TErritory warz!

IM MAKING A GAME CALLED TARRITORY WARS. I use MS paint and you all have countrys and stuff. You can call one of the 6 lands and then do what you need to do.

Each country has 2 actions per turn. A turn ends when I post the update.

To call a country tell me the number, a color, a name, and your first 2 actions. I will update the map as things go on.
If you want a longer game, i'd recommend at least 18 countries.

Also, gameplay is an important part to a game.
6. Indigo. Destroy the other countries. Destroy the remains of he destroyed countries. Or I could build a navy and a genetic splicing program later intended to make dragons. You're call.
Epic, Shar!

Country 4. Deep purple. Invade unoccupied country 3. Brainwash citizens, establish communistic society.
Updated for ya.

((You need A: A gameplay system. B: More countries. C: A set start time, so I can't just take over all the countries.))
2. grassy green. invade Country three with 10000 soldiers armed with swords and shotguns to drive out hiko. get paramedics ready to help the wounded solders.
1. Bitch-slap Dark.
2. Nuke Country 3. Uninhabitable now.

Whole freakin' map: Drop a P-Bomb on the entire map and light it with a Heatman Zippo.


5: Bricked Red

Use Overlord Pirate Software to totally HAX Sharmandra's place.

Join with Hiko.
1. White.

2: FIRE MAH LAZER at Countries 3, 4, 5, and a teeny bit of 6.

I lol'd.


EDIT: 1 wins. Everyone else is proper fucked.

Dun dun dunnnnnnnn.

Yeah, if you didn't see wat I did thar, then you're missing an eye and a half.
You put on a border?
Not just any border, but a Bob and George border. A border that will constantly grow by 2 more pixels on every side each time someone does something until it crushes everything into nothingness and restarts the game.
entirely hax. i got killed because there were no restrictions, i was TRYING to do this WITHOUT nukes.........but i guess common should have come up with rules on weaponry and shit like that.
i'm going to try my own version soon, I just need to fine tune it...
Cool. And Hiko stole my color. That's what Indigo is. You gave me magenta. :angry:
you should of built anti-nukes

Dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.......
I'll make another map...
And then we can take over the world.
-hitler salute-

ZeroSaber: Unt I shall join heem. >:3