dog Kippi. She's six and a half years old (we think) and a Kelpie/Border Collie cross. We took her in as a stray from the RSPCA (a pound of sorts) and the vet said she was around 6 months old at the time.

For those of you who need proof of my Australian heritage, here it is: junk mail I found when I got back. From a company called Woolworths (www.woolworths.com.au), a supermarket chain. Stated price for Vegemite sucks, just so you know.

And finally... don't call me up at 6:15am, offering me a nine hour shift when I've spent half the night chatting to random strangers and the other half shifting in my bed, sleep evading me. I get tired, sore, and giddy, and by now most of you know what happens when I get thrown that combination.

True to my nature...

That is all for now. C'ya later.
That sounds strangely appropriate.