Geek Jokes~

Here be a thread for those of us who are smart make fun at those of you who arent, or just arent knowlegable in what makes the jokes funny. I'm sure a few of us, like Drakim and me, will have some fun.

Just post some geeky jokes

<a href="javascript:
document.getElementById('Aim').style.display= 'On Fire';
document.getElementById('Aim').id= 'Aim_is_on_fire';"
>Big Shiney Red Button Labled "Do Not Press"</a>

<a href="javascript:
document.getElementById('Knight').style.display= 'Nuked';
document.getElementById('Knight').id= 'TV Knight Dinner';"
>I'm Hungry!</a>
"hey there baby, is your base element bromide? cause you look dynamite!"

"Wanna be the tifa to my cloud?"

"You remind me of a PS3, I wanna push your buttons all night long"

"Can you show me how to insert plug A into socket B?"

"I hope no one knows 'dispelga' cause you just 'charmed' me."

and the classic...

"I'd hit that and do double damage"
Those aren't JOKES, Niax. They're horribly lame pick-up lines.
agreed *Edits the code mentioned before*

<a href="javascript:
document.getElementById('Niax').style.display= 'On Fire';
document.getElementById('Niax').id= 'Niax_is_on_fire';"
>Big Shiney Red Button Labled "Do Not Press"</a>

>.> *hits the button, making Niax burst into flames*
@ Shu